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Skybound to sell Walking Dead Governor T-shirts at Comic-Con

Robert Kirkman and Skybound are determined to make the celebration of The Walking Dead‘s 100th issue next month at Comic-Con International a memorable one, complete with “The Walking Dead Escape” obstacle course, seven variant covers and now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals, an exclusive T-shirt featuring a fan-favorite character.

The shirts feature Charlie Adlard’s illustration of the Governor, the villainous leader of Woodbury, Georgia, with his infamous cry, “Kill Them All!” They’ll be available for $25 ($27 for XXL) beginning July 11 at the Skybound booth. Check out the T-shirt design below.

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These are going to sell like crazy! Even if you have the hottest property in TV and comics, it helps to have a killer t-shirt design to go with it. They nailed both.

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