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One Million Moms drops off Facebook after Green Lantern post backfires

From "Earth 2" #2

In another setback to One Million Moms, the conservative Christian campaign has retreated from Facebook after a post about DC Comics’ reintroduction of Green Lantern Alan Scott as gay was inundated by comments largely supportive of the publisher’s decision.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that moments after issuing a “warning” Friday about DC’s official announcement (see below), the page’s administrator began deleting positive comments before apparently giving up and removing the post entirely. Shortly afterward, the One Million Moms page disappeared from Facebook, certainly the initiative’s most valuable social media platform. The abrupt exodus was followed by a tweet announcing, unconvincingly, to Facebook users that, “OMM will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School!”

The timing might not be quite as suspect if One Million Moms hadn’t pulled the same disappearing act in February, after its boycott of retail chain JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswoman backfired spectacularly, drawing supporters of the lesbian talk-show host in droves to the group’s Facebook page.

Of course, even if we believed the “Vacation Bible School!” excuse — we don’t — we’d be left to wonder just how big One Million Moms is that such a week-long event could lead to the suspension of the initiative’s primary tool for outreach. In “a group of one million moms all fighting together,” surely there’s someone who can keep the Facebook page chugging along while the administrator shows kids how to make piggy banks out of old bleach bottles while singing about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. An intern, perhaps?

Well, there’s some question as to whether any moms, let alone a million, are behind the “group,” which is actually a project of the anti-gay American Family Association, the Mississippi-based nonprofit founded in 1977 by Donald Wildmon. He’s probably best remembered for his “campaigns for decency” against M*A*S*H, Disneyland/Walt Disney World and Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video. His son Tim succeeded him in 2010 as president of the AFA, which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Mothers or no, it’s pretty clear One Million Moms won’t be adding the campaign to convince DC and Marvel to “change and cancel all plans of homosexual superheroes” to its page of “successes.” Instead, Alan Scott and Northstar will likely join Kevin Keller and Ellen DeGeneres on the list of subjects OMM doesn’t like to mention any more.



amazing how the posts on here seem to be way more supportive of the idea than cbr’s message boards lol

Wow, that dialogue between Alan and his boy is really, really awful!

“…while the administrator shows kids how to make piggy banks out of old bleach bottles while singing about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.”

So One Million Moms is cool with the Beastie Boys then?

how sad and pathetic … oh well …

on a related note, wonder if GL’s powers are useless against wood …

The only people even paying attention to this gay superhero thing are people who read comics and special interest groups. I don’t think anyone else particularly cares.

The last post is definitely the best.

What makes me laugh is that some people think that its Hal Jordan thats the
gay Geeen Lantern now. Poor Carol Ferris.

It’s good to see the hate groups fail. These type of changes are not an issue at all. It doesn’t change the hero or make how he fights crime and supervillains any different. Do they think he’s going to make out with Sinestro after climactic battle?

Gays aren’t going away. There’s not a cure or boycott that removes that from anyone. Just accept it and move on.

Aw…what are the million moms gonna do with their time now? I mean it’s not like they’re actually parenting their children or anything.

I still think it should have been Kyle, that would explain a lot about his girlfriend’s fate.

I’m not Christian (or any other religion), and not anti-gay, but I am really sickened by all the sex in comics, and all the inferences that sex is going to be happening between characters, straight or gay. I get it, adults get naked and put their body parts into one another, thanks. How do you expect children to be introduced to this medium if it’s all about sex? And yah, everyone will say “let the kids read the all-ages (cartoony crap) comics, we grown-ups want lots of sex and sex talk!”. Well, I’m 49, and I DON’T want lots of sex and sex talk in comics. And I would never expose anyone under 18 to anything Marvel or DC prints, because you can’t go one damn issue without some comment about sex, or an actual sex scene (and always casual sex between two unmarried/uncommitted people). Am I the only person fed up with all this? Am I the only one who thinks is sad? Now all they are doing is pandering to try to up their sales. The comics industry is clinging to reeds as it slowly drowns.

Well, but honestly, some of supporters don’t seem the intelligent kind to me. I find that certain posts indirectly assert that superheroes (and the comic in question) are good just because superhero’s gay, and that they support them (DC) just because the superhero’s gay. Sorry, but that’s wrong.

(However, the posts I refer to hopefully express joy about comic being released, and not the joy about homosexual guy appearing as superhero. Renly and Loras were gay as well, but nobody cared as far as I know.)

Now if only both a million moms and comic book fans/writers would show as much passion about the federal budget that out of control. Marriage won’t matter if we’re all broke.

“Am I the only person fed up with all this? Am I the only one who thinks is sad?”

For the most part… yes.

Even though it seems that your comment is full of hyperbole, the year is 2012, and sex is just another part of life much like eating, sleeping, love, death, and taxes. You don’t want comics to reflect what really goes on in normal life, then bury your head in the sand and stop reading comics. If you want comics that are ridiculously sanitized for your personal milquetoast tastes, I’m afraid that the “cartoony crap” you mention is really your only true alternative. If you are truly worried about introducing children to the medium, it’s not all that out of line to suggest you use children’s comics. Why doesn’t that make perfect, logical sense to you? If you want kids to grow up sheltered from life’s risque moments, don’t give them books about real life. That’s like bitching that PG-13 movies are inappropriate for your six-year-old. Well, no shit.

Wah. Cry me a river.

I agree with Nate. I long for the days when sex and politics had no place in comics. I would never recommend comics for kids these days. Yeah, there’s a few good all-ages titles out there, but not superhero comics. Shame… we’ve ruined what used to be a great, fun medium. Oh well, there’s always reprints!

