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Pro-gay group springs up after One Million Moms’ Facebook defeat

Following  the temporary retreat from Facebook by the anti-gay One Million Moms, a pro-gay group has sprung up on the social-media site hoping to capitalize on its absence.

Called, yes, One Million Moms, the group describes itself as “One Million Moms and friends of moms who support LGBT rights. Let’s put a positive spin to the group name One Million Moms by supporting equal rights to people of all orientations, creeds, genders and colors.” To further tweak the other One Million Moms, the new Facebook page flies the banner of the Human Rights Campaign and uses an image from the current JC Penney Father’s Day ad that has so enraged the other organization.

The new OMM explains that, “Using a ‘Risk’ metric, any time a territory like this is contested, it weakens the prior occupier’s footing and destabilizes their hold on that particular region of Cyberspace. Fundamentalist mothers looking for the original page will be confused, join the wrong thing, or not join at all; it muddies the message and strengthens the position of the new occupiers. This new page might not garner all that many followers initially, but its presence WILL deny the previous owners their beachhead and create a blockade to one of their most persuasive channels.”

A project of the American Family Association, a conservative Christian organization labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the original One Million Moms gained notoriety in February, when it launched a boycott of JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman. The effort failed spectacularly, leading the group to temporarily disappear from Facebook after fans of the lesbian talk-show host came flocking to OMM’s page. Detect the trend yet?

One Million Moms came to the attention of many comic fans that same month when it attempted to convince Toys “R” Us to stop carrying Life With Archie #16, which featured the wedding of gay character Kevin Keller. That, too, backfired, as that issue quickly sold out. Undeterred, the group targeted comics again in May, rallying its followers to email DC Comics and Marvel and urge them to immediately “change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters.”

Unsuccessful yet again, One Million Moms issued a “warning” Friday on Facebook about the official announcement that Green Lantern Alan Scott will be reintroduced as gay. The post was immediately inundated by comments largely supportive of DC’s decision, leading the page’s administrator to begin deleting positive responses before apparently giving up and removing the post entirely. Shortly afterward, the page disappeared from Facebook, followed by an unconvincing tweet announcing “OMM will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School!”

Although the name One Million Moms is relatively new, the group behind it is not. The American Family Association is Mississippi-based nonprofit founded in 1977 by Donald Wildmon, who’s probably best remembered for his “campaigns for decency” against M*A*S*H, Disneyland/Walt Disney World and Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video. The organization has boycotted companies ranging from Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch to Hallmark and Pampers.

Its interest in comics isn’t new, either. Neil Gaiman pointed out over the weekend that the AFA is the same group that launched a crusade against The Sandman in the 1990s. We all know how well that turned out.

“Personally, I date the success of Sandman to the letter from the American Family Association’s ‘Concerned Mothers of America,’ which informed us that they had officially started to boycott Sandman. (We ran it in the letter column at the time.),” Gaiman wrote in 2003, when the group took aim at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pittsburgh Comicon. “That was the point at which sales began to go up, and they’ve never stopped. Based on that, I tend to see an American Family Association attack as a particularly good omen.”

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I hope this story never ends.

If Wildmon attacked M*A*S*H* for being indecent, he’s a loon! Even in the seventies, the show was tame as a kitten, and very moral in it’s outlook.

These kooks just don’t like living in a free society.

This article has nothing to do with comics and shouldn’t be on this site.

“This article has nothing to do with comics and shouldn’t be on this site.”

You want free speech in comics? Then you have to join the fight to protect it in other media.

@Evan – Well, seeing as how this development is part of an ongoing story about OMM’s response to current comics storylines, I’d say it’s quite relevant.

Yes it does have to do with comics and it should be on this site. Seems you didn’t read the article.

Seems kind of risky if the original One Million Moms has their name trademarked (which I would think they would, although their normal M.O. would seem to imply that they don’t really know what they’re doing).

Splint Chesthair

June 4, 2012 at 9:48 am

@Evan – Maybe a boycott would convince CBR you’re right? Give it a try.

Hu? Why use the same name?

