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DC Comics cancels Captain Atom, Resurrection Man and Voodoo

DC Universe Presents #0

Captain Atom, Resurrection Man and Voodoo will end in September, joining Justice League International in DC Comics’ second wave of New 52 cancellations. As the publisher announced last week, four new titles — Talon, Sword of Sorcery, The Phantom Stranger and Team 7 — will launch as part of the “Zero Month” initiative.

In short, four series end, four series begin, and in October the title count returns to the magical 52 and balance is restored to the DC Universe.

The solicitations also reveal that September’s DC Universe Presents #0 will feature Blackhawks’ Mother Machine, Hawk and Dove, Mister Terrific and O.M.A.C., all characters whose titles ended in May, underscoring comments made last week by Co-Publisher Dan DiDio that, “if a series does go away, we want to make sure we have a proper place for the characters.”

Think of it as the 2012 version of the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, only this time with all-new adventures that the solicitation text promises will “play out across the entire New 52.” It’s a 64-page issue by the likes of DiDio, Cafu, James Robinson, Rob Liefeld and Marat Mychaels.

Note that there’s no sign of Static or the Men of War crew, who were also set adrift in the New 52’s first wave of cancellations. Perhaps there will be room for those characters, alongside Captain Atom, Resurrection Man and Voodoo, in an upcoming issue.



How have titles like Blue Beetle and Grifter been able to avoid the axe? JLI wasn’t the best out there, but it sold better than any of the titles that have been canceled thus far, including the first 6. It’s got to be based on something other than sales, I guess.

Where’s Giffen in all of this?


I agree that it was an unusual choice to cancel JLI. It’s terribly apparent there is some sort of team book in the works to replace it. The first appearance and iteration of that team appears in this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering from DC which shows Green Arrow, a new Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman, Element Woman, Black Adam and Vibe as members. Speculation on BleedingCool was this would be a “Justice League of America” book, but that doesn’t make much sense in that Adam and Element Woman both appear to be Middle Eastern characters while the Atom is Ryan Choi who is of Asian descent. This seemed like a prime line-up for a new JLI or possiby even a “Secret Six aka Task Force X” team after Green Arrow is “hired” by Steve Trevor after he fails to make the cut in the regular Justice League book. But that has yet to materialize in the solicitations, though I would keep my eyes open for it.
Grifter, Savage Hawkman and Deathstroke all continue to under-perform but all of them were spared when they were handed over to Rob Liefeld for their #9 issues. DC seems dedicated to giving him the chance to make those books work before pulling the plug.
Rest assured there will be a “fourth wave” (the zero issues being the “third wave”). Books to look at as far as future cancellations go are the 3 Liefeld books, Blue Beetle, G.I. Combat, Red Lanterns and Stormwatch (which started strong but has lost sales since DC took Paul Cornell off the book). One title that has been teased since before the relaunch is the return of “Astro City” on a parallel Earth, but with Brent Anderson on “Phantom Stranger” that seems to be on hold. It also seems logical that since Phantom Stranger has gotten a trial book, it won’t be too long before The Question (who also appeared in the 2012 DC FCBD book) gets his own title.
I also think there will be a wave of DC titles in the future that are “restructured” (read: retitled) rather than cancelled. Such changes may include Red Hood & the Outlaws becoming “The Outsiders”, Legion Lost becoming “L.E.G.I.O.N.” or simply “The Legion”, Ravagers becoming “Gen 13″, Team 7 becoming “WildC.A.T.S” and so on.

Charles: Sales is probably the biggest reason anything gets cancelled, but it’s hardly the only reason. There may be a story-related reason that will become apparent once the last issue comes out, or it may be that DC thinks the creative talent could be better used elsewhere.

I was still getting two of the four cancelled titles (Voodoo and Resurrection Man), but I can’t say I’ll miss either one all that much, as I was already considering dropping both titles. I thought both started off very strong story-wise, but Voodoo’s tone changed too much after Ron Marz left, and Resurrection Man just kind of lost my interest as the story dragged on. (Also, Dagnino’s art was a big draw for me, and while Saiz isn’t a bad artist, he just didn’t capture my eye the way Dagnino’s stuff did.) I am glad DC took a chance on off-the-beaten-path titles like these, for sure.


Giffen appears to be DC’s go-to guy for revitalizing a book. He started on OMAC and Green Arrow (another book that might be ripe for cancellation) before moving to Superman. Rumors aboound that he will have something to do with a Legion book in the future.
I would also look for the return (for the “first time” in the New 52 DCU) of the Doom Patrol.

