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Explore Black Widow & Hawkeye’s movie relationship in fan art by Lettie

Fans have been breaking down and building up everything big and small from The Avengers movie, and this recent set of art of Black Widow and Hawkeye really draws you in. Created by an artist named Lettie, these eight pieces bring into focus the nuanced relationship between Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton that was only hinted at in the Marvel film.

There’s been an immense amount of fan art surrounding The Avengers, showing everything from a love for shawarma to romantic relationships between Loki and the male cast to bloopers. Lettie’s artwork here really cuts to the bone, like a would-be set of deleted scenes that makes you want to see more of this pair’s relationship, either in a future Avengers movie or a spinoff all their own. Make it mine, Marvel!



The movie version of Clint is clearly gay. It’s not a romance situation; they’re just besties!

Michael Howey

June 14, 2012 at 2:38 pm

Very nice subtle work. If only this level of nuance was placed in standard co
Comic book work.

Not sure what qualifies as “fan art”, but this looks to be pro-level stuff to me — better than work I see in some published comics from the big two! :D

This just reminds me, again, how miserable it is that we’re not getting a Black Widow ongoing coming out of the Avengers movie. But we DO get Hawkeye and a terrible movie-tie in miniseries.

Marvel doesn’t seem to clue in on the fact that Widow is never going to be bigger than she is now and the fact that, yes, they do indeed have Greg Rucka writing a book for them.

Lovely artwork.

Don’t waste it on mainstream.

Indeed, don’t do anything mainstream. Heaven forbid people actually look at your work.

I’m glad that lettie bo bettie is drawing whatever she wants, regardless of Other Chris’ withheld approval.

Bill: Fan art is commonly defined as art depicting characters you don’t own that you’re fans of and that you weren’t hired to do. The term ‘fan art’ isn’t a judgement of quality.

I just have to say….wow. These are really incredible. You have some serious skill here, my friend! It’s sadly rare to find pieces that have a good deal of emotion without actually having much going on in the pictures themselves.
The third is my favorite, I think…just gorgeous.
You’ve definitely got the talent to do a lot of stuff. I think it’s awesome when people can put some of said talent into fan art. Especially with this pairing which I’m recently obsessed with. xD
Thanks so much!

The last picture is a scene from Anastasia……

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