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National Organization for Marriage grapples with ‘sanctity’ of gay comic book wedding

Taking a cue from One Million Moms, the president of the National Organization for Marriage has responded to this week’s Astonishing X-Men #51 with a fundraising message voicing concerns about “the sanctity of a comic book gay wedding.”

Brian S. Brown, whose five-year-old nonprofit group is dedicated to fighting same-sex marriage, is troubled not just by the Marvel comic depicting the wedding of Northstar and Kyle Jinadu but by the real-life ceremony it inspired at Midtown Comics in New York City. However, Brown, whose job is to help ensure state legislatures don’t pass marriage-equality laws — or if they do, that they’re overturned by ballot measures — isn’t bothered by the wedding of two men, either fictional or real. Heck, he even wishes Midtown couple Scott Everhart and Jason Welker well, offering a not-at-all-condescending “bless him” to the former.

So it’s not that; oh, no. It’s the crass commercialization of the whole thing.

“… Something is wrong when huge companies push gay marriage into children’s literature in order to make money. Something is wrong when a comic book store decides to host a wedding, again for commercial purposes,” Brown writes in a message that ends by thanking NOM supporters for their financial contributions. “And something is really wrong when a man proposes because, well, somebody else is going to help pay for the wedding and it might mean a cool trip to New York City. Somewhere there may be some foolish man and woman getting married in a comic book store. But nobody else is paying for it and nobody in the media is covering it. Are we really supposed to believe in the ‘sanctity’ of gay comic book weddings?”

Presumably we can expect Brown’s next missive to sound the alarm about Today Throws a Wedding.”

The ensuing comments thread contains a number of posts challenging Brown’s statements, leading one supporter to wish NOM would moderate the discussion “so the ones who desire to promote same-sex marriage could take their debate elsewhere.” But many of the responses are predictable, with one supporter comparing the comic-book depiction of a gay wedding to pedophiles “grooming” children, and another invoking the terrifying specters of SpongeBob and the Teletubbies.

“The homosexualists who work in the arts are always trying to foist their agenda on our children,” he writes, presumably in all seriousness. “We are forever grateful to the Rev. Jerry Falwell who alerted Christian parents to Tinky Winky, an obvious gay Teletubbie. We also honour the vigilance of James Dobson of Focus on the Family who identified SpongeBob Square Pants as a gay menace to children and family values because he sang a song promoting diversity. Never underestimate these gay characters cleverly disguised as ‘heroes.'”

Jean-Paul Beaubier: This decade’s Tinky Winky.



Simon DelMonte

June 22, 2012 at 7:14 am

Given the fate of most comic book marriages, does anyone believe in their sanctity? Sooner or later, the couple will have a falling out. Or a supervillain will kill one of them. Or a retcon will come along and undo the marriage so completely that no one but the readers remember it.

Every time I read about NOM, I feel an intense urge to throw the internet out the window.

Yeah, because marriages between men and women aren’t ever huge publicity events, whether in real life or on tv shows. Because shows like “Wife Swap” don’t offend the “sanctity” of marriage. The more these idiots try to justify their bigotry, the more they reveal their hypocrisy. Just admit that you hate gay people rather then use these flimsy excuses.

And to that guy who equates homosexuality to pedophilia is a moron. (presumable he only has a problem with male/male pedophilia because by his logic, isn’t witnessing male/female weddings in media “grooming” little girls to be with adult men? Or little boys to be with adult women?)

When did this marketed-to-older-teens comic become “children’s literature”, exactly?

Isn’t the average comic book reader in their mid-thirties? Not exactly children. And the book has a teen rating I believe, rather than the all-ages rating that is geared at the younger set. I see Midtown’s decision to host the couple’s wedding as a celebration of Marvel’s decision to feature a same-sex marriage, not as an agenda. …or maybe I’ve been groomed to think that…

As has been said a million times over, the sanctity of marriage, fictional or otherwise, was destroyed LONG AGO by the hundreds upon thousands of so-called ‘normal’ heterosexual marriages that end in an ugly, messy divorce.

No way in hell is that last quoted comment real.

What’s a homosexualist?

Brandon McKinnis

June 22, 2012 at 8:44 am

Speaking of the sanctity of marriage and crass commercialization:

I’m so glad everything worked out for Kim Kardasian and Kris Humpries and thier low key, not at all publicized affair. I think they serve as a shining example of the power of love and humility.

figured the main anti gay group would sooner or later have a fit over northstar wedding who by the way is a fictional character for sooner or later some writter will either wind uip with northstar and kyle separting one of them get killed by a villain or have north star make a deal with Mephisto and undo the marriage. nom needs to get over themselves.

@Kat: Yeah, but it’s hard to frighten donations out of people with the pious cry of “Think of the poor, innocent thirty-somethings!”

While this guy MIGHT have had some validity to his overall point regarding the commercialization of the Northstar wedding, he lost ALL credibility the second he brought up Teletubbies and Spongebob.

Astonishing X-Men is hardly childrens literature. They should really check their facts before releasing press statements.

Who Cares N. E. Way

June 22, 2012 at 9:25 am

Boy—the jerks on both sides of the spectrum always seem to speak the loudest. Spongebob’s gay? Gimme a break. Was Bugs Bunny gay too? Stupidity.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end, we have gays visiting the white House to flip off a portrait of a very dead Ronald Reagan. Taking snapshots for their scrapbooking while they are at it. Stupidity as well.

The World is doomed. Imma buy me some more shotguns and move to a cave. As long as I have internet, and UPS can reach me—its all I need out of “society” j/k.

As much as I abhor these groups- I must admit their ineffectual flailing is entertaining.

the first issue of Batman depicts the Joker getting his face cut off and nailed to a wall but when there’s a same-sex marriage in X-Men suddenly comics become “children’s literature” again.

