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DreamWorks set to buy major library of cartoon, comic characters

News broke earlier this week at DreamWorks Animation submitted a bid for Classic Media, a production company that’s not that well known outside of Hollywood. However, it has bought an amazing number of properties over the years that make this auction something to watch. In addition to favorites like Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Lone Ranger, its library includes Dick Tracy, Little Lulu, Richie Rich, and a big portion of the Gold Key/Valiant characters (Doctor Solar Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Turok and others). Heck, Classic Media even owns Where’s Waldo? According to some estimates, Classic Media is the third-largest comic books rights holder, after DC and Marvel.

While I don’t see DreamWorks starting a comics company in the near future (in the near future), the company already does a good deal of licensing to comic publishers like Dark Horse and APE Entertainment. This potential business deal could have ripples that hit comic shelves years down the road.



Maybe Dreamworks will be more amenable to working with the new Valiant than Random House apparently was.

I hope they make huge CoiE-inspired crossover movie with every character they buy in it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to see Turok the Dinosaur Hunter meet Casper the Friendly Ghost?

This could yield some very interesting results, although I wonder which characters they were most after. I mean you have a wide assortment from superheroes to lighter family fare they can mine for feature films.

That is some great art! Who is it??

I don’t buy any of these titles – but Magnus looks hot in that body suit! I find it really refreshing that 3 of the 4 guys are showing a bit of skin.
Especially after DC are such prudes with their male super heroes. Eg – Martian Manhunter now wearing pants because only the women can be half naked…..

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