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Paul Dini writing ‘a very personal’ Batman graphic novel

Writer Paul Dini will return once again to Gotham City in a graphic novel for DC Comics.

“Yeah, I have a big Batman story in me, it’s a very personal one and I’ve just got permission from DC to do it” he tells SFX. ‘We’re just finalizing the deal right now for me to write it as a graphic novel and I’ve very excited about it.”

Dini, who recently wrote Batman: Streets of Gotham and Gotham City Sirens for the publisher, says that while he’s already begun work on the project, it probably will be another year or two before it’s released. “It’s going to be a change of pace for Batman and it’ll take some of the fans by surprise when they ultimately see what the story’s about,” he says.

Beyond that, the former writer and producer of Batman: The Animated Series is hesitant to provide any details.

“I think it’s going to a really terrific story,” Dini tells the website. “I’ve gotten nothing but great response from the folks at DC on it. I really can’t say much more until we announce it formally but I’m really looking forward to this and jumping in and devoting my entire energy to nothing but writing this Batman story.”



the artist better be the legendary ALEX ROSS!! Other suitable candidates would be: lee bermejo,greg capullo,and Ivan Reis.

“most recently wrote Batman: Streets of Gotham and Gotham City Sirens for the publisher”

You sure? I thought Zatanna was more recent.

Speaking of, something about the phrase “very personal” makes me think maybe she’ll show up in this one.

Anyhow, great to hear Dini’s back on Batman. Here’s hoping they get a great artist, too.

Chris said:

the artist better be the legendary ALEX ROSS!! Other suitable candidates would be: lee bermejo,greg capullo,and Ivan Reis.

No Tim Sale?

When he says personal I hope it isn’t like Steven seagal Superman vertigo graphic novil

I’d love to see Bruce Timm draw it – if the story suits his talents.

Exciting news. Too bad the book is probably a long way from seeing print.

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

June 26, 2012 at 4:15 pm

@JLT: I was hoping Alex Ross due to loving their 4 treasury sized pairings featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam/Captain Marvel, respectively. But now that you throw out Bruce Timm’s name, THAT WOULD ROCK!!!
As if I already wasn’t planning on buying this new Dini Batman book! If that were to happen, MY HEAD SHALL EXPLODE IN A NUCLEAR BLAST OF PURE AWESOME!!!

John Trumbull

June 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

I’d be more than willing to draw the story for a very reasonable sum. Just sayin’.

Darwyn Cooke would be great, too.

Also Dini and Dustin Nguyen were great together on Detective Comics.

It’d be perfect if Dustin Nguyen reunited with Dini to do this.

Whatever gets him away from that dreadful Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.

Whatever happened to that Black Canary/Zatanna one-shot that Dini had been working on awhile ago?

Twelve comments, many of them discussing potential artists, and the name “Norm Breyfogle” hasn’t come up yet?

For me, and I imagine a lot of people my age, the definitive incarnations of Batman are The Animated Series and the Grant/Breyfogle run. Combining the two with the team of Dini and Breyfogle could be the most awesomest thing ever.


If Dini writes it, I’ll buy it. Please don’t take two years! Wish this wasn’t announced so early.

You want iconic artist? How about Neal Adams?

I’m sure it’ll be great since it’s Dini. I just hope he’s paired with an amazing artist.

I’m excited and I have no idea what it could possibly (unless it’s… Oh $#!+!!!). A new talent to collaborate with? Someone brought into the Batman world like Capullo was.

Dini and Timm… one last ride.

@ Summer

I’m pretty sure the Black Canary/Zatanna project was confirmed as being dead in the water quite some time ago. Unfortunately…

I’d love to see Norm Breyfogle on the art, as long as t doesn’t take him away from Batman Beyond.

@Summer & SJNeal

I’m not sure if this is right but as of May 2011 anyway ( the Black Canary/Zatanna OGN was titled ‘Bloodspell’ and the artist had changed from Adam Hughes to Joe Quinones.
I know that’s a while back and the Pre-Flashpoint/New 52 unfinished stuff like Hughes’ own All-Star Wonder Woman has probably all been cancelled I think there is still a slim chance.
I think it might be worth having a watchdog-like feature on CBR for projects that have been announced and not been released yet. Then the comics reading world may be more patient for and aware of things like Frank Miller’s ‘Holy Terror!’ or ‘New Teen Titans: Games’ which disappear from people’s pull lists then are suddenly released to little fanfare or attention.

I totally agree with ‘Nark!

Dustin Nguyen would be the best choice. They had an all-time classic run on Detective Comics.

@Kel: Pretty sure Dini only wrote the first two episodes of USM. Which were probably the best.

I like the series okay and don’t really understand the hate. It’s not as good as SSM, but it’s had Frog Thor and a Doop cameo and Principal Coulson — there’s a lot to like even if it’s pretty inconsistent in quality.

nice to see Paul back on batman even if its a novel and is a long way as he just said since the final details just got worked out from seeing print as for artists would love him reteaming with bruce timm again . plus wondering if paul will include his faves harley quin and Zartana in it

tim sale is one of the worst artists ever

Alex Ross!!! I miss the great works like Kingdom Come and Justice. Give us something great again. No one tells a story like Alex Ross, and Paul Dini is crucial to Batman.

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