Try reading the article. Here’s an excerpt:
The new OMM explains that, “Using a ‘Risk’ metric, any time a territory like this is contested, it weakens the prior occupier’s footing and destabilizes their hold on that particular region of Cyberspace. Fundamentalist mothers looking for the original page will be confused, join the wrong thing, or not join at all; it muddies the message and strengthens the position of the new occupiers. This new page might not garner all that many followers initially, but its presence WILL deny the previous owners their beachhead and create a blockade to one of their most persuasive channels.”

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

June 4, 2012 at 10:45 am

Saying this has nothing to do with comics is like saying Batman shouldn’t have long ears.
Comic books have ALWAYS introduced elements of the conditions of society for about as long as comics have been around.
During WWII, did they or did they not depict our favorite heroes and heroines like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (among many others) going off to fight the Axis?
They did!
Over the years comics have dealt with a myriad of societal issues of their day:
WWII, drugs, Viet Nam, feminism, child abuse, gay rights, and many many others.
I understand people wanting their escapist entertainment, but to say there’s no place for any social commentary is just plain ridiculous a thing to say.
Comics have always done so and always will. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

This has everything to do with comics. Wildmon and his followers have been targeting the industry since the eighties. Some of us may seem a little knee-jerk to those who aren’t aware of (or don’t remember) the censorship battles of that period, but our desire to always stay on the offensive with these people are well-founded.

I think the media is too free and wants to shove the gay agenda down our societies throats, which includes our kids. This society is becoming truly pathetic. It is easy to go with norm what societies wants, but for those who go against the grain and stand for the morale and ethics this country was founded on, I salute you and commend you on your stance.

Yeah, John– I thought this was supposed to be a FREE country. What the hell is wrong with all these people, living the way they want to, pursuing their own happiness instead of your moral agenda.

I thought this was America, where people were supposed to live the way John DeYoung thinks we should live.

It’s pathetic.

Yes, John, homosexuality is truly becoming the norm. A massive 50% of the population believes gay marriage should be legal while a scant 48% believes it shouldn’t. Thank god for that brave 48% going up against the grain.

Jarrod Fugett

June 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

The media is too free? What??!?!?! @ John your ideas are going the way of the dinosaurs you probably think are a scam! BAHAHAHA

John, you really need to stop whining about gays shoving stuff down your throat. That kind of talk just encourages us ;)

And Joe H– speak it brother! Every time I see some Muslim woman dating a Westerner or daring to go outside without her hijab, I thank god for the brave Taliban, going against the grain and struggling so heroically to keep us in the 12th Century where we belong.

God, why can’t we just KILL people we disagree with, like back in the good old days!

BTW not everyone into comics or into the new gay green lantern (which I support) is into seeing the comic book industry become a pro-gay political moral machine.

I personally would take a page from Gaiman and Sandman.

but hey who am I.

but if you wave a flag looking for controversy dont start hating those you bate into the controversy.

I personally believe that is what DC & Marvel are doing no different than Trump and his pageants & when he accepted the sex-changed contestant & had it splashed all over the net when he had the edict not to accept them.

the corporations gin up the audience and stand back for all the good & bad publicity & the profits.

remember it cuts both ways.

both sides of this issue are getting followers & increased visits to their sites & the issue they propose & promote. not just the pro-gay crowd.


The more these hate groups protest, the more DC and Marvel sell.

One of the many unsuccessful campaigns launched by 47000 Moms was one against the TV show Modern Family which stars Ed O’Neill. Well, one of the “ancestor” groups to this one launched a protest against a low rated on the verge of cancellation show on Fox about 20 or so years ago, led by Terry Rakolta. As a result of Rakolta’s efforts, the show became a huge hit for Fox and is one of their all time longest running shows behind the Simpsons and Family Guy. It was Ed O’Neill’s previous show, Married With Children.

Flash's Lightning

June 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

@JoeH, since when has what’s popular ever dictated what’s right?

