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DC rolls out creator-focused Comic-Con ad campaign

Taking a page from Image Comics and its months-old “Experience Creativity” campaign, DC Comics has debuted the first of its creator-focused ads that will begin appearing next week in the company’s titles as the countdown to Comic-Con International begins.

Bearing the headline “See the sights. Talk the Talk. Meet the Makers,” the first installment features a photograph of Batman and American Vampire writer of Scott Snyder, accompanied by the quote, “It’s the greatest, biggest, most exuberant collection of geeks like me anywhere on the planet at once.” The ad also directs fans to the DC website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, where they’ll be able to follow announcements from Comic-Con.

DC teases that it will reveal the next creator on Friday, but want a list of candidates, you need look no further than the publisher’s recent portraits of writers and artists. See the full ad below.

Update: Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson writes, “Sincerely, we’re very flattered.”



I was a fan of Snyder until I read Batman #10.

i was a big fan of paul until i read his recent comment.

Stitch Tuesday

June 28, 2012 at 9:41 am

Looks like somebody wants to clean up their image from what they did to Alan Moore, the Superman creators, etc.

Look out, Scott! Look out!

Batman’s gonna punch your head!

Simon DelMonte

June 28, 2012 at 9:44 am

I love that we can interact with creators in so many ways now. Remember when the only way to reach them was by letters to the editors? Wait, most of you don’t remember, do you?

I’d love to see some satirical versions of these: black and white photographs of Bill Finger, Alan Moore, Marv Wolfman, Jack Kirby, Siegel/Shuster etc. etc.

“I did that comic you loved and then they screwed me. Thanks for helping them.”

So, what does that actually translate to? Does Snyder get royalties from his Batman work from here on out? Does he get royalties from the Court of Owls if they ever make a movie of it? What exactly is a maker??????????


I remember, Simon. And while I like the modern stuff, I really miss lettercols. Surely DC could use one of the three advertorial pages in the back of their books to get some letters printed. The return of lettercols a couple of years back seemed to work well.

Actually, didn’t Dark Horse do a campaign like this two years ago or more? I remember ads with Tara McPherson and others.

While the makers are incredibly hard-working people, many of whom I’d love to meet in person, the context for much of our criticism as fans began when publishers started putting their names above the comics’ titles. For better or worse.

DC don’t want to use the word creators because then it’s harder to justify profiting from their work whilst cutting them out of the deal.

Shows how much originality DC has left that they’re so plainly ripping off Image’s current promotion. Ironic that DC are taking their advertising techniques whilst Image are taking their biggest and best creators.

Not makers. Creators.

Met Scott Snyder on Friday and Saturday at Heroes con. Great guy.Humble and down to earth.Ran into him on Saturday night at the hotel bar.The man likes his Irish Whiskey.

Snyder’s a good writer. Would love to see more Severed!

This is a pretty sad advertisement.

“Meet our work-for-hire, IP-farm indentured servants… and their bosses”.

Smiley, smiley, everyone— we’re a HAPPY Family!

(Will they all wear shirts with the nuDC ‘sticker’ logo for easy spotting at Comic-Con?)

This is like McDonalds rolling out a “Meet the cows that go into your hamburger!” ad campaign. Hilarious.

can we kick them in the balls for screwing up the DC universe too ?

Speaking of DC’s “portraits of writers and artists” webpage, a couple of comments on that page pointed out that there is no credit anywhere for the photographer(s) who were responsible for those portraits.

Even when DC tries to pretend that it cares about creators, it can’t help but show its true colors.

Credit to the photographers…….Riiiight.

It would be highly unusual for a photographer to be credited in an advertising campaign.

I’m not talking about the advertising campaign. I’m talking about the DC website linked in the original article.

I’m not sure who the target audience for these ads is supposed to be – badges for SDCC have been sold out for months now. The people who are going already have their tickets, the ones who don’t are S.O.L. It seems like an attempt to stir up enthusiasm that can’t really bear any fruit.

I agree that this is a (weak) attempt to seem creator-oriented in the light of recent controversy but there’s one small problem: its completely bogus. The difference between this and the Image campaign is that the Image campaign was rooted in an actual ideal that’s implemented in their company practices and the content of their books. This is just horseshit, like when McDonald’s adds one salad to their menu and pretends to be a source for health food. Imagine how different comics would be if DC were capable of feeling shame.

PS – Eric Stephenson is the man.

“Meet the makers”

Someone go and ask where you can meet Bill Finger and Bob Kane.

George Bush (not that one)

June 29, 2012 at 8:25 am

I thought “making” was sh#tting. WElcome to corporate america.

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