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Stephanie Brown fans launch ‘Waffles For Stephanie’ mail campaign

Not satisfied with the recent announcement that Stephanie Brown will debut as Nightwing in the digital-first Smallville Season 11, hopeful fans of the superheroine are mounting a campaign to convince DC Comics to reintroduce the former Robin and Batgirl into its main universe.

Taking a cue from die-hard viewers of Jericho, who mailed more than 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters in an effort to secure a second season, the people behind “Waffles For Stephanie” are asking fans to mail (you guessed it) waffles to DC Comics on Aug. 10, along with a letter explaining why the character deserves a place beyond Smallville.

“It can be anything from a small note saying how you want to see more Steph to an essay on why you think Steph is an important part of the Batman Family,” states the introduction on the campaign’s blog. “What we DON’T want is ranting or complaining about replacing Stephanie with Babs or hearing about how much the current Batgirl series sucks compared to BQM’s [Bryan Q. Miller’s] run with Steph. Please try to be civil, as we want to be taken seriously.”

So why waffles? Just as Jericho devotees settled on nuts because of a scene from the drama, organizers of the Stephanie campaign selected waffles because of the food’s recurring role in her Batgirl series. “To paraphrase Stephanie in the first issue: ‘Waffles. [A] new way of bonding …’ To borrow some words from some fellow supporters, throughout the book waffles appear symbolizing, as the quote says, bonding. In fact, the first time we see Stephanie out of costume, her mother is giving her waffles for breakfast.”

The reasoning behind the date is just as sound: Aug. 10 was when Batgirl was canceled, and also when Stephanie will be introduced in Smallville. “As such, we intend to celebrate Stephanie’s return after going missing for a year by showing DC how much we care,” the introduction states.

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Wasn’t she in a recent issue of Batman, Inc? I’m of the belief she is still in the DCU, just not “active” at the moment. Which is more than can be said about poor Mia/Speedy.

And somewhere children are starving in Africa.

I will participate. I started an unofficial boycott of DC when they cancelled Steph’s book. I’d glady read more DC if they brought back her and Cass.

@richard, That special issue of Batman, Inc. took place prior to the events of Flashpoint and The New 52 (according to a text box at the beginning of the issue), so it doesn’t really count. She still hasn’t truly appeared in the New 52 where she belongs.

Glenn Simpson

June 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Don’t waffles spoil? Can you mail something like that?

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

June 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

I’d love to see her back as the Spoiler again!

The movement is evolving a bit, there are a lot of people who are opting to make a donation in stephanie’s name instead of sending waffles. I think THAT is a great idea.

What Next. English Muffins For Jean Paul Valley. French Toast for Harold Alnut (The Mute). Scones for Holly Robinson. Bisquits and Eggs for Leslie Thompson? These are four characters I like so much better than Stephanie Brown. This is a reboot. These characters need love too.

I don’t understand all the “hullabaloo” about Stephanie Brown.

These eight people need to stop already. It’s a just a character.

It is the writer who matters.

If you’re not a teenage girl and you’re all-wrapped up in Stephanie Brown, you’re probably kinda creepy.

Re:Generic Eric: Why not? They’re all characters who have fans, that is enough reason for DC to do somethng with them.

Re:Phillipe: There’s a lot to like about Stephanie Brown. She’s one of the few female characters published during the ninties who’s costume wasn’t utterly striperific. She’s one of the few characters in Gotham who stay in Gotham and don’t become angsty little angsty pots. She’s one of the few characters in comics who isn’t cynical, but an idealstic and quite upbeat girl who even after child abuse, messy breakups, and being killed is stil lble to smile every day and be happy. And, she’s also one of the few people who’ve called Batman out during a bout of particularly harsh Bat-dickery.

Re:Squashua: There’s a lot of people involved, and if it works out like wih Jericho, it could very well save her from non-existence.

Re:Rikk Odinson: Only if they’re wrapped up in a creepy way. Stephanie Brown is one of the most poorly treated characters in DC. She’s been used as a plot device, killed off for other people’s angst, sexualized while being tortured (now who’s creepy, the fans who complained about that, or the writers and editors who decided to do that?), and now cancelled despite critical and comercial success. She’s an example of a female character who’s been treated poorly because the editors didn’t care enough about her. Its completely fair for her to have fans who ae annoyed at her book being cancelled and her not being used. What would be so different if it was Superman or Nightwing, or Wonder Woman, or your favourite character who was removed from continuity because the editors didn’t care about them? All they’re doing is rying to bring back a character they adore who’s been treated badly enough.

Personally, I support this campaign, I’d love to see her come back. She had a decent run during a time where all my other favourite characters were either dead, gone, or not themselves, ith many still so.

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