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Check out Chris Ware’s Small Press Expo poster

The Small Press Expo has unveiled Chris Ware’s poster for this year’s convention, which will be held Sept. 15-16 in Bethesda, Maryland. You can see the full poster below, and in much larger form on the SPX Tumblr (which is kind of great, and deserving repeat visits and “likes”).

Ware will be a special guest at the event, along with Dan Clowes and Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez. It’s been several years since I’ve attended SPX, but it’s a terrific (and creator-focused) show. If you’ve never made the trip, this is shaping up to be the perfect year to change that.

(via Forbidden Planet International)


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Always a fan of Ware’s work, and it’s a nice looking poster. It does make me laugh, though, the anachonism of the future artist still working with pen and paper. Obviously Ware’s asthetic is more retro-future and idealistic, but it still makes a strong statement about Ware’s POV.

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