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Robot 6 is hiring!

ROBOT 6 is expanding its team of writers with the addition of two paid positions:

Daily contributor
We’re looking for a writer with a mastery of link-fu who obsessively scans RSS feeds between message-board visits to help us cover comics. The ideal candidate is as comfortable unraveling the plot points of the latest X-Men event as you are explaining the details of the newest Dark Horse digital initiative. What’s more, you can contribute two posts per day, Monday through Friday, without breaking a sweat. Familiarity with WordPress is a plus; fluency in comics is a must.

If you can write passionately and persuasively about a range of comics-related topics, from creator rights and convention wars to reboots and crossovers, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for a writer with a distinctive voice and an ability to respond quickly to developing news to contribute one to two opinion pieces a week. Some days publisher announcements or fan reactions will make your topics clear; other days you’ll be igniting the discussion. Again, familiarity with WordPress is a plus; fluency in comics is a must.

Send links to a half-dozen examples of your work to Kevin Melrose, ROBOT 6’s managing editor. Be sure to specify which position you’re applying for in the subject line.



Simon DelMonte

June 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

Oooooooooo, I wish I could find the time to do this on the side. And also the talent.

Damn, my only samples are on spanish :/.

is there a deadline as when to send samples and such

There’s no concrete deadline, but I’d like to make a decision within the next couple of weeks — in plenty of time for Comic-Con.

thanks man

I have the knowledge and the skill (says I), but do I have the time… hrm…

Oh I wish I had things actually published on a public blog instead of on a private account so I could apply.

I have sent an email to apply for the position. I hope you enjoy reading the samples I have included.

Awesome, I just emailed some samples. I enjoy reading the blog, would love to be part of the family. :D (Not to mention being paid to do something I enjoy for the first time EVER, heh heh.)

I’m here in Manila, Philippines. Since I want to work for your blog. My question is can I?

It’d be a blast, but this pops up when I’m busy writing comics! CURSE YOU, TIMING!

Can I send Kevin an Email through Gmail? ‘Cause I just did.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t. But in any case, it’s better if you follow the instructions.

How many words should the examples average? Also, do the examples have to be professional (as in posted on an established blog) or can they be amateur (posted on a personal blog)?

They can be from personal blogs, Fahad. And I don’t have any word-count specifications; they should just be long enough that I can get an idea of your writing ability/style. Thanks.

Hey Kevin, is the position still available? I just sent you an email.

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