When Astro City comes back, its not going to be considered in any way part of the 52.

It’ll be in the area of the minis and the digital reprint books.

Terribly sad about Voodoo…I might be in the minority, but I adored it still :(

Y’know whom DC SHOULD cancel GRIFTER,DEATHSTROKE,and Rob Liefeld! Bring back amazing artist’s such as Simon Bizley,and Philip Tan…when Liefeld jumped on Hawkman (i stopped buying his issues!) Also,bring in Mr.Majestic & Spartan from Wildsorm!

I think one of the weird things here is that the zero issues are new jumping on points–but they’re doing for them series that won’t exist anymore.

Here’s a great jumping on point–that is, if there was a series to jump ON towards in the first place! Here’s the secret origin of the book to set things up…for a book no longer around. lol :-)

This time around, I only lost JLI and I, too, feel there’s another team book in the works that will eventually fill the void. I lost OMAC and Mr. Terrific last time out.

The more roll outs I see, the more I feel it’s very ad hoc in nature and it’s now more of a case of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

I’m getting 36 titles from DC right now and maybe 10 or so are close to the cancelation number and so far, outside of Earth 2 (I’m not counting Batman, Inc since we knew that was coming back), I haven’t really seen any new 2nd and 3rd wave titles that I think will be able to last a year or more (though I’m getting Ravagers and World’s Finest and Phantom Stranger). We’ll see I guess.

Thanks, Christopher!
Seems like Giffen was go-to for a while, but if memory serves he wasn’t involved in Superman in August and for him to not be present for a re-appearance of OMAC seems odd.

Simon DelMonte

June 11, 2012 at 11:39 am

Gonna miss Resurrection Man a lot. It was really humming along, but it never found any sort of audience besides me and my wife (who only likes a handful of New 52 books).

@Michael I’m in the minority too. :( I’ll miss it. I loved the series. But I’ve been prepared for this for a while. Oh well. I also got the info that Catwoman is supposedly losing it’s artist. (I’m still hoping he’ll just draw both comics LOL)

Someone mentioned Green Arrow; I get the book, but it’s easily the worst run I’ve ever read and I have EVERY issue of EVERY volume since the Smith reboot. I get it, honestly, out of habit and hope that it will pick up, which the last one SLIGHTLY did over the horrendous three prior to it.

It seems they took the Hal/Ollie relationship away, and I’m wondering, if Blackest Night and Brightest Day happened, as clearly they did, in what form were they? The resurrected heroes and half the battles couldn’t have taken place and a lot of key scenes couldn’t have happened. I’m more interested in THAT than zero issues, especially for series that began with an origin tale like JL–I don’t want/need an origin OF an origin! ;-)

Where are Deathstroke and Griffter? Are they also cancelled?

@Eladio: Not at this time; just these three and Justice League International. Those four are gone and four more have taken their slots.

Brian from Canada

June 11, 2012 at 11:46 am

Not sad to see Captain Atom go: like Resurrection Man, it offers no redeeming characteristic of the hero other than “I don’t know my full capabilities.” After two story arcs, I still don’t care for either — and feel that Resurrection Man fits better next to SHADE or JLDark… it’s bordering too close to those already.

As for Voodoo… well, killing off all of the characters we started with doesn’t really help. If the lead is going to be evil or a hunter of Daemonites, then make her part of Stormwatch or Grifter to try and shore up those books.

But I disagree with the poster on some of the other cancellations due soon. G.I. Combat is just starting, Blue Beetle can still work, and Stormwatch fits a unique position in the DCU that still has to come forward.

If anything, the books I’d like to see cancelled are the redundant books or the ones that don’t seem to have direction, like Red Lanterns, New Guardians (wouldn’t that cause the Corps to activate?), Superboy, and at least one Bat-book.

Justice League Dark is still going? That was a book with so much potential (and I’m also a fan of Milligan’s X-STATIX) and it just spun its wheels for the first six or seven issues or so. I dropped it after that.

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 11, 2012 at 11:49 am

Hope that the Resurrection Man writers will resolve all or most of the subplots since # 1.

Voodoo should have been canceled when they took Ron Marx off the book midstream. It went from mysteriouse to plot twist that a scifi movie produced by the wwe would have

Thank you Charles. I am easy now.

