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Quote of the day | ‘As a person with eyes, I am a little offended’

This is a drawing that someone drew and was like, “Yeah! That’s a good enough drawing!”

Man, I don’t even care if that drawing is official or whatever, I can’t believe someone drew it and thought it was okay to show people. People can see that drawing! PEOPLE WITH EYES. Why do I even fight so hard to make my art look good when someone else drew that. As a person with eyes, I am a little offended.

Faith Erin Hicks, not losing her funny while expressing offense about Guillem March’s cover to Catwoman #0.

Kate Beaton had some funny things to say about it too, including “boobaloobs buttybutt,” “boobily-oobilies,” and this:

What I love about these responses (and others) is that they’re choosing to mock the piece rather than be outraged by it. Not that outrage wouldn’t be a legitimate response, but seeing the humor in the situation seems to indicate a shift in power and that’s beautiful. Not so long ago, people who hate the cover would have few alternatives to pulling out their hair in helpless frustration. Now, the response is to point confidently and laugh. That’s pretty huge.



Since when is mockery a new discovery? People have been doing it for centuries.

I’ve been saying for a while now that we are back in the 90’s again as far as comics go. But I realize now that the 90’s were much better. Now we have re-hashes, re-boots, nothing original, and an endless wave of publicity stunts and cash grab hype comics. Yes, the 90’s were quite a bit more innovative and original than the comics we have now – they were at least trying new things and taking chances, even if it was often cheezy and full of overt ‘tude

yeah, and this is why I can’t wait for Rafa Sandoval on the title. I’m no tit apologist (god knows I don’t give a **** about unzipped cleavage in my comics), but this is grotesque.

Brokeback issues aside, has anybody noticed her gloves? Those long pointy, lethal-looking claws coming out of the end of her fingers? If you notice her whip-holding hand, she has the claws like that on all of her fingers on that hand. Now look at the hand reaching out at us; her pinky and ringfinger on that hand must be stabbing herself in the palm of the hand! Probably through tendons and bone. How does she accomplish anything with gloves like that?

Statistically speaking she’s still over 90% clothed.

sandwich eater

June 12, 2012 at 9:39 pm

I have a genuine question. In art school do they teach human anatomy? I ask this because I often see comic art with absurd poses for women, but also for men (usually in fight scenes).

I’m not an expert, but I wince when I see art like this because it violates my instinctive knowledge of how my body works. Also, if this cover is an attempt at titillation, then it has failed to achieve the desired response in me.

look at the ears, then look at the face. alone, each of them is perfectly fine, but together, the angles are not right. it looks like a composite of many different parts of the body from different angles (and not in a good “cubist” way). I don’t want to bash this guy, he’s got good line-work, he just needs to work on anatomy and putting things together.

“broke-backing” is a whole other issue..

There’s some great rendering in the coloring there. Also many of the people doing this mocking seem far less talented as artists than March.

“Kate Beaton had some funny things to say about it too, including “boobaloobs buttybutt”

At this point it seems clear that you “media” folks are going to compliment everything a certain subset of the webcomics world says/draws/writes. That wasn’t at all funny. As for the fallout, one of the comments on March’s blog post:

“Anónimo dijo…
In a time when most college graduates are struggling to eat, you get to live the dream of so many. Thank you for using that dream to make the worst (and kinda sexist) looking Cat Woman in history. I’d wish you were dead except that losing your job would be more painful. I hope DC realizes that too.

13 junio, 2012 03:09″

“look at the ears, then look at the face. alone, each of them is perfectly fine, but together, the angles are not right. it looks like a composite of many different parts of the body from different angles”

The main issue here is that the lower part of the body, which should have been very small based on the foreshortening of the upper body and the extreme angle, is oddly large. That throws the pic off, but there’s some good stuff in it.

@Steve Broome: That Anónimo dijo guy has issues that run a lot deeper than funnybooks.

Come on, Liefeld does worse than this every day of the week. I’m sure March will at least try to change his ways now that he’s experienced the horror of internet ‘fallout’.

@Steve Broome

Agreed, while the pose is absurd, March is still a far better artist than either of these two. In fact, he’s so much better than Beaton that it feels unfair to even compare them.

Then again, this is CBR. Indie cartoonists and their work are sacrosanct.

I love the people retaliating against the likes of Kate Beaton because she has something to say about the work of another artist. Say what you want about her, but she at least has a consistent style that suits what she does. March just went completely overboard and ridiculous here – I don’t see how the guy who did that at least kinda-sorta appealing cover from Catwoman #1 or further back, some of the more interesting work in Azrael, managed to put this together, it’s ridiculous. March is a good artist. But this just proves he could be FAR better.

As long as Marvel and DC continue to give work to artists who (obviously as this image demonstrates) can’t draw or visually tell a story, we’ll continue to get lousy work like this.