@Dan Griffin

I really dont think that effort generated the gigantic ratings that MWC enjoyed. I watched the show then over time stopped. Never heard of the boycott. No one could tell me what to watch or not anyway. Also every spin off failed. so it worked and it didnt work. Its in syndication now and it looks dated but whatever. I chuckle nostalgically when a good zinger gets thrown.

however, the protestor did achieve her own victory of sorts. so its a two way street which is what I am warning about. some stories may not be written due to unnessary attention.

from wiki:

(start quote) Controversy and edited content

“Rakolta boycottIn 1989, Terry Rakolta, a housewife from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, led a boycott[18] against Married… with Children after viewing the episode “Her Cups Runneth Over”.[19] Offended by the images of an old man wearing a woman’s garter and stockings, the scene where Steve touches the panties of a mannequin dressed in S&M gear, a homosexual man wearing a tiara on his head (and Al’s line “…and they wonder why we call them ‘queens'”), and a half-nude woman who takes off her bra in front of Al (and is shown with her arms covering her bare chest in the next shot), Rakolta began a letter-writing campaign to advertisers, demanding they boycott the show.

After advertisers began dropping their support for the show and while Rakolta made several appearances on television talk shows demanding the show’s cancellation, Fox executives refused to air the episode titled “I’ll See You in Court”.[20] This episode would become known as the “Lost Episode” and was aired on Fox on June 18, 2002, with some parts cut. The episode was packaged with the rest of the third season in the January 2005 DVD release (and in the first volume of the Married… with Children Most Outrageous Episode DVD set) with the parts cut from syndication restored.

Rakolta has been referenced twice on the show: “Rock and Roll Girl”,[21] when a newscaster mentioned the city Bloomfield Hills, and “No Pot to Pease In”,[22] when a television show was made about the Bundy family and then was cancelled because (according to Marcy) “some woman in Michigan didn’t like it”. (end quote)

…so Fox did censor certain episode due to her protest. so the creators did not have infallible control over their art.

If I can be serious a moment, I just wanted to say that I don’t think that Wildmon and the original OMM are Christian at all, and that they are, frankly, immoral and hateful bigots who wouldn’t know Jesus Christ if he met them on the street.

That goes for Focus on the Family, James Dobson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the lot of them. Never in my life have I seen such rude, hateful, ignorant, spiteful, mean, ungodly men trumpeting their hypocrisy so loudly and so forcefully.

I laugh and I rejoice to see the NEW One Million Moms come out in favor of love and acceptance. This is the true miracle of the United States, and it shows what is possible when a people are allowed to be free.

Okay, back to the snark!


well if people are going to be religious on this thread, Jesus did say to the prostitue after he saved her from being stoned to death, “go and sin no more” and Jesus preached that he was not sent to get rid of the old testament nor the ten commandments that Moses brought down from the mountain which were against sins of the flesh.

soooo….Jesus loved the sinner but not the sin.

take that for what its worth. for some two cents and for others a million but then why quote Jesus if we just want him to say what we want to hear?


I don’t think you need anything about Jesus to know when someone’s being an asshole. Jesus is a fairy-tale told by a people who may not have had a good grasp of the world but ended up synthesizing a lot of good ideas about love and acceptance.

This guy Wildmon, and everyone like them, who demand that we live according to their standards of decency, is a prick. I can see with my own eyes that two men or two women getting together and living in a committed relationship that they consider sacred has no effect or bearing on my own heterosexual marriage at all.

And finally, those pedophile priests in the Catholic Church quote scripture all day long. The ability to do so means nothing.

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

June 4, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Wondering why on Earth the original OMM didn’t come out of the reveal on The Phantom Stranger being a biblical figure with guns ablazin’? Didn’t they think kids would want to act like that character?!?
Not just over the New 52 version’s reveal in that Free Comic Book Day issue that hit last month, but even in the past when The Phantom Stranger was suggested to have biblical origins years ago in the old Secret Origins series.
To my knowledge, they’ve yet to also attack Mark Millar over his book American Jesus either.
Or the very idea of KID sidekicks.
Didn’t they think kid’s may want to go out and fight crime next to a 6 ft+ guy in a Bat-suit?!?
Ahhhhh, the wonders of selective morality! ;)
P.S. OMM, DC and Marvel would probably like to thank you for the boost in sales. Hahaha!


its nice to see those who disagree with Christians & Catholics use their own words against those they disagree with…instead of parodying Jesus.

