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Rivera leaving Daredevil to work on creator-owned comics

Rivera's secret project

Following in the footsteps of Marcos Martin, who left Marvel’s Daredevil to focus on creator-owned work, Paolo Rivera is leaving the title for similar reasons. Rivera’s last issue was #10.

“So why am I leaving? The short answer: ownership,” Rivera said on his blog. “With the exception of just a few published pieces of art (which belong to other companies), Marvel owns the copyrights to my entire professional portfolio. And why shouldn’t they? I was, of course, compensated fairly for it, and for that I’m grateful — but the sum total of that work is not enough to support me in the distant future. My page rate is essentially the same as when I started at 21, so I’ve decided to invest in myself. What I create in the next decade needs to pay dividends when my vision gets blurry and my hands start to shake (and who knows what else). Now is the time to make that choice, while I’m still young, possess ‘great power,’ but have few responsibilities.”

This doesn’t mean the end of his relationship withe Marvel, however. “…I’m not done with Marvel by any means. They’ve been nothing but supportive throughout my decision, as has been the case throughout my career. I will continue to do covers for them and occasional projects as I see fit, just not exclusively.” It’s a very classy exit post from a classy guy, so be sure to head over to his blog to read the whole thing. He also teased a secret project he’s got in the works on Twitter.

Daredevil, written by Mark Waid, is arguably Marvel’s most critically acclaimed title right now; in fact, the word “arguably” in that statement is probably the most arguable part of it. It was certainly a favorite in Robot 6’s year-end round-up of our favorite titles, and it topped Comic Book Resources’ top comics of 2011. Chris Samnee, who joined the title recently on rotating arcs with Rivera, is taking over as the artist of the title full time.



Good for Martin and Rivera. Can’t wait to see what they have planned.

Smart Internet Man

June 18, 2012 at 5:20 pm

while it is sad to see Rivera follow Marcos Martin, i do appreciate his desire to make something more than what’s commissioned.

Samnee is the perfect addition, as is Allred. finally Samnee is on a Marvel book that suits him, that won’t be cancelled.


June 18, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Good for him. I’m looking forward to supporting both him and Martin in the future.

I love how so many writers and artists are getting the Creator Owned Bug. It’s kind of a bummer that Rivera won’t be on Daredevil anymore but I’m really glad he’s stepping out on his own. I’m also really excited by Samnee’s addition to the DD team. While I’ll miss Rivera’s interior work and innovative cover designs, as that played a big role in defining the look of the book, Samnee isn’t a slouch in those departments either. Daredevil will continue to be excellent and I can’t wait to see what Rivera does next.

Duff McWhalen

June 18, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Weird. it’s somehow bad news for DD but good news for Marvel. Also good for Rivera and his fans, of course.

this is terrible news

Wow. So Rivera has been getting rave reviews for his work, and Marvel has never given him a raise. Nice

Wait a second…didn’t Marvel just do a “live” press conference about Daredevil today? Good for him, but weird timing.

Yeah, that’s not unusual. Ofcourse I remember the days of early Image and them getting other artists like Keown, Stroman, and Keith to come on board for a good deal of money. A different, yet wonderfull, time for artists.

Whatever happened to Polina? I was looking at an old X-Force issue today and wondered what happened to him. I know he did an indie book.

I hope this means more Mike Allred and not more Khoi Pham.

Also, I wonder when we’ll hear anything about the rumoured BKV/Marcos Martin project.

Adam Pollina has done a lot of work outside of comics, including designing characters for the God of War video game and some design work for The Disney Channel. I think he also has directed music videos.

A lot of them do movies, television, or video games. I guess it’s a natural transistion… except Comics are better.

Not just issues

June 18, 2012 at 10:54 pm

I agree with Paladin King. First thing when I saw this news is – Oh good for Paolo. Then I thought – oh frick, I hope Pham isn’t the new replacement. That would suck!

Nicely handled by him. I think an effect this could cause is Marvel rethinking about their pay rates for artists. Which is good for the whole industry. LIFT THEM WAGES!!!

Congrats to PR — I’ll be first in line to buy whatever he comes up with.

I highly doubt Marvel is going to raise the rates. They don’t even pay royalties. That’s one good thing about DC. They take care of you.

