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Chain Reactions | Captain Marvel #1

Marvel’s new Captain Marvel revival features a familiar character taking over the mantle of another familiar character, as Carol Danvers, once known as Ms. Marvel, launches into a new title by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy. How does the first issue measure up? Here are just a few opinions from around the web. Let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.

George Marston, Newsarama: “For the last five or six years, starting with her solo ongoing series by Brian Reed, Carol Danvers has been Marvel’s premiere female character. And why not? She’s always had a great look, a strong personality, and a rich history. However, it seems like she’s failed to stick with a larger audience. Maybe it’s because, despite her characterization, she’s never filled a specific niche. No matter how you boil it down, she’s always been the female version of a male hero. With Captain Marvel #1, Carol has successfully made the jump from being a gender-switch of a character who hasn’t regularly appeared in comics for over 30 years to fully owning her identity.” (7/10)

Ali Colluccio, iFanboy: “DeConnick’s Carol Danvers is a driven and determined woman. She’s constantly pushing herself to do better, to work harder, to ‘punch holes in the sky.’ But she’s also kind and giving. Carol has the selflessness that truly good superheroes have. DeConnick has written some wonderful character moments in this issue. She very quickly establishes Carol as likeable and easy to identify with, even though she’s a superhero power-house.” (4/5)

Matthew Santori-Griffith, Comicosity: “This issue is indeed the brand new start I was hoping for, but DeConnick doesn’t treat Carol Danvers as anything less than a stalwart, long-time Avenger. She’s confidant, a bit witty, a little introspective, and seriously kickass. This initial story doesn’t seem to thrust the Captain into much of an exciting adventure, but it does a good job at setting up her status quo and introducing cast members without seeming perfunctory. You get enough of her origin to roll with, but for the most part, the issue ends with quiet moments that tell you more about personality than power set — brains over brawn.” (8/10)

Steve Morris, The Beat: “She simply doesn’t come across as particularly compelling just from these two ideas, or at least these two ideas as presented here. Essentially a one-shot, Captain Marvel #1 doesn’t give readers any idea as to where the story might be going from here. Once you reach the end, you come out knowing just as much about Carol Danvers as you did going in. There’s no development for her, and no defining ideas or characterisation in her. Her new costume makes her a more dynamic and interesting visual, but there’s just nothing going on here. I really wanted this book to be good, because the character has always seemed like she should be much more notable and entertaining than she turns out to be. But she’s just not there yet.”

Gilbert Short, Multiversity Comics: “The art, provided by Dexter Soy is a great fit for a cosmic character like Captain Marvel, and I hope to see him in more space/swashbuckling adventure with Carol for the foreseeable future. The wide open negative space works really well with Soy’s style, and the pages that do take place in space shine the brightest in the book itself. There are two pages in particular that stand out, splash pages set against the backdrop of space, that are absolutely breathtaking. If that’s any indication of the direction of the series, you can sign me up.” (7.5/10)

James Hunt, Comic Book Resources: “It’s a shame that this didn’t click with me, because I’m a big fan of the character and was hoping for something to be enthusiastic about. Instead, this is an odd issue that delivers its best material early then doesn’t seem to build to any kind of point. Unlike Danvers’ previous series, which had a clear (if vaguely-defined) hook of her attempt to become an A-list superhero, this one spends more time trying to figure out the character’s nature than convincing readers that there’s a story coming. It probably makes sense from the perspective of a creator to spend time establishing the framework and testing her boundaries, but as someone who’s already invested in the character, I can’t help feeling that I’d rather read a comic about what she does, not who she is.” (2.5/5)



Another failed attempt to do something with the CM name.

For me, the art was the problem. The script was serviceable and probably will lead to some decent work, but the art is flat out horrible. This is one of the ugliest comic books that I’ve read in 20 years. The colors are way too muddy and the figures are just horribly structured. Just amateur work.

Personally, I would rather the Captain Marvel character be given back to Jim Starlin and to see what he would do with bringing him (or her) back.

Jake Earlewine

July 21, 2012 at 3:42 pm

I agree with every single one of JW’s points:

“Another failed attempt to do something with the Captain Marvel name.” I lose count of how many characters Marvel has tried to shoe-horn into the Captain Marvel name. This attempt fails, too. Why can’t we just have Mar-Vell back?