“Think of it as the 2012 version of the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, only this time with all-new adventures that the solicitation text promises will “play out across the entire New 52.” It’s a 64-page issue by the likes of DiDio, Cafu, James Robinson, Rob Liefeld and Marat Mychaels.”

Wow, they just won’t let go of that Liefeld, will they?

@Hysan Justice League Dark has a new writer on board, Jeff Lemire. His first issue has already significantly improved the quality of the book. I’d suggest picking it back up. I’m sad to see Resurrection Man go. It wasn’t a great book but I enjoyed it. But then again I was a big fan of the original series as well.

Johnny Thunder

June 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Somebody up there likes rob LIEfeld

So glad Grifter survived the cut! This book is going places and while he’ll never be a Batman or Superman caliber character, Cole Cash is a great character. His story still needs some fleshing out, we don’t have enough of his past (although Team 7 will probably give us that). I’m not a fan of Liefield, but the interview he did before he took Grifter over gave some insight on what he wants to do with it. I love his enthusiasm, I just hope his story can match it.

Still waiting for Zealot to make her appearance!

The only reason Astro City has been delayed is due to Kurt Busiek’s ongoing health problems. Brent Anderson is probably just given work until Kurt id back full-time. Astro City will always stay separate from new52. AFAIK it’s not creator-owned nor 100% DC IP.

@Hysan I suggest you pick JLD back up, Jeff Lemire took over with issue #9 and it was the strongest entry in the series by quite a margin.

I really hope that Stormwatch picks up under Milligan, I still feel sore from Cornell getting the boot there.

About the cancellations, I couldn’t care less really. And the replacements could be interesting to varying degrees, Team 7 and Phantom Stranger might be good but I just can’t care for yet another minor Bat character getting his own book, Azrael all over again… sigh

Every month goes by and DC gets worse and worse…

Hasn’t anyone realized that there wouldn’t be a need to cancel books if the editorial would get quality creators working on them that people would enjoy reading? There have been SO many poor decisions and leadership going on at DC that it’s actually hurting all their brands. I’ve enjoyed both Marvel and DC for 20 years, but I’m getting closer and closer to giving up on DC as a whole because they are just making me not care anymore.

People are going to look back in 10 years and say this was a very awkward, terrible time for DC.

I think that the zero issues of the cancelled titles are meant to set them up for their new supporting roles in the DCU.

I loved Resurrection Man’s original run. DC obviously had big plans for him as Grant Morrison had him player a major role in DC One Million. The new run wasn’t as good, but still enjoyable. The problem is that it’s been SO LONG since the character has been around that most people looked at him like a new character and didn’t invest in him. Most of the original run’s fans are probably long gone from collecting. Did DC ever reprint his original series prior to the relaunch? It probably would’ve helped.

R.I.P Mitch Shelley. Oh wait. He can’t.

Just remember… The last truly awkward, terrible time for Marvel was the end of the 90’s when Harris & his friends were working on the titles… After almost every major title started over with a #1 they were soon lagging again and not looked upon favorably… Crap across the board with some minor exceptions like DC now.


So much to answer for……….


I collect 2 titles from Marvel: Invincible Iron Man and Scarlet Spider, everything else is garbage to me especially Wolverine. I used to be a huge reader of anything X-Men but they’ve turned the entire X-Men story into “Something About Logan” and I grew sick of it.

Right now I prefer DC and see nothing wrong with this initiative. It’s better than “Attack of the Spider Clones” or the “We’ll reboot the X-Men with yet ANOTHER Phoenix storyline”.

I’ll keep to my TT, JL, Grifter, Action, Superman DC books and enjoy what they’ve done so far.

Damn! There goes “Resurrection Man”. Too bad.

The writer of Sweet Tooth? I may have to try JL Dark again! Thanks!

Same here Haunting. I love what they did with Voodoo (not so much Warblade), but I was expecting it sooner rather than later

Why on earth would anyone give Rob Liefeld three books to write/draw and/or some combination thereof???

DC………… you’re shooting yourselves in the foot.

I’m left feeling slightly disillusioned with the New 52, or maybe just with the “big men” at DC.

@Hysan: i agree that JLDark improved significantly after Lemire took over. can’t wait to see what comes next.