But, more people need to create for themselves to take care of themselves. Its nice that he wants to own what he makes, but it is a little disheartening that is for money, not creative output.. He’s too talented to think that way.

One more note on the page rates, ten years at the same pay is rather criminal and would be unheard of in any other industry, including McDonald’s.

Thete really should be a union.

Matthew Southworth

June 19, 2012 at 1:22 am

@ Mr Pants:

Whaddaya mean Marvel doesn’t pay royalties? I get royalty checks from Marvel relatively often and haven’t even done that much work for them.

But good for Paolo–he’s a nice guy and super-talented. I love what has been happening on Daredevil–and I adore Chris Samnee’s work, too. Pleased that Paolo will be doing something he owns, though, and I’m excited as hell to see what he comes up with!

“My page rate is essentially the same as when I started at 21″

Thats a bit sad. You’d think that being on one of Marel’s best titles, they’d want to pay him more to keep the same creative team! Neither of the artists lasted long! :(

That would actually be something I’d love to read more about – different pay rates for different writers and artists. Whats the average they make a year?? It’d be fun to read!


June 19, 2012 at 3:56 am

I met him last year in Orlando, super talented dude. I’m interested to see what he comes up with, at least we know the art will be great.

This is great news. I love the current Daredevil run so he’ll be greatly missed but I’m also getting tired seeing of all the best artists get chained to Marvel characters. Instead of turning generic superhero comics into great artistic accomplishments, why not turn out some even better work of their own? I wish writers would do the same. It seems as soon as a breakthrough talent get’s some recognition, they end up lumbered with the priveledge of handling Wolverine of the Hulk for the next 10 years. $$$ Money kills everything you love.

Marvel is pro gay marriage but anti commission. Just sayin’ (i can’t wait until they finally come around on taking care of their writers and artists, could you imagine it?)

Good for him. He’s got buckets of talent.


Good for him! Dare I wish for a new Waid/Rivera comic over on Thrillbent?

Let’s note that the industry itself is stagnating. It’s kind of hard to justify wholesale page rate increases when it’s common knowledge that the print comic industry itself is barely holding on. While it sucks for the creators, the industry is expensive.

That all aside, this is sad news as a Marvel reader. Martin and Rivera were probably my two favorite rising stars with Marvel. I wouldn’t call them big names yet, but their work on ASM and Daredevil had a phenomenal throwback feel while still coming off as fresh and new. Good luck to them both on their current path.

“i can’t wait until they finally come around on taking care of their writers and artists, could you imagine it”

Paolo Rivera seems to be under the impression they do:

“I was, of course, compensated fairly for it, and for that I’m grateful “

It’s a great time for creator-owned comics. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

“compensated fairly for it”..

FALSE. ..both ,marvel and DC eventually make billions in future stocks, and money off of these re-prints, and trade paperbacks. bank the art teams, and writer teams NEVER SEE. & there ought to be laws against that kind of practice. thats before the fact that marvel in particular NEVER CREATED DAREDEVIL, & neither did Stan Lee. Liv Gleason, Jack binder, and Jack Cole created Daredevil in 1940. marvel published their version four years before the original lapsed into the public-domain. which is a felony.

Hardly a word of what you said, Defiance-Defiant, was even remotely accurate.

Furthermore, who the hell do you think you are to tell a Paolo Rivera he was not fairly compensated when he feels he was?

@Matt Southworth

Well, I was going off of what Charles Vess said a few months ago when they reprinted one of his Spidet-Man GNs without paying royalties.


Ten years at a company without a substantial wage over what you started at is a terrible thing, and from the sounds of it something he’s been conditioned to accept since that has only ever been his one and only job. Marvel took advantage of their artist. Its not surprising since print is such a small portion of their profits, but it is depressing. There should be a union.

It’s a gross generalization, but smaller companies where you can sit down and have an honest face-to-face with your boss tend to yield better results when it comes to compensation. In my experience with big companies there is a real sense of “you’re lucky to work here” — often to the point where that’s actually said to employees in those words. And if you think about it, that’s partly true — as amazing as Mr. Rivera is and how lucky Marvel was to have him, there are a ton of talented artists hoping to take his spot for the same pay rate.

Better for readers, in the end — I can’t wait to buy many copies of everything he publishes on his own.

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