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Caption error in Prophet #26 to be fixed in collected edition

Brandom Graham pointed out that last week that there was an error with some captions in Prophet #26. To be clear, he let his readers know before the issue came out, but in case you missed his post and were confused by the page, the explanation is that some of the text from issue #25 made it onto one of the pages in Emma Rios’ back-up story in #26.

Graham notes, “It’s still readable and we’ll get it right in the first Prophet collection, but I wanted to run it on here to show how Emma intended it and also just because it’s the kind of pages that get me excited about making comics.” He’s right about the readability. The incorrect captions are in yellow and the right ones are white, so once you know what happened, it’s really not a problem. But if you don’t know about the error, it’s pretty confusing.

As promised, Graham also shares the correct version of Rios’ pages.




It totally works with the caption.

Will they also be correcting the digital issues?

I thought the backup was fairly confusing in general, but not due to those captions.

Wait — why did “Shit…Shitter!” turn into “Fuck…Fucker!”?

Also, I buy Prophet and love it, but I’m having a difficult time understanding what exactly is going on. There are some pretty big changes between issues. Also, I may have missed #25.

Probably some slight censoring, and GO GET YOURSELF #25, it definitely helps you get a grasp on the story as a whole.

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