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Big news: New Sailor Moon anime in the works

The Japanese publisher Kodansha and anime company Toei had big news for Sailor Moon fans today: They will be producing a new Sailor Moon anime, to debut next summer.

The original Sailor Moon manga (published by Tokyopop) and anime helped kick off the anime and manga revolution, bringing a whole new cadre of fans, especially women and girls, into the world of comics. Fans have been speculating about the return of the anime ever since Kodansha USA started re-releasing the manga, with a new translation and new format, last year. The manga has been hugely popular in the U.S., with the most recent volume spending four weeks on The New York Times graphic books bestseller list.

The new anime was announced today by Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi and the idol group Momoiro Clover Z, which will perform the theme song, during a 20th anniversary event that was streamed live on the Japanese site Nico Nico. Voice actors Kotono Mitsuishi and Tohru Furuya, who played Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the original, participated in the event, but it’s not clear that they will be in the new series (although the Sailor Moon fan site Moon Chase says they will). While details are sketchy right now, it appears that the anime will be released simultaneously worldwide.

The official press release (in Japanese) is up at Kodansha’s Japanese website.



As much as I love the original voice actors I’d kind of like to see some new talent this time around!

Heresy! I totally want to get back as many of the original voice actors as possible. They were awesome and I am excited about a new season (hopefully not a reboot).

Bunch of guys on a message board talking about Sailor Moon? NEEEERDS!
Joking aside, I don’t know anything about the original VA, but I’m glad Kodansha is rereleasing the manga because they’re actually pretty good. I’ve only read up to vol 3, so I need to get around to reading 4 and 5.

Oh my god yes! bring back the original voice actors please!

make it English dub and not sub plz

I do not not want a reboot but a totally new season following the season Sailor Moon Sailor Stars with new villain aside from Galaxia….it would really be cool if the story would change and Usagi would end up with Seiya rather than with Mamuro…it would be more challenging….

If they ever put Usagi with Seiya I’m pretty sure bad things will happen
messing with destiny is never good dont yot know?

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