David V. McIntyre

June 2, 2012 at 10:39 am


I don’t know what comicbooks you’ve been reading but there are plenty of superhero comics that do not mention or feature sex scenes every issue. For example, Ultimate Spider-Man (most of the ultimate line since the relaunch, actually), Amazing Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Young Avengers, Runaways, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers Academy. Whats more, all of those titles are totally suitable for and aimed directly at young adult readers. Sure, each of those books features relationships and love interests between characters, both gay and straight, but I can’t remember any sex scenes between those characters, can you?

Imraith Nimphais

June 2, 2012 at 10:39 am

“Vacation Bible School” …lol

So…in addition to being hypocrites they are also liars and dissemblers.


Wow! I didn’t know that the American Medical Association (AMA) was a hate group. The things you learn on the internets.

Thanks for following up on this. I have passed along the news on my site.


Crowing About Comics

June 2, 2012 at 11:09 am

@ Nate – What comic books have you been reading? I can’t think of a single comic book that has a “sex scene” – barely a few that pop in my head have characters in bed together at all (talking usually, either about having coming through just something (not sex), or right before an attack (again, not sex). Does Hustler now publish comic books that I’m unaware of? Ever once in a great while, there will be an inference that a couple has had it…but I’m talking about maybe one in every 1,000. That not withstanding – you get more inference about sex on the TV at any time of the day or not…not to mention actual sex scenes. Seems you and Rick Santorum believe the same: that homosexuality is all about sex and nothing more…and when you say gay – your mind directly goes to the sex that they have…makes me wonder why you do that…

Wow, isn’t it a funny coincidence that all these totally-not-homophobes are speaking out against all the ‘sex’ in comics NOW, but apparently had no problems at all with the previous 70 years of Lois and Clark, Reed and Sue, Peter and MJ, and Archie’s love triangle?

I mean, that’s exactly what they’re talking about when they say ‘sex’, the same basic romance stuff that have been the cornerstone of Archie all this time.

One million moms made a specialist story arc blow out into the wider media, Well done “Moms”, you look more like old granma’s !

One million moms . . . and not one of them has a gay child?

It’s life- God endorses love in all it forms.

@ Jeff Frost
Thanks for letting me know what every other person thinks. I wasn’t aware that everyone’s life besides mine was a constant stream of watching people discuss screwing each other. I hardly ever see anyone having conversations about how, when or where they plan on screwing, I think they usually discuss those kinda things in private.
And, yah, I realize it’s fiction, and we’re looking through a window on characters having private conversations, but still, does it have to be in nearly every book? It’s just getting ridiculous lately, is all I’m saying. Take the latest Uncanny X-men 12 with Namor and Hepzibah. In a room full of other characters, they just start hitting on each other, and go right to “would this involve nudity”, etc. And then later in the issue, once again, we have a lovely scene with some Queen Fish-thing that we are made aware Namor has copulated with. Is it really necessary? The writer can think of no other dialogue than sex talk? It’s lazy. And boring. And nothing I would pay for. If you love it, hey, fine, but I don’t see how having comics layered with sexual innuendos and sexual encounters is gonna grow the audience.

…..this is news….?

@Nate: Please. Every single time you read an Archie comic book, there’s a DEFINITE sexual tale involved. Dilton’s an egghead but he doesn’t get bullied because of it (unlike many REAL-LIFE eggheads) because Dilton’s best friend is Big Moose. So, when the writers need to concoct a Dilton “problem,” it involves dating. He’s “too short” or “too brainy” for the girls and (usually) Betty and Veronica come up with some plan to help him get a date.

For decades, the very “plain Jane” Big Ethel’s sole motive was to get Jughead. And what would be her greatest achievement? Kissing Jughead.

How many times do Betty and Veronica go on dates with Archie?

So. Do you disapprove of all THAT “sexual” imagery?

Comics are soap operas with people in tights who beat each other up every once in awhile. Always have been.

And just like in televised soap operas, people flirt with each other, sleep with each other, have relationships and get married. It’s not a new thing.

It was the romance between Scott and Jean in X-Men that go me so invested in the Dark Phoenix storyline, my entry into this genre as a hobby. That storyline would have been so much less dramatic if they had never been shown in intimate, loving scenes beforehand.

It’s great to see Alan Scott in a sweet scene with his boyfriend, and fantastic news that the haters have been met with such an outpouring of support for DC’s new gay supehero.

I could care less if characters are gay, they have sex, etc…. Just please don’t use dialogue that sounds like it came from a Skinemax or Showtime After Dark movie


June 2, 2012 at 12:06 pm

wtf….sex scenes arent all over comics. Pretty ridiculous dude…

Lets see, AvX? Nope. Aquaman? Nope. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Nope. Justice League? Nope. ooohhhh, but that one uncanny xmen issue that you brought up which isnt even an actual sex scene.

Yeah dude it’s definitely everywhere…….

@rick: Regarding that time when “sex and politics had no place in comics,” quite simple, it didn’t exist.

From the START, there was a minimum of both involved in comics. If you showed a married couple, that involved “sex.” Maybe the little kids didn’t quite understand it, but mom and dad did. In the old 1940s comics, there were a lot of stories featuring female characters trying to date male characters. Well, rick, dating is a key part of sexual development. Whether it was Lois Lane trying to land Superman or Betty and Veronica trying to one-up the other to win Archie this time around or Minnie Mouse being rescued by Mickey, there was a sexual undertone to the tale. And, you might want to go back and read up on the origins of Wonder Woman if you think there was neither sex nor politics involved.

And on the political front, two words: CAPTAIN AMERICA. Go back and read up on the character’s origin. He was created (in terms of the story) as the prototype of a “super-soldier”–but why? At the time, the US wasn’t involved in the European War (and wouldn’t be for several months AFTER Cap was created). And during the War, go back and look at the political tone most of the super-hero comics took. Hell, go look at the political tone many Warner Brothers cartoons took. And you might want to go back and read some of Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” strips. Politics was routinely skewered. And people laughed at the stories.