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

June 11, 2012 at 1:31 pm

Got to say that I was already toying with the idea of cancelling Resurrection Man from my pull due to the slow moving aspect of the story. It was alright and everything. Dagnino’s art was awesome, it’s just that the story started to meander around a bit too much when what it really needed to do was get to the point.
I know they were going with the whole “character with no memories of his past” bit, but it got a bit on the stagnant side. Felt a bit too repetitive. What kills me is that it had greater potential than what was put out.
I can see what a comment said above how most that didn’t know of the title’s pre-existence in the previous DCU probably thought Mitch Shelley was a new character. Felt like a small crossing over with an actual character or two from the rest of the DC stable may have helped in that department. Kind of like how we saw Superman in Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing #1 or Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman for a bit in Justice League Dark #1.
Yeah, the Resurrection Man title did a bit in Gotham at Arkham, but how cool would it have been to see either Batman or a related to Batman character guest star?

Seeing as how I WAS already planning to perhaps pull it from the pull list, I’m thinking I may just let it stay on my pull to it’s end, if only to complete my collection of this volume. And I say that in no way being what many regard themselves as “completists.” I liked the 90s series a lot back in the day and it’s sad to see this one go. Still, I am hoping to cross paths with Mr. Shelley again one day. Hoping maybe in the Justice League Dark title, since Lemire has stated in interviews that he and Geoff Johns have discussed the idea of tying in their respective League books more (Just read J.L. #9 and must say that the story by Johns in that one was a better fleshed out issue than the first 6 issues of that title). Lemire stated (as I recall) that the J.L.D. title will have more of a rotating roster of characters revolving in and out of the title.
Hoping for the coming of Mitchell Shelley to the team, if that’s the case. If only for a little while.

WILDCATS….nuff said

sadly none of the three surprise me I was glad to See Blue beetle manage to avoid the ax again for those who are asking how the answer is that he represents a minority. voodoo ended because it had great writer one the best in the industry and he was fired and replaced by someone who fans did not know . Resurrection man is a good title but even I have to admit it could sometimes read like a constantly dying the fugitive were as long as there viewer the show will go on and on letting the one armed man do more and more very bad things while the readers wish it would hurry up and get over . I Can not say anything about captain Adam I did not read it . it might have hurt it that was trying to copy Doctor Manhattan which was originally inspired Captain Adam so you had a clone of clone, of a clone .

They should give Liefeld ONE book, not 3, he still has some fans that would support him on one. He’s not even a writer and he’s on 3 books?

3 down, so many more to go!

Charles and Brian, you’ve made several good points:

– Yeah, it’s odd that they’ve given the cancelled titles a #0 issue. The only reason I can see is that they needed the extra issue to tie up some loose ends.

– I was picking up Voodoo on an ‘after the fact’ basis (getting back issues off ebay), and yeah, killing off the entire supporting cast was pretty retarded IMHO. It got to the stage where I stopped buying it but kept flicking through it on the stands to see what stupid thing they’d do next on the title.

– No surprise about Resurrection Man. I’d had a feeling the book was a goner for a number of months now, which didn’t explain why they put an artist the calibre of Jesus Saiz on a sinking ship. The fact he didn’t hang around long was the final nail in the coffin for the book, so I expected to see RM amongst the latest casualties.

Losing Booster Gold.

Losing Resurrection Man.

Gaining a little more money each month.

It’s not *all* bad.

All this means is “MM4M”.

More Money for Marvel (books).

I wouldn’t mind the cancellations if they gave me something I like to fill their spots. I’m down Captain Atom, OMAC, JLI. I’m happy Frankenstein is holding on. I would have liked to keep CA instead of Demon KNights (that comic is spinning tires).
I really miss Giffen’ OMAC. My favorite of the new 52

If you’re just started a relaunch of your entire universe you shouldn’t need 0 issues. I liked Voodoo.

To chas not really you pay more for marvel and you get less then the same price for marvel . I doubt most people are sad to see theses end the only one I will miss of the eight title cancelled so far is Resurrection-man if a lot people would have missed the titles most of them would not have ended I for one like that so far every title that has been cancelled something better has replaced it the only one I really thing is stepping back words is team 7 . I am looking forward the phantom stranger but I really wish dc would have gotten a Brit to write it but I did hear good things about Omac so I am more then willing to give it a try.

DC could have had me after Infinite Crisis and then 52. I was a fan of them only because of the original COIEs and Byrne’s Supe. The Yellow Lantern Saga was awesome also. They lost me during Countdown while Marvel got me with Dark Reign.

