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George Takei beaming into Riverdale for Kevin Keller #6 (Oh, my!)

Star Trek alum, and gay-rights activist, George Takei is set to guest star early next year in Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller #6.

According to BuzzFeed, cartoonist Dan Parent met the actor at a comic convention, where he pitched him the idea of the cameo so Kevin, Riverdale’s first gay resident, could meet his hero. Takei was thrilled.

Although Archie Comics has traditionally opted for cameos by parodies of celebrities over actual celebrities, the publisher brought President Barack Obama and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to Riverdale in 2010. (Another notable, and downright odd, exception was minor ’80s child actor Glenn Scarpelli — son of Archie cartoonist Henry Scarpelli — who appeared in a handful of shorts, where he rubbed elbows with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Brooke Shields, Boy George, Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen. Seriously.)

Takei, who’s best known for playing Sulu on the original Star Trek series and in six movies, revealed he’s gay in a 2005 magazine interview. He married his longtime partner Brad Altman in 2008, and has been vocal on issues of marriage equality, homophobia and bullying.

George Takaei & Kevin Keller



Oh My!!!
That’s soooo Takei!

I love that guy!

George is wearing a red shirt? Geez, I hope he makes it through the issue alive.



Ha ha awesome! Can’t wait.

I thought of that too PAD!
My other thought was that One Million Moms will now boycott all things Star Trek.

No slight on the concept (I’m a huge fan of Takei, and his Facebook feed is basically the best source of puns anywhere), but man, the coloring on that cover is just god awful. Those weird airbrushing effects, color gradients, and overdone shadows just look horrendous over simplistic, cartoony artwork like the Archie house style. It’s actually difficult for me to look at, those colors are so bad.

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