And also on the political front, cartooning was a medium of choice for expressing political ideas as well as criticizing political messages, long before the “funny books” ever appeared. “The Yellow Kid” from around 1900 constantly dealt with social and political topics. Thomas Nast, from a quarter century earlier, helped bring down the New York political machine through cartoons. The most famous editions of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking-Glass” were illustrated by John Tenniel who was renowned for his political cartooning in England around the same time that Nast was working in the US. (And why use cartoons? Because they were easier for the general public to understand.)

So, that time you long for is pretty much a myth much like the presumption that life was so much better in the 1950s from watching “Leave It to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best”–it was only better for SOME people, but not the majority (interestingly enough, the Beaver’s older brother routinely got involved in that good old heteroSEXUAL routine of dating–as Wally got older on the show, there were episodes where he talked about the girls he liked and would be shown getting ready for dates; that’s an example of “heteronormative social behavior”–that gets a pass from most anti-gay folks but let the potential daters be same-sex, and suddenly it’s all “sexual”).

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion (as is Nate) but, at the same time, you’re also free to NOT read books–or even articles–that are going to run counter to your opinion.

I’m a Christian dad and long-time comic reader/fan. This “controversy” reminds me of how on Loveline’s radio show when a kid would call in and ask how to let everyone know they were gay, the hosts would ask what happened to them since normal kids their age –whether straight or gay– normally would not want anyone to know what they were up to sexually. Likewise, I don’t see what the need to show what Alan Scott is up to in his love life does for anyone, but I guess for a secondary character it helps give him an identity. Too bad that will probably be his defining characteristic, unlike heterosexual characters (except Nightwing– that dude gets around!)
And, while not disputing for one second that OMM could be considered a “hate group”, using the findings of the Southern Poverty Law Center to justify it doesn’t carry any weight anymore since their own agenda has been obvious to anyone paying attention. The SPLC certainly has more credibility compared to OMM, but not by much.
And while I don’t think reading Alan Scott’s talk of a magical romantic evening would make my 10-yr old (or any other) gay, I wonder where could we find such carefully crafted tales of heterosexual courtship in DC comics? Perhaps Alan Scott’s new portrayal will be good for some, and it’s unlikely to cause any harm to others, but it seems the coverage has only served to sensationalize and divide.

Yuri Albuquerque

June 2, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Nate, I’ll explain to you easily:

Not every comic book is meant for children.



I think there have been plenty of heterosexual courtship stories. You have Wally West, Clark Kent and Oliver Queen, just to name a few, that had stories that were well-done that put them into marriage. The only thing that ended those was New 52, to my knowledge.

I find it funny that its called “One Million Moms” and only 48,000 people like it. Half of which seem to only follow it to disagree.

Even as a guy who doesnt support gay marriage, the allegations they made were crazy and stupid. I dont hate gay people, let them be in comics, who knows, maybe it will work out better in the end.

I agree with Jeff Frost. If you don’t want your kids to see stuff like that, then be a parent and stop blaming everyone else for what is your when it comes down to it.

But that last facebook comment. Perfect.

sounds like he got over his weakness of wood.

I believe the gay community is pretty well organized at squashing any dissenting opinion from their own. If gay characters were that popular in comics you would have more than the same 6 people posting over and over again in the gay character threads (or burying a post differing in opinion than there own). I mean there are actual petitions out there requesting characters be turned gay. WTF?


Animal Man’s in a deeply devoted heterosexual marrige.

That last facebook comment would be even more perfecter if it had spelled “ignorance” correctly.

Wow! Alan Scott just defeated his first villain. No doubt the villain will return, but kudos to him.

Also, enough with the stupid wood jokes. Most magic is vulnerable to wood.

That one comment about going to JCP to buy GL memorabilia is awesome hilarity.
Everyone knows JCP is a Marvel / Disney shop.

Ok @nate why does it matter to you if they are having sex all the time if your not christian (or any other religion). I just dont get it…

nice to see that for the second time when confronted and getting a big screw you from a corporation the hate group one million moms turns tail and runs . first jcpenny and now dc. wonder if the next company they have a fit about turns out to be the the one that send that group gone for good .

“I believe the gay community is pretty well organized at squashing any dissenting opinion from their own.”

Yes, that’s probably why same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and politicians and assorted organizations are unable to raise millions of dollars using anti-gay rhetoric. Oh, wait –

I’m not super well versed on the new 52, but I do have some questions to go along with my comment here…

For one, Is Alan Scott going by Green Lantern again? Seems to me that if he isn’t, then isn’t DC just trying a cheap attention grab by calling him as such. Much like the whole Northstar wedding thing at Marvel. I mean if it was really about being accepting shouldn’t that just be a wedding, rather than a “*gasp* GAY WEDDING”?

Secondly didn’t Alan Scott have two children, Do those characters no longer exist in the new 52? If they don’t well that’s a shame (but not about the issue) but if they do what about them? Were they adopted (no problem there), or were they the result of a past relationship with a woman (can we assume the whole “living a lie scenario?)? If it’s the latter then doesn’t that send a negative message as well?

As far as the actual issue, I look at this the same as I do the current Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s great that there’s more diversity in comics but I’d really they write new interesting characters than making such large changes to existing characters. I don’t know if Alan Scott has that large of a fan base but can’t we take a second to look at people who have followed Alan Scott over the years? Don’t they have a right to feel betrayed over such a change?

OMM are mouth-breathing religious right bigots, but it still doesn’t change the fact that DC’s reboot gimmicks suck.

Who Cares N. E. Way

June 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm

I buy comics to watch bad guys get the hell beat out of them by good guys. Thats it. All this other stuff does is make me roll my eyes.

