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Teaser time: ‘The World Will Bleed’

Teasers for a new project started popping up in my email box this week. Although I’m not sure what it is, it does list some impressive artistic talent: Declan Shalvey (Dark Avengers, 28 Days Later), Gabriel Hardman (Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes, Secret Avengers) and Rahsan Ekedal (Echoes, Solomon Kane).

I’m sure we’ll get more details, and those last two blanks filled in, later this week.



This is some Marvel thing I’m assuming?

Hardman might be writing it not drawing. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s creator owned. Whatever, unless it’s completely outside my taste I’m buying it.

I don’t think it is a Marvel thing. Those teasers usually come from Marvel directly. This one came from a GMail account that was specifically set up to promote this.

Bizarre. It IS definitely cribbing from Marvel’s promotion style. Hopefully it’s…interesting? The problem with teaser’s like this is that they tend to trot over the line between “mysterious” and “insubstantial.”

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