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Valiant teases the return of Ninjak

Valiant Entertainment has unveiled a tantalizing, and bloody, image trumpeting the September return of Ninjak, the wildly popular ninja spy created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada.

Introduced in July 1993’s Bloodshot #6, Ninjak was the world’s top espionage expert and the enforcer for the mysterious Weaponeer organization who quickly became one of Valiant’s most popular characters. By February 1994, he was the star of his own series, which ran for 26 issues. After video-game company Acclaim Entertainment bought Valiant in 1996, Ninjak, like the company’s other characters, underwent a game-friendly overhaul. The creative team of Kurt Busiek, Neil Vokes and Michael Avon Oeming, launched a second series in March 1997 featuring a teenage Ninjak who received ancient ninja powers from a video game.

Ninjak will join a revived Valiant lineup that already includes X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong. Check out the full teaser below.



Damn, that fancy pants designer Rian Hughes strikes again…

Aside from some pretty art from the very first arc, I wasn’t a fan of Ninjak the first (or second) time around. Here’s hoping the new guys make it better.

Wait, does this mean they will actually get X-O to the present day by September’s issue 5? That seems way too soon at the glacial pace the series is going at now.

Either way, I’m very curious to see who they get to work on Ninjak and (the also upcoming) Eternal Warrior.

I get the feeling that Ninjak would re-appear in X-O#5 and not necessarily get his own book.

Ninjak never fit in Valiant for me even in the original incarnation, especially with his stupid name. It’s like some 10 year old crayoned in his own character onto the pages of an otherwise fairly sophisticated comic universe.

Are you kidding me…? This is AWESOME! Not only a Ninjak teaser, but an XO Manowar appearance in the same space? Fantastic! Can’t wait!

Was a huge fan of the Quesada drawn series (Goooood the gorgeous art by a then in his prime Quesada was to die for), but didn’t really follow the book once he left (which was pretty quick- 4 issues I think?). I’ve been following the revived Valiant titles, so here’s hoping this one can keep me around this time.

Wahoo! This looks great. Can’t wait to see how they have updated Ninjak. I think he was the Valiant character most in need of some tweaks to bring him up to date.

Judge Fred MANSON

June 12, 2012 at 8:55 am

I can not wait!!! NEED!!!!!


Where’s Quantum and Woody?

Yeah, Ninjak was a HORRIBLY named character. The words “Ninja” and “Union Jack” smushed together? SO cheesy.

Jake Earlewine

June 12, 2012 at 2:17 pm

“Wildly popular”?

On what earth was that?

We’ve reinvented Ninjak as a British female in Japanese woman’s body. Oh wait..Well. They have Marvel management.

Think like Marvel.

Sweet already tons of chatter!

Very cool image! Can’t wait to see what VEI has made of Ninjak in the new Valiant Universe. Not a new series yet I’m sure, just an appearance in X-O #5, but that’s fine with me. Don’t want to flood the market too quickly. We already have Rai and Eternal Warrior coming later this year or early next year. They are taking their time and growing it slowly while adding connections and characters (like Ninjak coming up) to build the universe up without flooding it with titles.

Seconding Jason. Every Valiant announcement just makes me hope the next one is Q&W.

I’m not a big fan of NInjak or never was. That teaser is fake cuz aint no way any sword is gonna even scratch the X-O armor…. Let’s not overhype this… X-O is beast!!! period!

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