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DC Comics hints at linewide crossover in late 2013

While DC Comics is marking the first anniversary of the New 52 in September with a Zero Month, for the second anniversary the publisher is considering a much larger celebration: a linewide crossover.

“I’d love to be able to celebrate the anniversary of The New 52 with something that feels so special and something that unifies the line thematically (maybe not story-wise),” Co-Publisher Dan DiDio tells “We’re leading to probably our first crossover event in the latter half of next year, but you’re going to see a better continuity developing through the line.”

However, it’s unclear from DiDio’s comments whether that “first crossover event” is something entirely new, or a reference to “The Trinity War” teased in this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering. Although it has been billed as a Justice League story, it wouldn’t be the first time a Geoff Johns-developed event has taken on a life of its own.

Whatever it is, it wouldn’t be the first, or even the third, crossover of the New 52: There was the “Night of the Owls” in the Bat-books, with “Rotworld” looming in Animal Man and Swamp Thing, followed in October by the big “Rise of the Third Army” storyline that weaves through the Green Lantern titles. But it presumably would be the first event to encompass most, if not all, of DC’s New 52.

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Well good; I’m buying too many DC books and could always use an excuse to drop some.

I guess DC couldn’t leave well alone – I guess they need a linewide crossover, ‘cos their sales are falling. Like Thad says, a good jumping off point (I’m down to 8 DC books, having dropped 15 of them).

Rotworld and night of owls have both been good. Cant wait for the next crossover they have.

Good. Go away freaky Marvel Fanboys

Eh, whatever. I just hope this doesn’t interfere too much with Dial H and Batman Inc.

@Eladio: Hm, why would Marvel fanboys leave when there’s a crossover in the DCU? Marvel fanboys love crossovers!

Oh great another company wide crossover to abuse teen heroes. Wait they got rid of most of them and the ones they have out are in low selling titles with writers and editors that don’t know what they are doing.

Dc hasn’t had a really good crossover since Infinite Crisis. Final Crisis and Blackest Night were incoherent messes and half the important stuff happened in other titles. Flashpoint was a little better but the only interesting characters were Thomas Wayne and Cyborg. Sometimes it feels like a big company crossover brings out the worst in some great writers.

Just some guesses to what they really mean:

Quote: “I’d love to be able to celebrate the anniversary of The New 52 with…something that unifies the line thematically (maybe not story-wise),” Co-Publisher Dan DiDio tells

Translation: “We are getting rid of all the non-white male characters.”

Quote: “[Y]ou’re going to see a better continuity developing through the line.”

Translation: “For our second anniversary, we are going back to the Pre-New 52 continuity.”

Brian from Canada

July 26, 2012 at 11:40 am

Actually, I could see this happening in the new 52, given that seeds have been laid for a “dark” invasion (i.e., vampires, Van Helsings), war between green/red/rot, and the invasions of both Daemonites and The Reach.

Hopefully, though, they will have learned their lesson from “Night Of The Owls,” which is to ask the other books to come in with their own ideas rather than force the theme on them.

And, to the author, there have been two major ones so far: Night Of The Owls in the Batbooks, and Harvest in Superboy/Legion Lost/Teen Titans. A two-part crossovers have also happened between Justice League Dark and I, Vampire, which brings it to three — before Animal Man/Swamp Thing and the Third Army stories.

The Culling was a crossover, too, and then there was that JLD/I, Vampire thing.

Whatever it is, I hope it leaves the Batman and Wonder Woman books alone. It should just be one main miniseries with a handful of essential tie-ins. Not something crazy like Flashpoint was

why can’t pre 52 continuity have it’s own series of books like ultimate line since it is a multiverse

I agree that the suggestion of a line wide crossover is to boost sales of books that aren’t doing well. DC did the same thing during Blackest Night. First there was Blackest Night Batman, Superman, and the Flash which was ok at first. Before you knew it there was Blackest Night Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, and every other DC book getting involved in the story. And let’s face it, with the exception of Batman (self titled), Swamp Thing, and MAYBE GL Corps,and Aquaman, nothing DC puts out every month is outstanding. The DC universe as whole is one big mess. Some characters got rebooted while others picked up right where the story ended in the old continuity. I think it’s time for DC to admit they made a mistake with rebooting everything and just leave things alone and let the stories play out.

Well, gotta give them credit…
Back in 1986, they did Legends, which seems to have launched with the reboot of Superman (and before the reboot of the rest of the DCU.)

(Hey, DC, when ya gonna collect Legends into a Showcase volume?!)

Well, the second Azzarello’s Wonder Woman and Snyder’s Batman are creatively diminished by whatever “brilliant” crossover idea Didio has, is the second I drop the only remaining DC comics I’m collecting.

