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TMZ Live is sort of honored by its Justice League cameo

The staff of TMZ Live, the live-chat offshoot of the omnipresent gossip website, seemed honored to be “immortalized” in DC Comics’ Justice League #9 — at least until it began to scrutinize the cameo by managing editor Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere. Then the knives (and the juvenile and borderline homophobic humor) came out.

“That’s awesome!” the grating announcer declares after an image from Earth 2 #2 of Alan Scott kissing his boyfriend is “mistakenly” shown and then replaced by the correct panel. “Wait, where’s Harvey and Charles, ’cause all we see is Stevie Wonder and a 12-year-old boy.”

“Can I take a slight issue with the caricature?” Levin asks, leading the announcer to interject, “Hey, at least they got the tightness of his shirt right.” The art critique doesn’t end there, though, as the announcer takes jabs at Latibeaudiere’s claw-like fingers and enormous forehead in the comic.

Watch the video below, preferably with the volume turned way down.



As much as I loathe TMZ, they’re not far off on A. the terrible art and B. the cheesecake nature of the poses in most comics. They aren’t trying to make social commentary and are indeed just being stupid, but I can’t fault them for making fun of it.


June 8, 2012 at 11:20 am

I actually love TMZ, saw this on the show last night, and was momentarily ashamed to be a comic book fan. If you’re going to go to the trouble of reflecting reality this way, why not make sure you’re, uh, reflecting reality? I don’t think Harvey looks THAT bad, but that ISN’T Charles.

But what does this clip say overall about the perception of comics in Hollywood? In the shadow gay Green Lantern hype, superhero comics really DON’T KNOW how to be marketable to people that wouldn’t read them otherwise.

Dont watch TMZ, so I dont know what the guys look like – maybe including a picture of them in you ‘article’ would be good??? But that is some seriously ugly art. And those are definately some pointy ass fingers!! haha… Is it Lee or the inker who are at fault??

If you watch the video included with the “article,” you can see both of them.

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