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Marvel launches All Winners Squad web series

Marvel has debuted the pilot episode of All Winners Squad, its new online animated series that features such cult characters as Squirrel Girl, Hypno-Hustler, Frog-Man, Unicorn and Howard the Duck.

Announced at Comic-Con International, All Winners Squad finds (in Marvel’s words) the “awe-inspiring assemblage” brought together by the mysterious, and unintelligible, Mr. Fish to work as interns in a rundown, leaking office, where they’ll apparently be at odds with Paste-Pot Pete the Trapster. Judging from the Comic-Con panel, viewers will also be treated to appearances by the likes of Batroc, Devil Dinosaur, Ego the Living Planet and Stilt Man.

All Winners Squad comes from the same team that produces Marvel Superheroes: What The–?!, so if you like those videos you’ll probably enjoy this series. Plus, where else are you going to see Spider-Man foe the Walrus in animated form?



will check it out mostly for the hilerity of squirel girl and hypno hustler . not to mention howard the duck being back in another media which is interesting given how Disney has felt about Howard the duck

This is so unfunny. You can tell what they were trying to go for (Sealab, Harvey Birdman, Archer et al) but it really misses the mark humour wise.

Bloody awful. Whoever wrote this thinks they are a lot funnier than they are. They probably amused Alonso, which would explain why it doesn’t work.

Aw, sadness.

Yeah, not great. Could get better.

Hi Sabrewulf,how does it feels to be banned from CBR?

Hi, Cartoon Network from a decade ago just called and asked for their shtick back. Nothing brings in new fans better than mocking the history of the industry. And the jokes, ZZZZiiiiinng! Did they hire Soupey Sales out of retirement for this?

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