Not just Alan Scott ramming his tongue down some Asian kid’s throat. Catwoman’s porno moment with Batman courtesy of Judd Winick is just as …….FREAKING STUPID.

Its funny…because when we all watched Challenge of the Superfirends when we were kids……thats all we cared about. Bad guys get the hell beat out of them. Check! Great show!

I think I am going to start spending my money on back issues. This new crap is too convoluted and focuses too much on people pushing their ideaologies and politics (and I am sure it could be argued religions) on folks who just want to watch Batman make the Joker eat his teeth for the umpteenth time….not take him to the prom or go hump his sister.

Who Cares N. E. Way

June 2, 2012 at 3:40 pm

At the rate Marvel destroys their marriages (Vision/ Scarlet Witch, Wasp/Giant man, Namor/Marrina, Spider-man/Mary Jane, etc.) The Northstar/Kyle wedding is doomed before it gets off the ground. they need to move to DC to get hitched. Oh wait—Flash/Iris, Flash/Joan, Alan Scott/Mrs. Scott, Clark/Lois….dang. They’ll be divorced within a year at this rate.

If they dont break up Kyle and Northstar then its gonna be discriminatory,lol. Wow—comics really suck,lol.

and I think every FF writer since the 90s has wanted to destroy Reed and Sue’s marriage.

So is Earth 2 going to be exclusively about the new Green Lantern? Can someone answer that for me?

Dear One Million Moms,

In the words of the incomparable Nelson Muntz–HA-HA!!

“So is Earth 2 going to be exclusively about the new Green Lantern? Can someone answer that for me?”

No, Earth 2 centers on the Justice Society.


“I agree with Nate. I long for the days when sex and politics had no place in comics. I would never recommend comics for kids these days. Yeah, there’s a few good all-ages titles out there, but not superhero comics. Shame… we’ve ruined what used to be a great, fun medium. Oh well, there’s always reprints!”

Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but sex and politics have always had a place in comics. Wonder Woman was full of sexual inuendos. Her weakness was to have her hands bound by a man? Remember the covers of her basically in bondage? And wasn’t Captain America the biggest political advocate for democracy in his WW2 storylines?

Both sex and politics have always been a part of the comic world. Comics aren’t only about escape. They are a reflection of an ever changing society. They have and always will push the boundaries of our way of thinking.

Who Cares N. E. Way

June 2, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Everybody fought the Nazis in WW2. You had to or your book wouldnt see print. Things were being rationed. Your book had to have a stamp on it basically saying it was “essential” in some way. Many issues of Palstic man from this era actually bare a rubber stamp that say “essential” or some such. Even movies had to deal with the War. Check out the “Mummy’s Hand” or Universal’s Sherlock Holmes films (moved to the “present” and fighting Nazis. Yup.

Sexual innuendo used to only be seen in comics by freaks like the fella that wrote “Seduction of the Innocent”. The book everybody laughed at because he was a “nut job” The writer says things like:

There are hidden sexual themes in comics

Batman and Robin were homosexual partners

Wonder Woman’s strength and independence made her a lesbian

Superman was un-American and a fascist.

Interestingly enuff, his views seem to be being adopted by comics readers and writers now instead of dismissing the book as crapola like most fans used to. Hmnnn………

This guys book helped destroy EC comics.

Who’s to blame for declining sales now? I-pods and tech or something else?

Jake Earlewine

June 2, 2012 at 5:14 pm

“One Million Moms”, I urinate on thee and your repressed, fascist attempts at mind-controlling America. Get a life — and stop trying to dictate the lives of others.

And just for the record, Alan Scott is NOT gay, despite what Didio says. So I’ll skip this reboot. I’ll wait for the next reboot before I buy any more DC comics.

I don’t mind it if comics reflect reality. But I do mind it when the propaganda becomes more important than the story.

But really, some of these changes and innuendo are just for propaganda and shock-vaiue.
I prefer it if THE STORY and the CHARACTER comes first over the preaching.

Whether it’s sexual orientation, sexual acts, drugs, violence, politics, I don’t mind it if it’s relevant to the story. In fact,

For example: I’m straight and I thought the issue where Pied Piper (Flash villain/supporting cast) came out of the closet was brilliant. It was in line with character development, and it was an awesome story!

Or when Obsidian (Alan Scott’s SON) turned out to be in a gay relationship. It was handled as naturally as a straight person was in a straight relationship.

I thought the lesbian life of Renee Montoya was natural to the story (Not so much Montoya becoming the Question, though.)

I thought Alan Moore’s Top 10 Forty Niners handled it well (won’t go into detail. Spoiler danger.)

This latest batch reeks of pandering and posturing. All Gimmick and no substance.

For example, when Archie came up with a gay character, I thought that was cool. But when he was married to a military guy shortly thereafter, I thought…nothing against the act but now the character is becoming Archie’s soapbox icon. What a waste. If they held off a few years and let the character actually DEVELOP into the relationship.

In Marvel’s case. Really? Northstar? Nothing against it either but in reality, none of those guys would even attend the wedding because he’s NORTHSTAR. Maybe Alpha Flight would attend. But the X-Men? I think they even have the entire Marvel U attending. I bet half of those guys never even MET Northstar. At best they’d RSVP or send a gift, or slip by the reception. To put it bluntly, if Northstar’s sister got married to an ALIEN, none of them would even RSVP! They’d be too busy.

Heck, even Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s implied incestuous relationship in ULTIMATES was natural to the story, as creepy as THAT was. It wasn’t for shock value, but it actually made sense the way the two had been developed over the series.

I have nothing against ALL these in philosophy, but geez, can we get back to good stories OVER propaganda? You guys have done it before. Lots of times.