I am not a fan of the AVX BS but still but several Marvel titles and ignore the N52. Johns turned into an Old School Image hack writer overnight, Lees best stuff was during the X-Men and Didio is the new Bob Harras IMO.

June 11, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Every month goes by and DC gets worse and worse…

Hasn’t anyone realized that there wouldn’t be a need to cancel books if the editorial would get quality creators working on them that people would enjoy reading? There have been SO many poor decisions and leadership going on at DC that it’s actually hurting all their brands. I’ve enjoyed both Marvel and DC for 20 years, but I’m getting closer and closer to giving up on DC as a whole because they are just making me not care anymore.

People are going to look back in 10 years and say this was a very awkward, terrible time for DC. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I take issue with what you saying just because you don’t like writer does not make them crap or no quality look at Resurrection Man it written by Abnett and Lanning to of the best creators in the industry yet it still ended I admit I did not read captain Adam but that was because I never cared for the character not the writer or artist dc does its best yes hand 3 book to Liefield may not be very smart but it might have worked and series he took over were never selling that well so they had nothing to lose . the way you talk it sounds like you think every time series ends up cancelled the editor should have just gotten a new writer, that approach may be what Marvel does but it never guarantees success look at how many times they have brought back Hockeye and Black Panther with little success . DC has quality creative teams it up to the buyer to tell them if they like the taste.

I did try RM due to my fondness of it in the past. The first issue did not grab me at all so I dropped it. Maybe now they can write Guardians of the Galaxy again if Marvel lets them….

I tried them all in week one and the only one of these I continued with was voodoo but dropped it once the writer was changed (think a fair few people did) a lot of people have said March has left Catwoman but nothing has really been explicitly stated as Supermans solicit has. Maybe he’s not doing the 0 issue and will still be on the book

DC are very weird. I would have sworn RL’s books would have got the push over these. There’s also the whole #0 issue thing, it’s confusing for people new to the medium and I’d like to think they got a few people who were new to the medium to suddenly (8 issues in) have a #0 foisted on them.

They also said they weren’t doing crossovers. How many are coming out this year? I have nothing against the crossovers but the sudden change seems like they don’t really know what the’re doing.

Also do you think we’ll ever have Hal just BE Green Lantern in his comic again? I know there’s a whole corp out there but there’s books for that.

Earth 2 what’s the point? Let’s re-introduce a concept that will confuse the newb’s and make it as bland as possible.

I actually think the new 4 books coming out look quite good, but let’s be honest if JLI is getting the push what chance does Team 7 have?

hey DC it’s been said by a few now and I will add my voice, 52 is just a number, let it go and give us 26 great books as opposed to 52 OK books! (I know not all are OK but you get the point).

Agh meant to add, Batwoman already has a #0 issue, hows this going to work?

Weird that Jurgens Booster Gold run just before the relaunch was a great read and one of my favorite titles – and then JLI (still with Booster in it) was worse than even average. I dont understand how the quality can vary so much.

The reset was successful. The problem is only half the books have maintained quality. They need to be more aggressive about axing books and creators that clearly aren’t working.

Marvel feels like they are running in circles except for a few talented writer/artists who can write anything. They need Ellis to do another 12 issue run on something so they can milk it. I don’t read much of marvel either. I can buy 2 digital DC books by waiting a month for the cost of 1 Marvel. its simple economics.

Thank goodness Dan Didio will be writing again. He’s SUCH a talent and his books always sell REALLY well.

“Think of it as the 2012 version of the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, only this time with all-new adventures that the solicitation text promises will “play out across the entire New 52.” It’s a 64-page issue by the likes of DiDio, Cafu, James Robinson, Rob Liefeld and Marat Mychaels.”

What in the hell does Liefeld have over DiDio that allows him to stay employed with not one but three books when other books are getting axed?

TO KM – Liefeld has only had one month to prove him self DC usually waits at least till there are seven issues in the cam by a creator before the pull the plug look at the fif title that got cancelled that nobody has even brought up Dominique Leabeu Voodoo Child it is ending after issue seven with out a zero issue.

Kory Stephens

June 16, 2012 at 3:16 pm

@ Ken – Can I buy meth from you?

Kind of ironic,I was just starting to get into Captain Atom and was going to start collecting it when this happens.I am so glad Blue Beetle hasn’t received the axe,that is my favorite along with Animal Man.I am looking forward to the new Phantom Stranger series and hopefully it does great.As for the remaining three new titles.Well,I am always hopeful.

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