*sorry, first issue of the new Detective Comics. oh and spoiler alert.

Yeah, I’m thinking that last comment (in the story) was someone trying to be sarcastic/funny.

LOL. “Homosexualists”

I don’t know why people make such a big deal about gay marriage. Let gays get married they are going to be together anyway

Wow, they’ve been foisting their heterosexual relationships on us for decades but nobody complained about it. Hmmm….

All these idiots really had to do is wait a year or two and Marvel will cancel out this marriage themselves by either killing Northstar’s guy or basically writing out into limbo land like they’ve done to every married couple in their books who’s last name wasn’t Richards. No Marvel marriage ever lasts outside of those two (and that’s probably the one that legitimately should).

Issue 9 of Ex Machina says it for me: religious and civil marriages should be two separate things. Anyone can get a civil license, then if they want their union sanctified by the religion of their choice, they can try to find a church, temple or synagogue that will do so.
Same sex love has been around for centuries (and theres even evidence that the early Christian church itself sanctified such relationships), and however much organisations like a Million Mums (theres a lie, we know its not as many as that) decry it, it is real love and like heterosexual relationships, depends on the nature and qualities of the people participating in it. Its part of reality, so whether children read comics or not, they should be told about so that they can make informed choices when the time comes for them to do so. People who cant come to terms with the nature of their own or others sexuality can be dangerous, like J Edgar Hoover, for example.
Ok, I ve been rational, or tried to be. These people, with their contempt for true freedom and the rights of others
make my blood boil, and if I live to see the day when all their power has withered, Ill probably grin so hard my face will split in half.

I’m reading this at work, and I really had to struggle not to burst out in hysterical laugher when I read Brandon McKinnis’ comment. Well put, sir!

Archangel Prime

June 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Has the Bible been supplanted by comics today? I think I have no bias against gay people per se, except when it comes to marriage and homosexal relations because I don’t know any justification for it with my limited knowledge of the Bible. That viewpoint no doubt may antagonize millions of people, but that’s just my own opinion. Question: is God no longer a part in ‘non-traditional’ homosexual marriages? Or has Western civilization developed to a point that marriage in general is just a civil tradition wherein God is just mentioned as a footnote?

Didnt Solomon have 200 wives in the bible? Isnt the divorce rate higher in the church than the general public. I wont even bring up the catholic priest thing. Seems marriage has never had any sanctity, letting some bros get married is hardly gonna effect it worse.

Oh, Archangel Prime, how little you know about marriage AND the Bible. Tribal gods were a part of marriage only insofar as it cemented relations between clans (i.e., your god now becomes my god through marriage). Marriage itself was about the transfer of property and the alliances built between families–the woman was little more than a token of transfer in a patriarchal system. As Jae pointed out, Solomon had 300 wives…and 700 concubines (live-in booty, basically). Don’t make the mistake that Nom Nom makes in turning to the Bible to justify your limited understandings of marriage, because once you start reading what’s ACTUALLY in the text, you’ll be quite surprised.

They used to use the Bible to justify slavery. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you are going to use the Bible to justify a ban on same-sex marriages, then you aren’t a very moral person.

Dear Mr. Brown,
Go home. Sit down. Eat dinner. Go to your easy chair. Read the paper. While reading said paper–DON’T GIVE A DARN ABOUT EVERYTHING.
–The Vengeful Voice, the more backtalk-happy 3rd cousin of The Village Voice.

Ah, the “gays aren’t suitable to be seen by children!” argument. Even ignoring DC/Marvel’s problem with a lack of all-ages (let alone child-oriented) books, one would think NOM would take a hint from their cousins-in-hate One Million Moms (and their ill-fated protest of Archie’s Kevin Keller, who *is* aimed at kids/all-ages).

The hate, the violence, the blood and guts, the soft core nudity, and, of course, the sex that is found in modern day comics…but’s it’s a wedding that sets these guys off? I really hope that some day the people NOM pause for a moment and ask themselves, “When exactly did we fall off the sanity wagon?”

Setting aside the bigotry and marriage equality issues, self-appointed moral guardians using the “think of the children” excuse is what led to the Comics Code sixty years ago, which marred public perception of comics as crude, juvenile entertainment instead of a legitimate artistic medium.

What’s next, pants on Michelangelo’s David?

Yeah, we are such a threat, cos Hetero marriage is doing sooooo well !

In a world where the government doesn’t vote for anything unless a piece of the action ends up in their own personal banks accounts, and where they want to monitor how much soda I drink or popcorn I eat at the movies, does it really matter what they think of gay marriage? God gave us free will to do what we wish, and if he has a problem with it, then that is between him and the person doing the so called evil things, as long as they aren’t hurting someone. As for the people who believe comic books are corrupting the young, have you ever read one? With the inflated boobs, violence and outright sexuality of each character being drawn out to the max, this ship has sailed a long time ago. Besides, do kids even really read comic books anymore with all the other distractions in life? Every company has a kid’s line and then a regular line of books that are aimed at teenagers and older who have already discovered their sexuality long before Northstar purposed.

So a bunch of sentinels commit mass genocide on Genosha but we’re not gonna have it if Tinkywinky and Spongebob sing a few songs!

And how, I wonder, will Orson Scott Card, who is on the board of directors for NOM, and also does and has done work for Marvel, react to this? Hrm…

The comments published on the NOMblog, as well known by most gay people who’ve tried to post there, are heavily censored. I’ve used four accounts on the NOMblog and all are blocked at the point I start writing. So what appears on the blog is likely a fraction of the negative comments that would be published if NOM didn’t “moderate” them.

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