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Digital deals | Get Eddie Campbell, James Kochalka GNs for $1.99

Here’s a digital choice for you: You could pay $3.99 for a single issue of some Marvel comic, or you could get two plump e-books by well-known creators for a penny less.

First, Panel Nine is offering its collection of Eddie Campbell’s Dapper John comics, Dapper John: In the Days of the Ace Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, for $1.99 for the month of August, to celebrate the release of the app on iPhone as well as iPad. The collection is regularly priced at $9.99, so this is a temporary deal. Panel Nine is a small publisher that is developing comics as single apps; it’s also behind the iPad version of David Lloyd’s Kickback. When you have a bit of time, check out From Under the Stairs, the blog of publisher Russell Willis, who’s pulling out his 1990s British comics memorabilia and posting it online.

Meanwhile, Top Shelf is publishing a volume a month of James Kochalka’s diary comic American Elf, with each volume covering a year of Kochalka’s life. The first volume includes 1999 and a bit of 1998, so it’s 454 pages altogether. And each volume is priced at $1.99



Eddie Campbell has been one of my favorite cartoonists since I first ran across him in Escape back in the mid-80s. I’d put off getting this App at $10 as I had purchased the contents at least twice in the last 25 years. At $2 it is a total steal. A few minutes with it reveal a well thought out use of the digital format, and has me excited about future releases.

Thanks getting this sale some attention!

Thanks for the write up. The offer is through July, not August though, and most of the stuff From Under the Stairs is from the 80s not 90s but, close enough!

Patrick, glad you like the presentation of Dapper John, we do think we’ve got the best software for reading digital comics out there, superior to Comixology. There’s a quick video comparison of the user experience of the Panel Nine platform vs Comixology vs iBooks and the app done by the guy who’s advising on the Cerebus digitization for those interested.

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