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Morrison reveals Action Comics, Batman Incorporated departures

Action Comics #13

In a wide-ranging interview with Comic Book Resources, Grant Morrison revealed he will finish his tenure on Action Comics with January’s Issue 16, followed later next year by his departure from Batman Incorporated with Issue 12.

“The idea was always that I’d keep doing it as long as it gave me a lot of pleasure and allowed me to express myself ,” the writer said, expressing a desire to move beyond superhero stories. “And it still does, but I can see the end coming closer. I’m coming to the end of long runs and stories I’ve had planned in my notebooks for years and the stuff I’m developing now is quite different. The Action Comics run concludes with issue #16, Batman Incorporated wraps up my take with issue #12, and after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. Multiversity is eight issues, and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories.”

Multiversity is the long-promised miniseries — it originally was set for release in 2010 — that spans seven different Earths, featuring characters from the DC Comics catalog as diverse as Shazam, the Charlton heroes, a pulp Justice Society and Captain Carrot. And the Wonder Woman project is his frequently discussed take on the heroine that seeks to reintroduce the “weird, libidinous kind of element” prevalent in the early stories by her creator William Moulton Marston.

Happy!, Morrison’s noirish Christmas fable collaboration with Darick Robertson, debuts in September from Image, and the writer suggested he has more creator-owned projects in the pipeline.

“I have a few ideas brewing after Happy!” he said. “It’s good to feel a little afraid – to try a different company and a different way of working and get familiar with different strategies of publishing. I have more Vertigo stuff planned too so I definitely feel the pull more strongly toward the creator-owned end of the spectrum and that seems to be the general consensus. I just read Ed Brubaker talking about his farewell to trademark superheroes and moving on to concentrate on developing his own stuff. So something’s going on. Migratory patterns are changing. The superhero monthlies can always use new blood anyway.”



Another writer who’s following the same way as Bru and bowing out of superhero comics for awhile. I commend those writers who admit who are drained and want to go back to their creative roots.

Bad news for DC… Morrison is the BEST creator in the house.

Ugh. He should have switched gears after Final Crisis. Batman Incorporated is ok, I guess, but Action is really kind of painful.

It’s issue 16 that he is departing with, not 13.

I have enjoyed how non-traditional superman has appeared in his Action Comics run. Wish he could keep it rolling.

I liked action comics for the first few issues but I think it’s time for DC to leave the Superman origin story alone for a good decade. Over the last 10 years we’ve gotten Smallville, Birthright, Year One, and New 52. I think it’s time to move on to telling good Superman stories instead of retelling the first few.

Action Comics is one of the few DC books still read (Batman and Suicide Squad are the only other two and even SS looks to be on the out) so this is a shame. It’s interesting, how people seem to think this departure of talent is the end of super hero comics. It isn’t, it’s just further proof that writers eventually run out of ideas and should leave while the only ones they have left are bad (I’m looking at you Jeph Loeb)
Interested to see what happens to Action Comics though. Will it remain an origin title or jump forward and just be another Superman book. Further more, whose gonna take over?

I can drop Batman Inc and Action Comics then.

Lovers of meandering, muddy nonsense commence lamenting

I think both Morrison and Bendis are pretty exhausted with superheroes and I’m actually glad they decided to give it a break.

Oh wait, Bendis is writing a new X-Men book. I take that back, not glad anymore.

dnwilliams You’re just a fan of Grant Morrison

Not a big fan, so this gives me something to look forward to.

Here’s hoping DC has a contingency plan for when he leaves Action, because Morrison being involved with the Superman books at all is the only thing keeping that line from totally sinking.

So glad to see GM moving (back?) to more creator-owned direction.

Will DC try to continue BatInc.? Action I can see – probably with a completely different direction than “young superman” but it’s a flagship title / masthead after all. But BI is all morrison, really…

They better think of something with Man Of Steel hitting in June…

Wait… we still have Liefeld, Lobdell and Mackie.