But now that the press is hot on the issue, it’s like they’re all just clamoring for the spotlight. Seems like they’re being written for the media and not to progress the stories.

(Heck, half the radical changes in NEW 52 are propaganda or shock driven. The other half are story and character driven. Guess which ones are better reads?)

So ok, let’s get over this and move back to GREAT STORIES. Whether the characters are gay or not, married or otherwise, shouldn’t matter more than if they were in straight relationships.

I’ll give Alan Scott the benefit of the doubt because James Robinson has written some awesome JSA stories, And if they eventually introduce Obsidian and Jade as his biological children, that would be AWESOME character twist. Who is the mother and how would his life partner react to it? Etc.

But story and character first guys. Gimmicks second.

So, One Million Moms? Alan Scott, the ORIGINAL Green Lantern, has just been outed and in time for DC’s forthcoming Earth-2 series. My message to you old hags: GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oops.Ignore the “in fact” phrase from my previous post. I had rewritten that sentence.

@Kevin Melrose

Gays can get hitched in the great state of Washington.

@Jake and Joe
Why don’t you guys just do the hard thing and walk away from comics? Is that so hard? If you’re tired of all this hoo-ha, just drop the books and walk away from it all. Won’t that make you feel better?

Alan had to go to the doctors because his ring had turned green and caught fire…

@Acer don’t be silly then they’d have to move out of their mums and they would have nothing to spend all their pent up frustration on.

My understanding is that this post-reboot Alan Scott is a lot younger than his previous incarnation and that he exists on Earth-2, so this isn’t the same Alan Scott from the pre-reboot. It’s an alternate reality version where he’s never been married, or had kids, or been heterosexual.

As someone who likes the Justice Society characters and Alan Scott in particular, I have no problems with his sexual orientation. I just hope he doesn’t start wearing that awful costume from the 90s and call himself “Sentinel.”

Jake Earlewine

June 2, 2012 at 8:35 pm

Yo, Acer — Didn’t you read what I posted? I stated I already HAVE walked away from DC and dropped their entire line. But it doesn’t make me feel better.

What would really make me feel better is seeing Didio, Lee and Harras in some other line of work — and having them replaced at DC by folks who understand and respect their characters. Not that I expect that to happen any time soon!

@ Lead sharp — Your comment was befitting a twelve-year old, adding nothing to the discussion. If you are truly 12 years old, then you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, bro.

ret-coning Alan Scott into a gay character is nothing more than a cheap media attention grab, especially at a time when Northstar of Marvel comics is doing something similar. If the character were already gay I would have no problem with this. Batwoman, the latest version of the Question, Apollo and Midnighter were all conceived of as being gay and are great characters. If anything they should be getting the media attention.


You need to get laid, buddy.

Sorry, forgot you did post that. But yeah, as much as I would like to see that happen, I don’t think this is worth your frustration–a punching bag is. I only get mad at the kind of boneheaded decisions the Big Two have made for at least a day, and then divert my attention to something that makes me feel better–like mulling over how I will get the remaining parts I need for a GI Joe custom.


I do, all the time. But thanks for your concern.
Maybe because I do get laid is why I have absolutely no interest in seeing sex constantly brought up in comics. The comics that I wish kids could read so the industry would survive.
If parents do their jobs (rare as that is here in the U.S.) kids won’t be allowed to read comics anymore, because their parents will constantly see bedroom post-copulation scenes and read sex talk.
I just happen to be of the opinion it’s not good for health of the comics industry to have as much sex banter and innuendo as it does.
Seams like you do, though.
So, who among us both is the one who needs to get laid, Hades, ol’ “buddy”?

@Nate and Hades
BACK OFF, both of you. This isn’t a schoolyard, this isn’t the main field of the state penitentiary, so take it to the ring or the basketball court. Because you know what–squabbling like this won’t get anywhere, so instead of trading “blows” like the industry nutjobs want you to, join forces and work to make the changes you guys want.


So the sex is bad but the violence is ok? I’m still trying to figure out when sex became such a bad thing on this planet. Priorities are definitely out of line.

Not saying I violence in my comics. I read plenty of edgy graphic novels like Preacher, the boys, etc.. Just be a good parent and pay attention.

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So first off, I have ZERO problem with this.

I will say, since the DC reboot, that it seems that sex is one of the utmost defining aspects of the comics. And it’s just lazy writing/art. They’re making as many characters as possible into sex objects instead of CHARACTERS. I can get behind any story where the characters drive it, but when sex and sexuality are the defining part, instead of just pieces of the character, that’s where I stop enjoying it. For those who say “stop buying/reading them,” I have. For those who say “sexuality has always been a part of comics,” I agree! But while it’s always been a part, it hasn’t (as much as now) been the PLOT. And that’s what it has come to.

For my.part,

It seems that Marvel and DC are now competing to see who can introduce more or higher profile gay characters. Northstar is getting married to a dude? Well we had better make a more recognizable character gay – that’s how it seems. Now, I’m by no means a prude, and I get that comics reflect society, and sex and relationships have always been there on some level. But it just seems like this is being done for the sake of saying “See? We recognize that there are gay people out there! Yay for us!”

It’s such a fad to introduce gay characters these days into comics and other media. Is there any really popular t.v. show that hasn’t introduced some gay character into their main or supporting cast? It just has to be there, or perhaps the show is too unrealistic – is that what the producers think? You won’t get ratings unless there’s someone gay on the show? Ridiculous.

