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Final variant cover revealed for The Walking Dead #100

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the final variant cover — the magazine says it’s the twelfth, but by my count its the tenth total — for the landmark 100th issue of The Walking Dead. The cover, by Robert Kirkman’s former Battle Pope collaborator Matthew Roberts, will be available only to people who buy tickets for “The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course, held next month at at San Diego’s Petco Park during Comic-Con International. Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment imprint will give the comic free to “survivors,” “walkers” and spectators.

Roberts’ cover joins those previously revealed from Charlie Adlard, Todd McFarlane, Bryan Hitch, Marc Silvestri, Sean Phillips, Frank Quitely and Ryan Ottley. The 100th issue of The Walking Dead arrives July 11.



Matthew Roberts? I thought that was John Cassaday. It’s my favorite cover though.


Your count is off by one, because you’re forgetting the 1 for 200 sketch variant of the wraparound cover. I don’t know if there’s another unaccounted for cover that EW knows about.

Okay, the missing cover is the SDCC exclusive cover, which I believe is a sketch version of the regular Adlard cover (the Something to Fear trade dress).

This is right up Todd McFarlane’s alley. I’m no surprised he did a cover.

I’m not a reader, but 100 issues is pretty cool.

I’m going to get all the covers by buying the trade. Ha.

The trades don’t have the covers. You have to wait for the 2nd Covers HC

Yeah, I buy the trades too, so hopefully they make an exception for the 100th issue covers!!

My favorite cover out of the bunch is by Ottley – the slicing of heads! Blood! Maggots! Gore!… Its got everything!! :)

There is twelve covers in all you miss counted one! Hopefully, I will have all of them, accept for the limited edition black and white… its $200 and only 200 made, and I think they are all autographed by Charlie Adlard.

Cover A: Charlie Adlard
Cover B: Marc Silvestri
Cover C: Frank Quitely
Cover D: Todd McFarlane
Cover E: Sean Phillips
Cover F: Bryan Hitch
Cover G: Ryan Ottley
Cover H: Charlie Adlard
Charlie Adlard (Black & White)
Charlie Adlard (Black & White SDCC Exclusive)
Matthew Roberts (The Walking Dead Escape Exclusive)
Charlie Adlard (Chromium Edition)

Three of them have the same image though, Charlie Adlard did 5 covers…. Look for all the images:

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