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Green Lantern and Alan Scott catch fire on Twitter

Had anyone suggested a year ago — heck, a month ago — that not only “Green Lantern” but also “Alan Scott” would be U.S. trending topics on Twitter, they’d likely have been soundly mocked. But on the day that DC Comics launched its full-on media assault officially announcing that the 72-year-old superhero will be reintroduced in Earth 2 #2 as the gay-billionaire leader of the Justice Society, “Green Lantern” and “Alan Scott” are on Twitter, sandwiched between “National Donut Day” and “CNBC.”

Granted, “Hal Jordan” is now trending worldwide, with many commenters trying to sort out just which Green Lantern everyone is talking about. One person tweeted, “I’m imagining Hal Jordan spending all day saying ‘No, not me, the other one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Although it’s clear to most fans of superhero comics that the character in question is the Golden Age Green Lantern — the only Green Lantern on Earth 2 — the finer points of continuity and parallel universes seem to be lost on the general public. (Right about now a DC publicity person is probably struggling to give an ABC News correspondent a crash course in DC Comics history, the New 52 and the Green Lantern Corps, frustrating both of them.)

Whether all of the publicity and social-media interest will result in rapid sellouts for Earth 2 #2 obviously won’t be known until next week, but it’s probably safe to presume DC will start the presses rolling on a second printing any moment now.



Oh my God! National Donut Day?! How did I not hear about this?

Oh, the Alan Scott thing? Meh. Who cares?

National Donut Day!!! FTW!!!

So Jade and Obsidian will no longer exist?

This never showed up on my twitter feed, are all twitter feed regional now by default?

Jade and Obsidian could still exist, in the original continuity Alan didn’t knew about them till they were adults. It could be sais that He had an affair some years ago, before he accept himself as gay.

Yawn. Another year, another DC publicity stunt.

Buts you killez the gay Aquaboy created by Gayle sim0nezz!

And please go away James Robinson. You are yesterday’s news.

Where is poor Doiby Dickles left in all of this?

the writeing was on the wall the day dc comics lied and said yes were going to bring back the justice society. its like the same thing they did back a few years ago with infinity inc which had only the name and none of the heros in the book, it turn out to be a big mess. in the last few years or so dc comics has been know to mislead its readers witth the game of smoke and mirrors.right now the people at dc comics don’t want to ann up to the fact that they just want to get a jump on marvels big gay wedding event. the only they have manage to do was make earth 2 a world of depressing drama. with know real history at all

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