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Jamal Igle to launch Kickstarter campaign for Molly Danger

Seven months after announcing the end of his exclusive contract with DC Comics, fan-favorite artist Jamal Igle is venturing into his own all-ages adventure series he’s hoping to fund through Kickstarter.

Called Molly Danger, the four-volume hardcover story follows “the world’s most powerful 10-year-old girl,” who’s protected the city of Coopersville for the past 20 years, but longs for a real life with a real family. Things change when D.A.R.T. (The Danger Action Response Team), an organization created to assist and monitor Molly, recruits a new pilot named Austin Brigg,s who hopes to impress his stepson, a fan of Molly Danger.

“As the father of a young girl, I’ve found myself disheartened that there isn’t a female superhero character for my daughter to read that hasn’t been turned into a killer, or overtly sexualized,” Igle said in a press release. “A character that isn’t joined at the hip to a male hero or subservient to one.”

Igle, best known for his work on DC’s Supergirl and Firestorm, will kick off the 30-day Kickstarter campaign Aug. 1, with a fund-raising goal of $45,000. Action Lab Entertainment, which publishes Princeless, will handle release and distribution of Molly Danger. Igle’s also created a teaser trailer (below) and production blog.



Bad idea to announce it before people can give it money, in my opinion. I realize Kickstarter is untested waters, in terms of business models, but it seems like common sense to let people pay for it when they first hear about it, in case they forget in a month’s time. Also, that’s a pretty big goal.

I’m hoping for his success though.

The title was announced months ago with no hint as to what the format/publishing deal would be.

Jamal’s cool, and this looks cool, but I get a very…Molly Hayes/Princess Powerful/Bruiser vibe from this.

Not that there’s no more room for another supertype named Molly, but it just rings that bell.

Why Marvel hasn’t pushed Molly for younger girls is beyond me, there’s a mint to be made their, I bet my 6 year old niece would LOVE a t-shirt with a pre-teen/tween super heroine on it.

Maybe she’d like a Molly Danger shirt. So, I guess, he’s got a point, if Marvel ain’t gonna do it, and DC sure as hell ain’t gonna do it (At least Marvel has put some pants on Carol Danvers. Wonder Woman needs pants).

I’m a big fan of Jamal Igle’s work, and I definitely wish him the best in this venture. I just wish I had some disposable income to contribute towards his fundraising campaign.

I think if people would drop their least favorite book, and donate the money they would have spent for twelve issies of it, I could see him reaching his goal. Should be lower though, and over two mo.ths not one.

Ermmm… Molly Hayes anyone?

JJ: Molly Danger actually predates Molly Hayes Conceptually. We were originally going to originally publish the book in 2002

I should say though, i don’t mind the surface comparison to Molly Hayes. In the end, they’re two different characters and ultimately two completely different stories. I would compare my Molly more to Pippi Longstockings or Blossom from the Power Puff girls than Molly Hayes.

Points taken, Mr Igle.

Hey… there’s plenty of room for teen girl superheroes!

Myself, I’m still wondering what happened to Ultra Girl. She had a promising start in her 1996 miniseries…

As for Pippi Longstocking, Drawn & Quarterly will be translating the comics (!) this Fall!

(Plus, there’s Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time (GN in October) and Zita the Spacegirl in September!)

My only concern: who is Action Lab Entertainment’s book trade distributor?

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