It would be further nice to try not using Jesus then, before quoting him.

….considering those who used a Catholic Jesus knew about pedaphile priests and whatnot and consider Jesus a “fairy tale”. why use a “fairy tale” at all?

….but then, western Europe in particular, didnt have concepts of “love and aceptance” until Jesus & his priests brought it, like saints Peter, Paul, Boniface, Martin, Patrick, Columbanus, etc….

why hate on priests? why the anger issues?

I see you know about bad priests but what about good priests, and nuns, who are/were saints, like Teresa of Calcutta and Pio of Italy, Edith Stein of Holland, Damien of Molokai or Maximilian Kolbe, that never did anyone any harm and even suffered & died for the sick, suffering & oppressed of this world be they gay, straight, sick, healthy, catholic & non-catholic?

if you condemn a religion for some bad apples shouldnt you praise & bless a religion for its good apples and saints?

I would never treat a gay person that way so why do you treat catholics or christians that way?

how come “whoever”? where is your “love and aceptance”?


well better watch out although these are straigh-folk you jest with, not every battle in a war with straigh-folk is won from the front. ;)

I just got a copy of the June, 2012 JC Penney catalog. I was impressed by the artistic and creative imagery. Most of all, I was moved by the use of real people, including gay parents and a father in a wheelchair.

Because of Ellen DeGeneres, and the June, 2012 JC Penney catalog, I ordered clothes at prices that are
comparable to K-Mart and Wal-Mart. I enjoyed a meaningful and purposeful shopping journey, getting an
opportunity to buy hot colors (a rainbow of hot colors), and fashion designs with a flair (at a significantly
higher level, unattainable at K-Mart and Wal-Mart). Plus, I had the honor and privilege of ordering along
with other gay families (for the first time ever). The experience was absolutely rewarding!

SHASTA !!! ;)

“I think the media is too free”

“the media is too free”

“too free”

Too much freedom? That certainly sounds like an anti-American sentiment.

Of course this is a comics related news! It says GAY on the title..nowadays ALL comics are is Gay!

As a childhood cancer survivor and recipient of Make-A-Wish generosity, I hope karma deals appropriately with these AFA bastards. Anybody who has ever attack Make-A-Wish deserves to rot.

The way i see our country and future generation is going is high crijme by million dollar advertising alcoholism so much immorality sensationalism for proft, millions of dollars going to your polliticans to silence them from dirty immoral movies vilolence sec porn, like dirty h- wood no brianer druggng and dying,and selling themselves like madonna b spears, my opinions , sinners who will go to hell God is watching i feel, its all about money and washi big donations we are fools its all ,hype propaganda for your money, big corp leads all, tv , commercilas, Millions of sick people of alcohol addiction Cancer rising ,tob and alcohol,the Devils claws got into, and programmed, and kk a shank dsfun parens The list goes on and its our children the first victims Our children dwi shooiting copying movies dying , dvd games its and old story and escalating, Its no brianer, it about money and manipulating us, if your against something WE moral people have freedom of speech guaranteed Like AFA and OMM you just cant accept the truth its violaton against God To me it’s immoral sick , but the world is full of sin so it goes with the territory,, woman with woman , thats not how God made the world , accept it and ignore it as a friend i know of and many i met good sweet people, but i just go along and try and ignore it,, but God will judge in the end
and the world is full of sin so we cant fight everyrhing just do promote it to make $ and put into our kids heads,, like alc cig and pres drugs, all brainwashing to get your, $$$$$$$$$$$$$ as they maniplate us, marketiing ty lee


Theresa of Calcutta, or Mother Theresa as she’s better known, is your example of a good Catholic? A woman whose charities are worth BILLIONS yet the “hospitals” she created were run down, bare bones death chambers where people came to die. She did not care about trying to heal people or educating them, simply to convert them and give them a bed to die in. She wanted to create more Catholics, not benefit humanity.

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