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Comics A.M. | A case for Bill Finger receiving Batman screen credit

Bill: The Boy Wonder

Creators | While acknowledging the agreement that names Bob Kane as the sole creator of Batman, The Washington Post’s Michael Cavna and Bill: The Boy Wonder author Marc Tyler Nobleman make the case for giving writer Bill Finger a screen credit on The Dark Knight Rises. [Comic Riffs]

Conventions | Although Comic-Con International is usually thought of as a stage for movie studios, major comics publishers and video-game developers, Mark Eades looks at the event as a showcase for small businesses, from artists to toymakers. [The Orange County Register]

Conventions | Robot 6 contributor Brigid Alverson reports on the kids’ comics scene at Comic-Con International, including news that Papercutz will produce a comic based on the viral web phenomenon “Annoying Orange.” [Publishers Weekly]

Digital comics | Alexander Añé covers the “Digital Comics Price Fight” at Comic-Con International in which Mark Waid, Scott Kurtz, IDW Publishing’s Jeff Webber and Top Shelf’s Chris Ross duke it out over the right price for a digital comic as well as the place of digital within the comics realm. [The Beat]

Creators | Bryan Talbot has received an honorary doctorate of letters from he School of Arts and Social Sciences at Northumbria University. [Sunderland Echo]

Batman: Earth One

Creators | Conor Kilpatrick interviews Gary Frank, the artist for Batman: Earth One and Shazam! [iFanboy]

Creators | Kurtis J. Wiebe discusses his Image series Grim Leaper, about a dead guy who leaps from body to body; Wiebe calls it the “final-destination rom-com you’ve been waiting for!” [Broken Frontier]

Creators | Cartoonist Justin Hall, creator of Glamazonia and author of No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, is interviewed by Chicago’s GoPride. []

Comics | Noting the irony of Daniel Clowes’ work being shown in a museum setting, Greg Beato visits the exhibition “Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes,” which has a few weeks left at the Oakland Museum before moving to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C: “As deftly executed as the exhibition is, however, a central paradox informs it. It celebrates Clowes’ work by presenting it exactly as what it was not intended to be: Hand-made originals tastefully displayed in the rarified space of a museum.” [Reason]

Comics | Kyrie O’Connor takes a look at Gary L. Watson’s After Twilight, a self-published miniseries about Christian fundamentalism gone too far in a future dystopian Texas. Watson says “It’s not anti-Christian. It’s not anti-religion. It’s a story about extremism,” and in fact, a Christian comics website gave it the thumbs-up. [The Houston Chronicle]



Nobleman seems like a good guy.

From what I understan, Levitz tried to get Finger a co-creator credit both on the films and in the comics themselves but that contract is ironclad. Kane, unlike the majority of his contemporaries, was a savvy businessman.

Yeah Finger deserves the credit, however I think whatever deal Kane set up is going to be difficult to overcome.

Its a shame since Finger really created the elements that we know of Batman, Kane was just a terrible artist with good business sense.

Bill finger just did what Bob Kane “agreed” to. if Kane hadn’t agreed to do it, it would not have been done. Bob Kane, and only Bob Kane created the batman. –Bill Finger deserves partial credit for the original Alan Scott green lantern. not for batman. oh gee he created a cowl, and a cape. the original might have been better, and batwings sales prove this, as his armor is basically what Kane originally had two days before Finger was even there. also, who’s to say Bob Kane wouldn’t have eventually thought of it? the black bat (2), a public- domain character dynamite is now using, was factually before batman, as Kane even referenced this character, to create the origin of two-face. he had already had a cowl. maybe Kane didn’t wanna get sued. & they at DC are lucky they didn’t get sued by the creators of black-bat..

sadly unless dc and warners can find a legal way to change bob kanes contract that says batman created by bob kane only. bill finger will never be able to get the long over due credit as the co creator of batman. unless some one in warners legal department finds a way to void the old contract bob kane made to get all the glory for batman.

@Defiance-Defiant: Kane’s pitch for Batman wore red, had wings, didn’t have a cowl, and wasn’t called Batman. Aside from those things, yes, he totally created Batman all by himself and Finger had no role in the creation of Batman whatsoever. (There’s a pretty thorough rundown of all this at ).

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