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Kurt Busiek will eat a bug if you back Lea Hernandez’s Kickstarter

Lea Hernandez, creator of Cathedral Child and Rumble Girls, has a Kickstarter that looks pretty nice: It’s The Garlicks, a charming, kid-friendly tale of a vampire family — Pandora, a tween-age girl who doesn’t seem to have any vampire powers; her kid sister Pamila, who has super-cute vampire powers; her mother, a butcher (kid-friendly vampires eat pork, not blood); and her father, a flower-eating barista.

Aside from the cuteness, The Garlicks is allowing Hernandez to stretch artistically in a couple of different directions; in an interview at Yet Another Comics Blog, she talks about her new use of color, saying “My good friend Adam Warren (Empowered) kept telling me my color work was stronger than my b&w/limited palette/pencils, going back to my story for Comic Book Tattoo, until I took the plunge. He was right, and I’ve had so much pleasure in working in color.”

Hernandez has obviously put a lot of thought into this comic, and the art is fantastic. However, she also set a very ambitious Kickstarter goal of $40,000, and she has to raise more than half of that by Thursday afternoon. So Kurt Busiek jumped in to help: He promised on Twitter that he would eat a bug if people support the Kickstarter. Actually, he promised to claim to eat a bug, and at the moment, he’s just eating the bug in a nice little print that Hernandez is including as a extra. At some pledge levels she will draw a custom sketch of Kurt enjoying his little snack. But there is a possibility that Busiek will eat a real bug; at the Kickstarter page, Hernandez writes, “There’s even a possibility of Kurt eating a REAL bug, if the price is Right. (The right price is probably $3,000., the right place at Emerald City Comic-Con.)”



Scott Dunbier wants to gather a cadre to raise the $3K if he gets to pick the bug.

I fear this. I fear this greatly.


That’s right. Not cooked. No condiments. And, because I have a good heart, it does not need to be alive (see, Kurt, I’m not inflexible).

Ah, what the hell, sign me up for the TPB. (Sorry, Kurt!)

I contributed. Do we know what kind of bug?

I’m sure he’ll do it. Everyone knows what a sport Kurt Busiek is!

(And, plus, if not well, “ve haff vays of making you eat ze bug…”)

Scott Dunbier

June 19, 2012 at 1:09 pm

In fairness to Kurt, it would need to be a single contribution of $3K (hence the cadre, all contributing to that one incentive level). Otherwise it would be like shooting… Busiek’s in a barrel!

For once, Kurt Busiek doesn’t win.

Jake Earlewine

June 19, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Kurt, with your history of health problems, you have no business eating bugs.
Please take care of yourself, brother.

Scott Dunbier

June 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Jake, bugs are full of vitamins and fiber (especially the one I have in mind), this is the ultimate health food for him!

Bizarro am still wait for Astro City ongoing!

I feel kind of sorry for Hernandez. She always seems to have a fundraiser for some problem, but I just can’t get into her work. Looked at the website. Meh. She’s getting a lot of support for something that hasn’t even been written or drawn yet, though. Bet this would have gone over better if it was broken up into a couple of books for funding. Even if I did want it, I wouldn’t want to maybe wait a year or more to get it.

Scott Dunbier

June 19, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Sorry you feel that way, Duranem. I understand not wanting to wait so long, we’re all sort of programmed nowadays do expect instant gratification. As for the work itself, I have not read a lot by Lea but what I’ve seen of this looks beautiful–I am very much looking forward to reading it. And, really, I like the idea of supporting an artist’s work, especially when they are doing something that isn’t typical stuff.

There were (in hindsight maybe) mistakes made during the campaign. I’m concerned Lea might not have taken into account the costs in time, manufacturing and material of all the rewards especially the later ones meant to drum up support. Those eat up big chunks of money and time spent fulfilling rewards is less time dedicated to drawing the comic.

I agree with Duranem it may have gone better scaled down. $40k sounds like a lot to most people and they wonder where it’s all going, but there was no financial breakdown until well into the Kickstarter.

I’m not too optimistic, but there’s two days left though. Maybe someone will be eating a bug after all.

Obvious question here, but why isn’t the artist asking for the money eating the bug?

I will eat a bug if you fund my project = I endorse my own project

Kurt Busiek will eat a bug if you fund my project = Kurt Busiek of [pick anything] fame endorses my project

Since the artist’s endorsement of her own project is probably implied with or without eating a bug, the latter is much, much preferable. (Plus also more entertaining IMO, but that cute drawing does a lot to sell it.)

>> Obvious question here, but why isn’t the artist asking for the money eating the bug? >>

What Wraith said.

Lea has, in fact, said she’d eat a bug. But there are probably more people out there who’d like to see me eat one. Or CLAIM TO eat one, Dunbier!


And if we could get, say, Hugh Jackman to eat a bug, that’d get even more contributions, I’m sure. Hey, Hugh! Let us know, okay?

[Health note: Now that it seems to be trying to turn into a real bug, there’s no way it would get eaten until after I’ve recuperated from my surgery and all. But this whole “I don’t get to pick the bug, a >shudder< EDITOR gets to pick the bug" thing, this has me very worried. Very worried.]


Fyi the “Toby” who asked “why isn’t the artist asking for the money eating the bug?” isn’t the same “Toby” (Me) who posted at 11:05 pm. Hello Toby Too (Two).

I noticed Lea’s tweets that people “missed” and “assumed” things. What I meant about my concerns is that the breakdown was posted in the updates on June 12th but her Kickstarter went live around May 22nd. I didn’t read everything she might have posted on her other social networks but I DID read everything the creator said in her Kickstarter updates. Its my PERSONAL opinion budget information should have been posted earlier or in the original pitch because Kickstarter donators (I PERSONALLY noticed) like to know where their money is going. Maybe no one said anything earlier because they were afraid.

(Fyi again) I donated last week and posted links on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Dreamwidth but ambivalent about it now.

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