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Quote of the day | Roger Langridge’s HeroesCon dilemma

“I was faced with a dilemma: should I just refuse to do them? Should I do them for free and annoy my neighbours, who would be charging? Or should I take the money and leave myself open to charges of hypocrisy and other malarkey? My elegant solution is to do Marvel and DC character sketches as usual, but to donate the proceeds from drawing those characters to the Hero Initiative. I’ve been in touch with the organisation about this and they’re keen, and have helpfully supplied me with official logos and so forth, so that’s what’s happening. In short: from the point of view of you, the attendee wanting a sketch of Thor, it’ll be business as usual. Plus, you’ll be helping a good cause. Everybody wins!”

Roger Langridge, on whether he should do sketches of Marvel and DC Comics characters this weekend at HeroesCon 2012 after he said he would no longer work for either company because of concerns about the way they treat creators. So instead of keeping the money he’ll get for drawing them, he’ll be donating it — a very classy move that doesn’t leave his fans disappointed.



Cons are an important financial resource for creators in the modern day, particularly ones not working for the Big Two due to ethical concerns or being blacklisted by the boys club at the top.

People attending the con getting sketches, please let Roger Langridge know that drawing Marvel and DC properties does not constitute working for either company as the sketches are not being commissioned or paid for by said companies. It is more than okay and moral for him to keep some money for drawing those sketches to keep food on his table and, in case Heroes Con doesn’t pay for it already, his travel costs.

Anyone who says different is a zealot with a fanatical level of hate for corporations that can safely be ignored.

Oh, that will piss off some lawyers.

No it won’t.

Marvel and DC suing a guy for doing sketches of their characters for charity when plenty of artists sketch the same characters, keep the money, and get off scott free would NOT be a good PR move for either company. I have a feeling that Langridge is safe.

Jake Earlewine

June 20, 2012 at 5:09 am

Red Comet summed it all up quite well.

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