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The things people say to Julia Wertz!

Julia Wertz lays bare the indignities of the creative life in her latest comic “Things People Said to Me at Comics Conventions,” which chronicles, well, the thoughtless and occasionally hilarious things people say to her at cons. Other creators chime in with their own stories in comments.

For the record, I met Julia at MoCCA last year and had a brief, pleasant conversation with her. The thing I remember was that, unlike most creators, she is much better looking in person than her caricature of herself, and she didn’t seem the least bit grumpy, either. But maybe she was just having a good day.

Whether because she’s a glutton for punishment or she’s looking for new material, Wertz will be at CAKE in Chicago June 16-17.

(via The Beat)



Aren’t you in a bit of a judgmental mood today, Brigid?

What’s the point on even commenting on creators’ looks?

Wow, people are fucking RUDE.

Brigid Alverson

June 5, 2012 at 7:21 pm

@mr.pants No, I was just trying to pay her a compliment. Sorry if you found that offensive.

While insulting other unnamed creators? How kind of you.

There was no need for the “unlike other creators” remark. No need at all.

I’m with Mr. Pants.

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