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McFarlane teams up with Pearl Jam again for concert poster

Todd McFarlane and Pearl Jam have a lot in common: Both helped to change the shape of their respective industries in the 1990s, both are still doing their thing 20 years later, both headlined Lollapalooza — wait, what? Actually, McFarlane directed the video for Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution,” so they do have a history.

Now the two have come together again, as McFarlane returned to his art table to create a concert poster for the band’s July 10 show in Copenhagen. Hey, isn’t that Medieval Spawn?

The signed-and-numbered limited edition poster will be for sale from Fighting for Dreams and the Spawn store starting today at noon Pacific.



So it’s basically just an unused Spawn drawing he had laying around? One that doesn’t particularly suit the band it’s promoting?

Huh. I generally still like McFarlane’s art, but there is some seriously wonky anatomy going on in that piece.

Wish I could see this show, though. Pearl Jam and X together? Hell yeah!

Cool poster, like a 90’s throwback to a 70’s airbrushed van painting.


July 12, 2012 at 11:37 am

Could a drawing be less evocative of Pearl Jam than that one? And I love how even the Pearl Jam name along the top is obscured and hard to make out

That’s kind of sad… this is one of the weakest posters from the current tour thus far, IMHO. :-/
I used to collect all PJ posters, but since scaled back to only those from shows that I attended. Was prepared to make an exception here, but that’s not really something I want to frame on my wall. Give me Klausen or Ames Bros over that…

Here’s hoping they get him to try again, and that he turns out something more awesome. (Does Spawn really need to be part of it?)

I do, however, like that all the PJ fans are crashing those two servers. :)

Eric, I could not agree more! Between this and his ridiculous Walking Dead variant, I’ve seen enough from him lately.

Now these things carry real value and sold out in a flash compared to printed toilet paper comics.

“Am gonna retire on valuable bagged comic books mudder.’

Ugly poster.

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