I really fail to see the problem, we are talking 1 year from now, that would be 2 years without an event on DC

Kudos compared to marvel which cannot have 2 months without an event or an aftermath to an event

Heh, “I want to celebrate DCnU anniversary with a crossover” = I want to generate more sales by goading customers to buy more titles if they hope to experience a complete story.

Who Cares N. E. Way

July 26, 2012 at 2:23 pm

What? You don’t wanna read the issue of G.I Combat and All Star Western that tie into Crisis on New 52 Earths? How come? I always enjoy being told that if I wanna enjoy a story that starts in one of my regular titles like Batman that I have to read the next issue of a title I couldn’t care less about to read part 2,lol.

Marvel and DC both do this crap. I really enjoyed World War Hulk a few years back. I even bought the tie ins because I ddnt wanna miss anything. The tie ins were lame crap (Heroes for Hire, blah blah blah). The only tie in event that has been cool was Blackest Night. And they even over did that. All about them $$$$$$$ boys!

“Geoff Johns-developed event”

I hope not!

So they reboot their universe just to go back to the same tired routine of relentless convoluted clusterf**k events that was already getting tired waaay before New 52.

“Geoff Johns-developed event”?

Again? Jesus, I hope NOT!

Warren Newsom

July 26, 2012 at 4:38 pm

So stupid. I give up on DC. I already gave up on Marvel. :(

Between now and then I’m going to need them to step it up. They’ve got about 12-14 good DC Comics right now, and two of THOSE are going away.

Did anyone really think crossovers were just going away? What kind of deluded fanboy silly shit is that? At this point I’m more upset with fans for having unrealistic expectations than DC. DC was stomping Marvel into the mud in the Top 10, and Avengers vs X-Men helped exactly restore the status quo. You think DC doesn’t want some of that? Until they stop selling we’ll keep getting them.

It’s whatever. I’m more upset that after Morrison leaves Superman will be pretty awful, Wonder Woman’s a great example of technical writing but its a piss-poor WONDER WOMAN title, & the other core titles? Mehhhh. Some writers are going to need to go between now and then, and I don’t mean Morrison.

I like the idea of having several different Earths with a few comics each instead of having 52 books all stepping all over each other all the time. Have a few New 52 universe books. Have a few Earth 2 books. Have a few DCU universe books. And even have a new Earth where everything starts from scratch. That way, you can do relaunches and reboots without pissing off the fan base. The fact is that some fans want the characters to move forward, aging and maturing and such, and some fans want light continuity “icon” versions of characters that never really change. It’s like DC has this big cake in front of them, and nothing is keeping them from eating it, but they aren’t.


July 26, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Lately I have been buying a lot more indies and a lot fewer DC’s and Marvels. The more crossovers they come out with, the fewer I will buy.

Hey Danno, I got one word to describe this forthcoming crossover of yours—–


So sick of crossovers :(

Pretty obviously refering to the Trinity War

I don’t think anything can save the New 52… DCnU is “Marvel Reborn” all over again. Just like Marvel had an out from that, I’m sure DC has an out from this. They’ve already lured whatever new fans they think they attracted, now its time to make the older fans happy and bring back continuity. Hopefully this new crossover is that, and it bridges the old and new time lines, or something…

DC had the perfect vehicle to experiment within their multiverse in “Else Worlds” and when was the last time we saw that?

Heroes fighting heroes – wow, we haven’t seen a crossover like that!

Hero vs. hero is dumb.

@Ga Al Ghul
The last “Elseworlds” we had was the 2009 (or was it 2010) mini-series “Last Family of Krypton” by Elliot S! Maggin.

So sick of the New 52. It is sooooo convoluted. A new Superman with no past and yet all of the Batman Family titles continued from the prior series? I can’t relate to this sad sack Superman. The marriage is dead, the parents are both dead, he apparently lives in a flop house, that costume sucks (why armored boots… and now the costume has special powers/abilities??? What a cluster-f*ck). Supergirl has no personality, the costume makes it look like she wears a pair of ‘Depends’. Wonder Woman is a mess, the art and new secondary characters suck. When did Batman cease to be a detective and deal with real world human beings?

Strangely the only thing that has vastly improved is Aquaman.

I looked forward to an ACTION #1000, a Superman 800, a Batman 800, a Wonder Woman 700. Take the New 52, revert to the prior series numbering, bring those New 52 elements into the fold that DID work, and get rid of that damn Obama Superman concept. I was about to drop all of DC when that damn issue came out. DC comics had not made reference to real worked political figures in decades and there was no need to introduce them now.


There a bunch of haters on this site… I like the new 52 , face fact reboots happen every second generation on average. This is a chance at a new beginning . Give it a chance the bat books have been doing great. As for the rest of the title well just have to wait and see. Whats the dark knight suppose to be anyways? The only bat title I haven’t read because it doesn’t fit into the story structure . Is it suppose to be 5 years earlier like Action Comics

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