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CCI: Eric Powell turning to Kickstarter for The Goon movie

Although The Goon creator Eric Powell had previously dismissed the notion of using Kickstarter to fund the stalled CG-animated adaptation of the comic, noting the project’s budget is $45 million, he’s now caved to public pressure.

Taking to Twitter this morning from his booth at Comic-Con International, Powell wrote, “Ok, everybody that’s been yelling at me for us to do a Kickstarter for the Goon film,” and included the above photo of a flier bearing the headline, “Let’s Kickstart This Fuckin’ Film!” and information on how to be notified when the campaign launches.

Produced by Blur Studio and David Fincher from a script by Powell, The Goon film stars Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown as the voices of the Goon and Franky. Although announced in 2008, the project has been slow moving as the producers searched for financial backers. “The Goon is in the exact same position it’s been in for the past couple of years,” Powell said in January. “Prepping the design and script while searching for funding.”

More recently, he explained the delay to Comic Book Resources, saying, “It’s just the combination of finding the right people, the people who understand it and get it and don’t want Goon to have a singing, talking dog and coming up with the right budget. They’re still plugging away, they’re still talking to people — it’s not dead by any means. But it’s just a waiting game, it’s finding the right people.”

However, more than a year ago we got a look at test footage, which you can see below.



This is crazy. I am so in!

Raising $45 million by Kickstarter? Holy cow. That’s ambitious!

that’s rad, but I was at Redbox today and there was a film called the Goon. Something about sean william scott and sabertooth playing hockey.

I’m pretty sure that amount is funding through “proper” channels. It shouldn’t cost that much if it goes through Kickstarter and be independently funded. I can see them easily pulling Double Fine money and much more, too.

Well, they can have my ten bucks. It’s a start.

I think this is a great idea, but I thought that Kickstarter limited funding to a couple of hundred thousand or so.

I hope they can pull it off. We’ll see how far they can go with it, but the test footage should help sell it quite a bit.

I doubt he’s trying to raise the whole amount, probably just a hefty portion which will hopefully persuade financiers that there’s sufficient interest in the film.

I believe they will raise a lot of money. The Goon could change the game if the film is PG-13 animated. If Kickstarter and Indiegogo have a limit, they should wait a bit and take the film to FundFuze. Only a matter of time until more mature animated films start grasping audiences attention.

What they should aim for is a very sold thirty to forty-five minute short. That way it won’t have to be that expensive, the people will get something back, and they could shop around a strong concept piece to investors who’ll then pony up some dough to beef it up another hour with story expansion, better effects and animation, etc. I don’t know why focua features won’t get behind it. I guess Coraline and 9 didn’t do enoufh for Universal to fund that route again.

I’m all for KickStarter, I even ran a successful project on it this year raising $5,600.
But this is not a good idea to raise money for that amount to make a film.

First, if that goal is reached, 10% of the money (about $4.5mil) goes straight to Amazon Payments and KickStarter.
Second, raising a sum that large – Powell will be highly taxed because it is not a true fund or investment (since no royalty properties are given or shared.)
Third, doing a campaign like this publicly and failing, will not help support the film from possible future investors. Not all bad publicity is good publicity . . .
Also Note: The highest project I know on KickStarter was the Pebble which made a little over $10Mil.
It made sense. A tech item for $100. Powell can not offer something for a $100+ value to get the millions he wants.
Just a bad idea all around . . .

Also note: Unless the goal Powell sets is reached, no money is exchanged.
So if he asks for $45MIL, nothing happens unless that goal is achieved.

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