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Marvel investigates Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3 leaks

Marvel Studios has launched an investigation into a leak that resulted in its major Comic-Con International announcement, the development of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, being revealed two weeks before the convention began.

Latino Review, the movie website that broke the story on June 28, has posted an email from an unnamed “security consultant” requesting information about “the dissemination of confidential, non-public information concerning Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy.” Although the website has since redacted his name, The Hollywood Reporter identifies the “consultant” as Robert Grosser, vice president of loss prevention for Marvel Enterprises.

“I do not want to see you or anyone else get into trouble nor do I want to see anyone’s career be tarnished because of this,” the email states. “However, I am very confident that through your efforts and mine, we will be able to work through this together. I personally feel that you did not have any malicious intent when you posted your spoilers on the fanboy website. Like many fans out there, you just wanted to be the first one to post something on the internet. I get it, however the Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy information was confidential and you did not have Marvel’s consent to post it. That was illegal!

“If you provide me with your source, I will make it worth your effort. I want to work with you,” Grosser continued. “As I stated above, I do not want to see you or anyone else get into trouble. That would be a lose-lose for everyone. I would hope that you are now realizing that this is a very serious matter and the consequences will be quite severe if I do not find out how you obtained the Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy information.”

While the person who provided Latino Review with the information may have violated a confidentiality agreement with Marvel, thereby opening the door for civil action, there’s nothing illegal about the website’s writer reporting what he had been told. Of course, it’s not unusual for movie studios to overreach, or overstate the gravity of the situation, when seeking to plug a leak.

The website’s writer has thumbed his nose at Marvel’s request-cum-threat, writing, “I’m not responding to this e-mail outside of this post, because I’ve done nothing wrong. A representative of my favorite comics house just stepped into my life with no legal authority to demand anything and threatened my career for doing my job well.”



Latino review guys should have known this was par for the course

Is it just me, or is “vice president of loss prevention” one of the best job titles ever?

Did not have Marvel’s “consent” to post *leaked* information? lol, wow. This guy needs to try another tactic next time, one where he doesn’t insult the guy’s intelligence and baselessly threaten him to boot.

Gossamer is the guy who stations old person greeters at the entrance to Marvel Comics.

Grosser. Not Gossamer. What the heck.

Wasn’t Guardians revealed via Marvel putting trademarks on a crap ton of merchandise? That happens all the time. That’s how a lot of video game sequels get outted. This is ridiculous.

he has the right to post whatever he wants and marvel threatening him or trying to buy him should not deter his or any site from posting info.

I would have answer back and said, “The guys screen name is Mike Hunt…and he’s a real renegade watch your back bring in the loss prevention mercs.”

What a tool email. I wonder if he’ll write a follow up about how he didn’t give permission for his threatening email to be posted either.

Marvel telegraphed the Guardians news months ago with the release of a Guardians action figure boxed set. I said to myself “I bet they’re going to announce a GOTG movie soon” and sure enough they did.


July 20, 2012 at 9:43 am

Hilarious stuff. :D

Seriously, does Marvel think that in 2014, when this movie comes out, anybody is even going to remember whether they heard about it at Comic-Con or via some leak on the internet? Or care?

Headline is misleading.

Is: “Marvel investigates Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3 leaks”

Should be: “Marvel Quashes Any Hope of Investigating Leaks”

Honestly, this idiot VP of LP at Marvel Enterprises did exactly what he should not have done, if his true goal was to find a leak. He attacked a journalist on the journalist’s home ground, used a nerfbat for a weapon, and immediately developed The Internet as an opponent of his position.

It would be logical to deduce that Grosser, or someone close to him, was the leak.

Simon DelMonte

July 20, 2012 at 10:45 am

If the CIA can’t stop leaks about undercover agents, I doubt anyone can stop leaks about movies.


lol @ chris

Well, I see in his future how Grosser will fail in to prevent lossing his job. :rolleyes:

Um, Marvel does know it was Kevin Feige before Avengers even hit theaters that had already said GOTG was next. The GOTG announcement was no surprise and has been the worst kept secret ever.
I had assumed that was why Thanos was even in the after credits for Avengers, since GoTG was coming and he would probably be in it.
Now my worry is that Marvel will make last minute changes to still ‘surprise’ audiences or fans or whatever, and make a crap movie by doing so. Stick to your plans, don’t change them on whims. There’s a reason you had that plan to begin with!

“GOTG was next” besides the obvious money maker Ironman 3 will be of course. That one was also a no brainer obviously.

I’m confused, we all knew Iron Man 3 was coming since production news and photos have been everywhere for weeks, and Guardians was revealed months ago right?

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