As for OMM – I don’t agree with everything they say or do. But whether you are a religious person or not, whether you believe in the Bible or not, one thing that anyone with intelligence must admit is that the Bible gives a moral code. And society is in desperate need of this. We cannot go around making up our own morality as it suits us. Nazis thought it was moral to murder anyone “sub-human” as they defined it. But where they right? To them it was moral. But obviously they were wrong. Why? Because there has to be (and there is) an absolute morality, not one that changes because some individuals want it that way. If not, then perhaps we are not too far off from seeing “Beastiality Pride Parades” in major American cities. Perhaps DC’s next reboot will introduce Animal Man’s partner as being an animal, literally. Maybe Catwoman will dump Batman and shack up with an actual cat. Why not? It’s a free country. Aren’t people who want to have sex with animals entitled to have representation in the mainstream media? Just because most people find it repulsive – hey, most people found homosexuality repulsive a few decades ago. So where does it end?

The moral fabric of America has withered away, and maybe it is because there is so much freedom. Some will say that we don’t need religion to tell us what to do/how to think…it’s primitive…we have science! Yes, we have science, and science has given us wonderful things like cellphones, ipods, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. etc. But we are so drunk with the gadgets that science has given us to make our lives easier or entertain us, that we fail to see that science has not and cannot give us morality. So where do we look to when we need to determine what’s right and what’s wrong? Hopefully not our own biased subjectivity.

DC and Marvel, shame on you both for cow-towing to the liberal agenda.

Greg Scott Bailey

June 2, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Hrmm…. lots for me to still go back and read. I stopped after the 2nd time Nate still didn’t make sense with his problem with comics today.

Look, it’s simple. You don’t like what you see in an entertainment medium? Then create your own. It’s not that hard to create your own comic book these days. Write a novel. Make your own film. Build your own website. You don’t have to do something you love and enjoy… and then expect to make millions of dollars doing it. Or do something you love to get millions of followers. Just do it because you want to do it.

The fact that Marvel and DC took advantage of the moment is both a business decision and (i’m guessing) a way they feel to cross a threshold of acceptance for what they want to put out to the comics fan industry and branch out to more audiences. I say good for them regardless of an obvious opportunity to take advantage of.

Adding “gays” to an entertainment medium means ratings? Well, honestly yes it does. You’re catering to another demographic of people. Just like people who were interested in shows with various other types of genres and gimmicks. A lot of people liked to watch MacGuyver, A-Team and Quantum Leap because it had story, action, cheesey inventions to get out of a situation. There are so many other examples of why TV shows work. Why comics work. Why novels sell. But here is the big thing…. there are SO MANY OUT THERE. So many varieties. So many topics. Genres. Especially independent categories that will satisfy even those who are sick of all the mainstream entertainment.

Here is my question; Why get bent out of shape because the thing you are into… isn’t the most popular? Why not just enjoy what you enjoy and leave it at that? Leave others to enjoy what they enjoy. Unless it is imposing on your life… and I mean someone bursting into your house and strapping you into a chair and Clockwork Orange’ing your eyes open… then why get so bent out of shape because other people are enjoying what they find interesting?

Just wanted to respond to “Simpleton”‘s comment above.

We cannot go around making up our own morality? Well, that’s what everyone does, and always had done. That goes for religious people too. The Bible is not, contrary to popular belief, a ready-made handbook of morality; it’s a collection of diverse texts with all sorts of ideas in them, from which it’s possible to abstract a moral code that suits you. And also lots of other moral codes too, depending on which bits you approve of. Yes, bits of it say that homosexuality is bad. Other bits of it say that wearing multi-fabric clothes, shaving, and being wealthy are bad too. To call this a coherent system of morality is absurd. Everyone picks and chooses.

Certainly science cannot give us morality, but it’s never claimed to do so. Our only source of morality is, and always has been, our own intuition and common sense. It’s perfectly possible to work out a reasonable and morally coherent system of ethics on a rational, secular basis; philosophers have been doing do so for centuries. An collection of religious texts from centuries ago may give us some good ideas – or not – but it has no inherent moral authority unless you have some prior dogmatic assumption that it does. Saying it’s undeniable that it gives us a moral code is morally inert: the Koran gives us a moral code too, and so does the Wiccan rede, and so for that matter does Spider-Man. That doesn’t mean any of these moral codes are right or have any moral or intellectual authority.

The invocation of the Nazis is a poor choice, as the Reich church in 1930s Germany sought to legitimise Nazi ideology by appealing to the Bible. Hitler’s theologian, Ludwig Mueller, re-interpreted Christian theology as a story of the Aryan superman Christ overcoming the evil Jews. Copies of Mein Kampf were placed on altars next to the Bible. Tell me, did their belief in the Bible and the superiority of its moral code stop these Christian from recognising the evil of Nazi ideology? Doesn’t seem so to me. The Bible won’t stop you sliding into abhorrent morality. Only your own common sense and moral intuitions can do that.

As for the example of bestiality, well, I’m never very convinced by people who equate homosexuality with bestiality who can’t even spell “bestiality”. Suffice to say, if you really can’t see any moral distinction between them, I don’t think there’s much value in having a reasoned discussion about it.

Is the moral fabric of America withering away? I don’t know – I have the good fortune not to be American. To my mind, as a country becomes less judgemental and moe accommodating of minorities, that is a sign of increasing moral sense, not decreasing. I can see no reason whatsoever to suppose that homosexuality and homosexual acts are morally different in any way from heterosexual ones. I have never heard or seen any remotely cogent reason to think otherwise. If the best that he anti-gay brigade can come up with is “the Nazis were bad, therefore we should all do what the Bible says” and “if you allow homosexuality you might as well allow bestiality” – well, they say it’s impossible to use reason to dissuade someone from a view that they don’t hold from reason in the first place. There’s nothing more to be said, other than that I at least have an optimistic faith that the American people, and everyone else, will learn to move beyond irrational prejudice and hatred just as they have (and are still continuing to do so) with hateful attitudes to other persecuted groups.

