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Stephanie Brown joins Batman in Smallville Season 11

When Batman won’t be alone when he debuts in August in DC Comics’ digital-first Smallville Season 11 — that much was clear from the cover art released earlier this week. But it turns out that’s not Robin but Nightwing warning the Caped Crusader of Superman’s The Blur’s arrival. What’s more, that’s not a young Dick Grayson under the mask, but rather Stephanie Brown.

“Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man,” writer Bryan Q. Miller explains to TV Guide. “Stephanie’s personality is so can-do and unsinkable and bright, so it’s very much on purpose on Bruce’s part that he has a good cop going out on patrol with him every night.”

The storyline, called appropriately enough “Detective,” will also explain why Stephanie is Nightwing and not Batgirl, the identity she assumed in the DC Universe from 2009 to 2011. Miller, a former staff writer and executive story editor on The CW’s Smallville, also wrote DC’s Batgirl during Stephanie’s time in the costume.

Batman and Nightwing will arrive online in Smallville Season 11 in August, and then in print in September. Miller is joined on the four-part arc by ChrisCross and Marc Deering.



Clever move–I gave up on Smallville halfway through its run, but now I’m curious.

She’s clearly Nightwing because she’s trying to collect ALL the Bat-codenames.

The digital and print orders just went up.

Oh Bryan Q. Miller’s doing it.

THAT explains it.

Wow, I’ve never even seen Smallville, and I’m interested just to see Bryan Q. Miller write some version of Stephanie Brown again.

Want to increase sales? Drag in Batman. Cause ya know this series is not going to fly by itself for long. Well one can’t blame them since Smallville Superman simply by himself is not all that interesting since he is so mary sue. Yes, this character is truly bland just like pre-reboot Superman because they never truly allowed him to grow into himself. He was nagged to step up and has his hand held by every one and now life is so great. I really get annoyed when I see this character wearing the new 52 suit. He never seemed to deserve it while the young t shirt wearing Clark by Morrison is ten times the hero he is. Now I wonder if they will bring in people who belong to the Superman verse they totally destroyed in the show like Lana Lang, who deserved much better than the way they dispensed with her character. But that won’t bring sales will it?

What a twist? I’m not liking batman’s costume but surprise that stephanie as nightwing is nice? I’m conflicted here.

Judge Fred MANSON

June 14, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Smallville Season 11 is one of the big excellent surprise in this digital-first universe. I only buy the printed editions, and it was such a pleasure to read the second most interesting story with Superman in it!! Do not forget the Batman Beyond Unlimited, it is really well worth the price!!!

No surprise, considering all the liberties they took with Continuity on the series to begin with. This actually looks great! Will be interesting to see what they do with Wonder Woman.

He’s not the blur anymore – everybody calls him Superman now, also the Batman costume looks better in the color version of the cover

Them taking liberties with continuity is the exact reason this show was so successful. As far as Batman goes – way overdue. Glad we’ll finally see him.

Drew Melbourne

June 14, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Looks like fun. The Batman costume is pretty bad, but I’m going to choose to see it as a homage to the sometimes terrible costumes on the show.

But really, how do you think that got approved?

I’ve been BEGGING DC to bring back Stephanie–but not like this!!!! I want her back in the mainstream DCU, not in the Smallville book. Ugh. Fucking ugh!


June 14, 2012 at 6:58 pm

It’s a step in the right direction…… Maybe they can make Stephanie Brown as Nightwing a main character in Smallville, like they did Green Arrow. Then she can gradually transition back into DC Comics proper. I always thought she could take over as Nightwing (back when I hoped Dick would stay Batman)

really this is better than nothing. it’s an intreresting twist while in a way following the mythos something Smallville is known for doing.

Nice move by Miller to bring in a character he previously wrote so well.

I’m also loving the artists DC is bringing on board for Season 11. Chriscross is awesome, and Jamal Igle is apparently drawing a chapter as well. I can’t wait for their stories to come out.

so…Dick Grayson didn’t exist here

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