I don’t see what the problem is. Might be the artist took some liberties on the anatomy but know what? That’s a good thing. It’s perfectly fine to abstract and bend the rules. If everyone wants traced photos for the sake of perfect proportions and symetry and anatomy I see little reason to bother with drawing a comic

To me, the image might not be anatomically perfect but it still looks appealing and is much better than what I can draw…also think the coloring is nice and love the eyes. I agree with the comment above, I don’t think comic anatomy should always need to be perfect/completely accurate. I really don’t see anything wrong with exaggerating things to look more sexy (or more muscled/etc in male character’s cases).

And thus, the Circle of Life continues…

Usually, I’m all for cheesecake and all the poses that comic women are put in, but when I saw that image I knew it was going to cause a fuss. It’s a really, really bad pose.

Additionally, this is Catwoman, one of the few female heroes that can be considered a household name. I can understand the desire to lean toward adult readers, but this opens up the parental concern issue we all dismiss as outdated, conservative, etc. Stuff like this actually pushes me that way in my older age; I want girls to read Catwoman, I want their parents to let them, and I want DC to want them, as much as they want me.

Poor Guillem March. Regardless of any problems that may be evident in the drawing, Faith Erin Hicks shouldn’t have attacked a fellow artist so mercilessly. It’s evident by her comments that she didn’t research the artist responsible. She could’ve at least found out whose feelings she’d be hurting.

…I don’t actually see Hicks saying Guillem’s a bad artist.

She’s saying this is bad art.

There is a difference.

Good artists can actually draw things that are bad sometimes. That distinction should not be perplexing, but it seems to have perplexed more than half the people in this comments section.

I wholeheartedly agree that (1) March is a good artist and (2) that is a terrible cover. This is not a logically inconsistent opinion to hold!

It is a bad cover, but so are most of the #0 solicits. Team 7 is completely abject.


Wait, so if someone draws a terrible, ridiculous drawing like this – you can’t ever say anything because it might hurt their feelings??

Man, it’s like Rob Liefeld had a stroke.

@vv: “It is a bad cover, but so are most of the #0 solicits.”

Er, okay. So people shouldn’t be criticizing this cover becaaaaaaaause…?

So if these people are so bothered by bad art I can go to their twitter feeds and see them railing constantly against bad art that isn’t specifically showing women in sexy poses? For example, this art is on, a site that like many others online consists of STICK FIGURES

So tell me, how often do you see indie/female creators railing against this for being full of “bad drawings”? There isn’t enough time in the day to talk about how crappy this is. Gimme a break.


I just think that, as another artist who knows what it’s like to put work out for all to see, Faith Erin Hicks should have shown a little more tact. Her criticism isn’t constructive, its intent is to ridicule. I’m not saying she isn’t entitled to her opinion, I just believe the way she went about it was mean.


June 14, 2012 at 11:12 am

This is the type of stuff people can refer to as a counterpoint to the argument that “comics is art”.

I don’t care how good this guy’s other work has been. This particular work is the type of thing that’s keeping comics from being treated as anything more than a pre-pubescent fever dream.

Yeah and movies aren’t art because of mockbusters and pornography and stuff. Books aren’t art because of books we don’t like. Music isn’t art because of that ‘Friday’ song. Nonsense.

Looks like another picture you can chalk up to the weird obsession with wanting to get a front shot of a butt and a chest at the same camera angle.

K-Box in the Box

June 15, 2012 at 6:09 pm

“Her criticism isn’t constructive, its intent is to ridicule.”

Why is that wrong, if it deserves ridicule?

This artwork was specifically created to help sell a commercial product. The artist and the company who hired them WANTED us to prejudge an entire comic book issue based entirely upon this one image. The only difference is, they wanted us to prejudge it POSITIVELY, but they have no right to expect this, even before they use that image to try and ask us for MONEY.

I’m sick of multimedia global corporations producing crap and then acting like it’s above reproach, as if we should simply TITHE portions of our income to their commercial media products. Somebody said mean things about your AD art online? Boo hoo.

Honestly, I wish more media critics were MORE negative.

“I just think that, as another artist who knows what it’s like to put work out for all to see, Faith Erin Hicks should have shown a little more tact. Her criticism isn’t constructive, its intent is to ridicule. I’m not saying she isn’t entitled to her opinion, I just believe the way she went about it was mean.”

Saying Erin lacks tact in this situation is a gross exaggeration at best; tact goes completely out the window when the “art” in discussion is so tactless.

The piece is downright ugly as a picture of a HUMAN BEING, let alone the implications it has for women and stereotypes perpetuated again and again in superhero comics. It re-enforces some very tactless things. Ridicule is honestly what it deserves.

Winnick the Pooh said yes, so it must have gone through someone before getting published right?

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