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Benton Jew has one last Agents of Atlas drawing to show you

Benton Jew drew the “Wolverine: Agent of Atlas” story in the back of Agents of Atlas #1 (from the ongoing series, not the original miniseries), and began this drawing shortly after as a sample piece to get some cover work from Marvel. Busyness got in the way of his finishing it at the time, but he pulled out the piece recently, inked it, colored it and posted it on Facebook as a reminder of a truly great comic that was gone too soon.



When Agents of Atlas returned with Dark Reign, I remember Jeff Parker saying something in an interview about the approach being the team was pretending to be working with bad guys in order to sort of infiltrate them (that may not be the exact wording). When Jeff Parker was brought on to Thunderbolts, I always thought that idea would have been a nice mirror to the original idea of Thunderbolts – a team of good guys pretending to be villains. Even better would have been to just have the Agents of Atlas on the Thunderbolts team!

A greatly missed series, about the last time that I actively followed a good deal Marvel product. Would have loved to see some interaction between Woo and his old SHIELD buddies.

When Agent Woo appeared in the Avengers animated series, I was hoping, that maybe, the Agents of Atlas would make an appearance, or at least a cameo flashback.

Awesome! I love Tom Strong!

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