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Matt Cowan’s superhero ABCs

I was going to file this under “Wish This Was Real,” but it probably needs a “Wish This Was Complete” first. Matt Cowan does great, minimalist posters and other art, and he’s turned those talents toward the beginning of a superhero alphabet with clever designs and charming “rhymes.”

The scare quotes are because the alphabet isn’t finished, so none of the phrases that accompany each letter actually matches up with a phrase from an adjacent letter. Geek Art has helpfully collected all the pages (“so far,” I say, optimistically) and — as Cowan’s done some letters multiple times — it suggests this is more of an experiment than something he plans to complete. It’s so delightful, though, that I hope he reconsiders that.



Jake Earlewine

June 18, 2012 at 7:38 pm

This is art? I think somebody has too much time on their hands, and no artistic vision.

I don’t mean anybody any harm, but I’m sorry I spent time viewing this page and I sincerely wish all parties better luck in the future. Really! Wishing you the best!




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