I’m betting there are far more than a million moms involved in this. However, that number is a good starting point. Those “Million Moms” are the mothers who have Gay or Lesbian children…and still love them. THAT’s where the million moms are.

Anyone wanting to blame DC for this as a media ploy or bending to some agenda, James Robinson’s interview talks about how the idea came up. The previous version of Alan Scott was much older and had a gay son who was also a superhero. Since the new Earth-2 Alan Scott is college age and doesn’t have a son, they decided to make Alan a gay superhero. At any rate, if this storyline has you upset, read the interview. It won’t change your viewpoint, but as someone who doesn’t really care for the storyline myself, I found it important to get the full picture before deciding.

Normally I don’t ge involved in these sorts of messes, but as a gay teen, this a really good thing. For starters ALAN SCOTT IS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT! Someone asked Didio why they didn’t change anyone’s sexuality at a press conference, and he responded with essentially: oh we did, you’ll find out in June. It’s the people on these sites and the news that made Alan Scott an issue. As for Northstar it was a bit publicity stunt , but I’m pretty sure so was Reed and Sue getting married, now correct me if I’m wrong, they were the first married couple in superhero comics, and I felt the whole story wasn’t pushed it felt natural, and Marvel created a story that would create press, and it did. And a lot of these comments are just plain stupid, introducing gay characters is a fad, I’m pretty sure there were shows that introduced black characters in order to be P.C. years and years ago, or I could be wrong since I wasn’t alive and I don’t feel like doing research.

Anyway when the day comes ad these sorts of issues aren’t issues that’ll be the best day of my life, but it won’t come soon. Lastly Marvel and DC and the media faren;t the only ones fueling this gay hypemachine it’s every hateful comment, every press conference when someone asks, everyone, like me, trying to defend these things, every media outlet, every hateful orgaization, like OMM, everyone who makes this issue, is the reason it is issue. Thus ends my rant.

Flash's Lightning

June 3, 2012 at 5:52 am

@Troy, I agree. The interview does make it clear this wasn’t a marketing stunt as many seem to think it was.

To everyone else, keep in mind the original news was a casual answer to a question at a convention which if IIRC was picked up on by Bleeding Cool originally; it was not a conventional press release (as they could have done and made this more of a circus than it was).

As a straight male who sympathizes with those who aren’t, I find it gratifying that gay rights are catching hold in more of the mainstream media than previously. I believe in equal rights for everyone, and I also think that positive portrayals in media of gays is a good thing that will help change society to one that is more tolerant.


You should start a blog… and not jump at someone when they.. “call you out”.

Anyone notice how few likes OMM has? 1 Mil Moms, and almost none of them can be bothered to even like their FB page.


June 3, 2012 at 8:44 am

@persagax — Well put . . . thanks for not making me so square about it.


June 3, 2012 at 9:07 am

Its funny that when DC broke the news on their own FB page the comments were about 90% against it, I personally dont care about any character’s sexuality my issue is with turning a known character gay and using the reboot as an excuse “oh but those things never happened”, well they did.. Also Im not sure if DC did this intentionally but for the large populace and even media outlets, the name Green Lantern will be forever from this moment forward associated with being gay regardless if its Alan, Hal Jordan or John Stewart. I dont think sexuality should be used as a gimmick, straight characters shouldn’t be “turned” gay the same way that gay characters shouldnt “turn” straight, can you imagine the headline “in the NEW DCU Midnighter a former gay character will now be straight and written as being the main womanizer in DCU putting Green Arrow to shame” the world would be turning upside down with protests, so why is it ok to do it with Heterosexual characters? Its not progressive, its not “DC moving forward” bs, DC had a open gay marriage between midnighter and apollo years ago and I dont remember being on the news..

Gay characters are to be left gay, straight characters are straight, if you want to create a character, team or whatever you want as gay, go for it, Robinson is an awesome writer so if you think it will sell as a book why not just put a book out with a new character thats gay? or even choose a character that hasnt been stablished as heterosexual? there are literally hundreds out there..

Nate: As long as you think it doesn’t bother kids or teens to be exposed to violence and killing etc. you shouldn’t be bothered by nudity or sex.
The last two are perfectly normal, the first two shouldn’t be. In your world, it’s the opposite then? That violence and killing should be more accepted than nudity, love and sex – that’s just sick.

The One Million Moms should be focusing their attention on their one million teenage daughters that are pregnant because they are not gay. Gay — it’s the single most effective contraceptive. Brought to you by the Council of 10 Million More Tolerant Moms.

They may entitle of their own opinions, but the bottomline here is, THEY ARE LIVING IN THE DARK AGES!!!

The Ethnic Squirrel

June 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm

By the way, @Simpleton? One of the groups the Nazis found “subhuman” and tried to exterminate? You guessed it, homosexuals! Bad example there, buddy.

I am so tired of people trying to cloak anti-gay rhetoric in their fight against “liberal agendas.”

Why does trying to do the right thing and be kind to all of god’s creations, regardless of who they love, give me an agenda? Hating someone because they are a man who loves another man, and has a better, more committed relationship with him than most men who love women have with their wives, does not seem to make much sense.

Why is gay marriage a “social issue” when, as I said, just as many gay relationships are successful, loving, full of commitment, and NOT based solely on sex than many heterosexual relationships?

Isn’t saying that a One Million Moms anti-gay stunt has backfired kind of like saying that the sun rises in the east, milk is white, paper comes trees, cats meow, etc?

I mean, seriously there needs to be a comedy movie or at least a SNL sketch about an OMM group that keeps protesting gays and having it blow up in their face over and over and over. Have them get more and more elaborate and have them fail more and more spectacularly.

