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Comics A.M. | The annual ‘Will Comic-Con Move’ pool begins

San Diego Convention Center

Comic-Con | The dust hasn’t even settled on Comic-Con International, and already the hand-wringing has begun anew over whether organizers will keep the event in San Diego past their 2015 contract. A proposed $550 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center would have to break ground by the end of the year to meet a 2016 deadline. [Fox 5]

Conventions | To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first San Diego Comic-Con, some of the founders are organizing San Diego Comic Fest, a small-scale event — it’s described as “an old-school comic con” — to be held Oct. 19-21. [UT-San Diego]

Publishing | Challenging Todd Allen’s assertion that Kickstarter has become the No. 2 publisher of graphic novels, Steven Padnick insists the crowd-funding website isn’t a publisher at all: “I don’t mean to be glib, but it’s a major point Allen skips over. Kickstarter is a funding source. It is a way for people to make start-up capital for their projects. I guess a publisher could be described as a funding source, in that it pays artists and writers to make books, but the publisher also edits books, and advertises them, and prints them, and distributes them.” []

Diamond Comic Distributors

Retailing | In cooperation with seven major publishers and Diamond Select Toys, Diamond Comic Distributors is expanding retailer incentives to include extra discounts, free products and consignment programs. []

Publishing | Tom Spurgeon sits down for a two-part interview with Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson in which they tackle a wide range of topics, from creators’ rights to working with retailers to digital distribution: “Some people think that digital and print are at odds, but I think they’re highly complementary of each other. All I can go by is the data that I have. I see increases in digital books at the same time as I see increases in print books. People like to have options, a choice in how they consume entertainment. The great thing about digital is you don’t have to lug a shortbox with you on vacation to read comics. I think a lot of people feel that way. I think there are a lot of people that are buying print and digital as opposed to one or the other. I know comics are being torrented. Walking Dead is our most torrented book, but it’s not dropping sales.” [The Comics Reporter]

Comics | Roger W. Rautio Jr. is still dreaming of a Comic Book Hall of Fame, and he thinks Cleveland — the birthplace of Superman — is the perfect place for it. [The Plain Dealer]


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U-T San Diego (hook em’ horns!) reported on the Convention Center and CCI contract situation back in June.

“City leaders have been working hard to bring about an expansion of the waterfront convention center, financing it with an increase in the local room tax recently approved by San Diego hoteliers. If the financing plan passes legal muster and the project wins approval from the California Coastal Commission, an expanded center could open by 2017.”

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