“For me, the art was the problem.” Geez, if they’re this desperate for an artist, even I can do better. Really! Hire me! (Just don’t give me crappy stories to illustrate!) I hate to admit it, but I’d rather look at Rob Liefield art than this kind of muddy chicken scratches. No, I take that back…

“Personally, I would rather the Captain Marvel character be given back to Jim Starlin.” Hey, there’s a great idea! Starlin is the God of cosmic comics! But I know the reality of the situation is that (1) Marvel only needs to publish a Captain Marvel comic so DC can’t take ownership of the name. And it doesn’t have to be any damn good.

And (reality #2) Marvel has a vested interest in making something out of Carol Danvers. (They want her to be their top female character — on par with DC’s Wonder Woman — especially since she has “Marvel” in her name.) Marvel has been trying to force this character down our throats for decades, but she never was an inspired creation and she never will be anything more than mediocre.

You know, I wonder if Dark Knight Returns came out today, people would say the same thing about the artwork.

I’ve (almost) always liked ms. marvel but that art was a deal breaker. I flipped thru it at the shop and the writing seemed fine but there was NO way I was spending good money for that art. that is disappointing, since I’ve been trying out a few new 2.99 books to encourage that price point.

I’m so relieved my beloved X-factor didn’t get the price increase previews promised.

Just give the name back to DC.

I really loved it. Best use of the Captain Marvel name – surpassing even Mar-vell himself. Great art, better writing and a story that gives you a feel of the character and the status quo rather than just thrusting them into a long arc.

I enjoyed the book and I look forward to more.

Mr. Pants, it’s funny you said that because I remember being in a comic shop the day the first issue of The Dark Knight Returns was released and peering over the shoulder of a couple of teens as they flipped through the issue and put it back on the shelf, saying that the artwork sucked. I loved the first issue of Captain Marvel, by the way. The art didn’t do much for me in the previews but in the context of the comic, it worked just fine I thought.

Incidentally, Emma Rios is solicited as the artist for issues 5 and 6 of Captain Marvel, both out in October. If this is another Marvel series that ships more than 12 issues a year, expect a number of artists to rotate through, Soy being one of them.

I’m far more interested in DeConnick and Rios’ new Image series, Pretty Deadly, but that’s neither here nor there really.

I have become MUCH more careful in the new titles i pick up, due to the high cost of todays product. Bad art, just awful, through i’ve seen even worse over the years.Im glad I put this back on the shelf. I give it more or less, 20 issues.

Ian A., I gotta say if DeConnick and Rios are already diving into an Image project together, they must already have a pretty great rapport. This pleases me to learn (and gives me hope for better art in issue 5 and 6), as I found Soy’s art sorely lacking (I delve into this slightly more in tomorrow’s What Are You Reading?)

I also thought the art on CM #1 was just awful. Who is the editor of this book? This is one of the most mismatched art style assignments that I’ve ever seen. I won’t be picking up issue #2.

And the Dark Knight Returns comparisons are ridiculous. TDKR was a story about a dark, ugly, dystopian future, and the art style matched the tone of the story perfectly. The Captain Marvel writer said her comic is about hope and optimism and the joy of flight. The muddy art doesn’t portray this at all. A total mismatch between story and art if there ever was one.

When the Captain Marvel book was first announce I was so excited. I don’t think I have ever looked forward to a female solo comic as much as this one.

Does issue #1 deliver? Well I didn’t expect the first issue to blow me away but over all it was just fine. Love the new costume and new attitude and can’t wait to see her dive into her first adventure.

And did I mention I love the costume? Especially with the mask on, I’d love a poster or wallpaper of that last page! ^_^

Story’s fine–I could’ve done with a little less of the blatantly misogynistic villain for us to root against, but that’s a minor complaint and probably won’t be a big deal next issue. However? That art? No thanks.

It’s crazy to me that some of the commenters here are looking at the same book I am. Although, as much as I liked the art, if I were put in the position of hiring an artist for a new Carol Danvers series I wouldn’t be hiring this Dexter Soy fellow. I don’t think he style fit with the tone of the book.

Loved this issue! I’m looking forward to where this goes! They made her very powerful. The art’s a bit unconventional, but I got into it quickly. An interesting change.

Jake Earlewine

July 23, 2012 at 8:00 pm

I think Marvel should supply a free barf bag with every copy of this new (temporary) Captain Marvel.

“Dave” estimates this series will last twenty issues. That’s a pretty fair estimate, I’d say. I’m just wondering who the next Captain Marvel will be, after Carol Danvers has her fifteen minutes.

Boring as hell, with awful art. Not a good start…….

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