Don’t they know they are getting upset over this for all the wrong reasons!?

alan scott gay?well,sure dc-you have already pissed all over your golden age fans ,so why not?i am not opposed to “gay”characters-but i am opposed to dcs’ latest attempt to dismiss the golden age fan base (you know us-we are the ones with the disposable incomes to spend on comics).so long dc-wake me up when the “new”dc is over.

Talk about a fake excuse from OMM — most churches stagger Vacation Bible School throughout the summer, there isn’t an “official” week for it.

I’m not fond of retconning a character, but at least this was done well.

haha! Take that f* one million moms. You suck.

What a world we live in where people can start a sinful hate campaign against other people over something they can’t help (being gay)! It’s a good thing that sinful Facebook page was taken down. There is no hate or intolerance in God’s repertoire.

Tarrah Egregor

June 4, 2012 at 11:32 pm

I’m pretty sure OMM is actually One Mom called Milli On. It would explain everything.

Re: Nate’s comment…
If you don’t want comics to feature sexual references, dark themes and violence, old issues from during the Comics Code Authority era are still floating around. A lot of them are quite cheap, too. Somebody’s always selling stacks of ‘em somewhere.

Why does a character’s sexual orientation (or religion, or political views) have to show up in comics. I don’t care for heterosexual weddings anymore than I do this. It has no place in comics and for me just ruins it. Why do the publishers feel they have to include these things?

@nate> Do you even bother to read said comics before you put out ignorant and stupid statements like that?

Just wondering.

Why would kids automatically think the couple’s are going off to have sex? they know that when grownups like each other they hang out and go on dates. Unless the kid has sex on the brain all they know is they;re going off to get cuddly and have fun together. Fun only means sex to adults and those kids who are already to overexposed to the sexual relationship of adults.

I’ve not read the comic, I have no problems with people being gay, but this smells like a marketing gimmick to me, which is unfortunate. Just like when Marvel had the “Truth” miniseries about the black Captain america, or the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Make a new hero and have him be gay. Alan Scott has been around since the 40’s. Not complaining, just saying. Unless this turns out to have a point, there’s no reason for it.

Now that the boyfriend of the so celegrated now-gay Alan Scott is dead, One Million Moms must be celebrating the perpetuating of the stereotype “all gay relationship must die and suffer”.

The only problem I have with them Making Alan Scott gay, has nothing to do with homosexuality, it’s more the issue I have with instead of making a new character they have to change ane existing one which results in now the non-existance of 2 other whole characters (Jade & Obsidian). I wish comics in general if they want to play towards a miniority group would just instead make NEW minority characters. I love Black Fury (Ultimate comics Nick Fury) and Miles Morales, but as a black reader, I would love even more having had a whole new black characters created instead of them being homages to some other previously existing character (looking at you too Firestorm).

I am proud to call myself the mother of a gay son. As a matter of fact, I knew he was gay even before he did and when he told me my response was “what took you so long?” Homosexuals struggle on a daily basis with prejudice, biases, discrimination, and bullying. I for one will not remain quiet while my son’s sexuality is being labeled immoral by any group! There is nothing immoral about two people expressing their love for each other. These conservative Christian groups spend much time reading and studying their Bibles and missing the point altogether. First of all the Bible states that “God made man in His image” and since God made everything, knows everything, and forgives everything, then in my opinion God is ok with homosexuality. Here’s another point – there are 69 species of animals that engage in homosexual behavior…I remember reading in Genesis about God creating all animals…and as far as we can tell they don’t have conscious thought like humans do, therefore God allowed animals to do so. Furthermore, in the New Testament, Jesus taught about love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, etc. I don’t remember anything in there about chastising your neighbor; and I was raised Catholic, turned at least 4 Protestant faiths, turned Bhuddist, turned realist! After having learned so much about religion I realized that they all have good points in the teachings of their basis, but as humans we are flawed and refuse to accept the differences in others while ignoring our own imperfections.
I support my son, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him, unless you consider generosity a defect. And because of him, I also support all the GLBT rights (when did we start taking away people’s rights for who they are anyway?). In support of the comics, TV, and movies portraying homosexual superheros and homosexuality in general, I have created a Facebook Group with a Virtual Event that is ongoing and has no end date. It is open to the public, and I would like to invite anyone who wants to join the group or “attend” the even to do so and pass the word because I’m aiming at reaching One Million People Against One Million Moms Campaigns!

With all the talk about new Alan Scott’s sexual preference, no one has commented on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman’s deaths. No focus on how Jay Garrick/The Flash graduating college, was left by Joan who he was originally married to for the longest time. Looking down the road at the future of how Scott becomes the Green Lantern does not look too positive either. Originally, Alan Scott was the sole survivor in a train wreck. In the last issue of Earth 2, he is on a bullet train with his boyfriend who he earlier just proposed to. While going over the bridge; it explodes with the train falling in flames. The promo of Green Lantern shows him in aguish, in custom surrounded by flames. Everything on Earth 2 seems to be parallel to the original Earth 2 but happening in a semi reverse order.

What’s said is, when supporters of equality start commenting on OMM’s (40,000 Moms) Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can go check the posts 10 minutes later and they’ve gone back and deleted all the comments that are not in their favor. It’s quite sad really, ignorant families teaching their children to hate. Love is love people.

I love the last post by Lee Knox lmao. I find is absolutely ridiculous that people are still anti-homosexual. I am willing to bet that more than 75% of those people are also racist bigots. Who cares if GL is gay…that changes nothing in my eyes, i actually find it very appealing that Alan Scott isn’t ashamed of his homosexuality today. Way to go DC.

God created animals = animals are not capable of thinking and might have homosexual relations without understanding what they are doing = humans who are capable of thought having homosexual relations

I’ve never understood this argument.

The whole 52 reboot has been horrible so far, in my opinion, and is apparently DC’s attempt to bring new progressive thinking readers in as they alienate their previous fan base.

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