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IDW’s Mighty Morphin’ Chris Ryall

I thought I’d been following Chris Ryall’s career a long time (I first met him when he was editing Kevin Smith’s now-defunct Movie Poop Shoot website), but obviously there’s more to IDW Publishing’s editor-in-chief than meets the eye. No, wait … that’s Transformers. Ryall’s early days were more of the morphing variety. That’s him above (and in the animated GIF below) getting trash dumped on his head by Bulk and Skull in an episode of The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

With that kind of history, it makes me wonder why IDW hasn’t picked up the MMPR license yet. We sort of need a Power Rangers/Transformers crossover, don’t we?

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Admittedly, I’d buy a MMPR/Transformers crossover.

I’d only buy a MMPR/Transformers crossover if Ulises Farinas was drawing it..

Papercutz has the MMPR license.

But howzabout a Transformers/Godzilla crossover?

I’d buy Transformers/Godzilla too.

Maybe IDW and Papercutz can get together the way IDW and DC did for Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes.

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