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SDCC ’12 | Marvel, indy character drawings for CBLDF auction

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Things From Another World has posted original sketches of Marvel and independent and creator-owned characters that have been collected for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund‘s annual charity auction at Comic-Book International. You’ll find drawings by the likes of Charlie Adlard, Gabriel Ba, Jeffrey Brown, Tyler Crook, Francesco Francavilla, Roger Langridge, Steve Lieber and Erika Moen, Philip Tan and others.

The auction will be held Saturday, July 14 at 8 p.m. in room Sapphire AB at the Hilton Bayfront, with all proceeds going to the CBLDF. The event has raised more than $70,000 for the organization in the past three years. Check out some of the art below; visit the TFAW website to see more.

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Art by Gabriel Ba

Art by Rahsan Ekedal

Art by Erika Moen and Steve Lieber


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We’re also going to be creating free, limited-edition autograph cards for each of these, as a thank-you to the artists. People can pick them up from the artists themselves, or from the TFAW booth (5625) at San Diego Comic-Con. We’re doing color cards, too!

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