Oh no… Geez de Fetal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a feeling that this was coming, based on things Morrison has said in interviews over the last few weeks. I’ve been enjoying Action a lot, but it does feel like Grant already said most of what he had to say about the character in All-Star Superman. The Batman thing is no surprise, as issue 12 of Inc. was always going to be the natural conclusion anyway.I kind of wish DC would just declare INC to be the last Batman story of the pre-Flashpoint continuity, giving Morrison total freedom to conclude the story exactly as he intended, rather than having to shoehorn it into the new 52 stutus quo and put all the toys away when he’s done.

It may just be that Morrison is ready to move on and do different things, but I have to wonder if the new direction/reorganization of the company has anything to do with it. During the Levitz/Didio period, it sounds like Grant was allowed to pretty much do whatever he wanted; with the comics now falling under the scrutiny of higher-ups at WB who want everything to dovetail with/mirror the movies and other media, it seems less likely that Morrison would be allowed the same freedom to play within the mainline DCU.

“I have to wonder if the new direction/reorganization of the company has anything to do with it”

Always been a bigger DC comics fan myself than Marvel… but I really don’t like the “new direction/reorganization” of the company (DiDio & Lee Co-Publisher, Johns Chief Creative Officer, Harras Editor-in-Chief).

Power to most the people

July 24, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Well I’ve expected this for some time cause Action has been lagging after starting out hot.
That and the fact that D.C. really doesn’t have any consistence with the Superman books in the first year of the re-launch.
Time to lock it down give and Grant as much time as he wants away from comics.
And see if the power that be can run a steady ship.
Which I doubt they can, with the industry being so fickle.

Some people are making a bigger deal out of this than necessary. A lot of people are missing an important word. “ONGOING”. He’s on the same path as JMS. Doing minis and creator-owned work that will come out based on his timeline. The new policy of on-time monthly books have probably sped up Morrison’s exit from Action Comics. He was known for his lateness.
Idelson mentioned that Action Comics will sync up to the present as of issue 13 (Return of Krypto).

Whatever Morrison’s future relationship with DC will be, I really hope he and Cameron Stewart can eventually finish Seaguy.

@Lobo: That’s my speculation/suspicion, although I hope it’s not true. Morrison has been producing one or more monthlies nearly non-stop since the late eighties, long after creators of similar stature/popularity (Gaiman, Moore, Miller, etc.) have moved on to other mediums or personal/passion projects exclusively, often to greater mainstream acclaim (as well as financial rewards); no surprise if he just wants to head out for greener pastures or do something different.


July 24, 2012 at 2:22 pm

This might be a bit of a leap… but a couple days ago Lemire said on Twitter he will soon be writing a new character that he is extremely excited about. He said it is a character currently in the DCU, not in the Dark line, and it’s not Batman. Could he be taking over Action Comics after Morrison leaves?

IIRC, Morrison stated in past interviews that he planned Batman RIP and Final Crisis to be his DCU swan song, but that Didio talked him into staying, out of which grew ‘Batman and Robin’ and ‘Batman, Inc. ‘ He’s also said in the past the he’d done just about everything he wanted to do with the DC characters, with the exception of Wonder Woman (who he’s now doing the OGN with) and the Barry Allen Flash.

@Eladio Garro: “dnwilliams You’re just a fan of Grant Morrison” Maybe they’re just a fan of buying books they enjoy reading.

i hope it’s Snyder or Lemire that takes up Action. Swamp thing / batman and Animal man are the best books at DC.
Lemire is great at long form story telling and character based stuff. i won’t even talk about Snyder.
Maybe they can drag Paul Cornell back to Action.

I don’t want action to go the dismal stuff that is Superman

Lemire has already said he’s not doing it. Snyder already has three books that are all successful, and he seems to have long term plans for all of them, so I don’t see him being in the running, either. As others have said, maybe Azzarello is a contender. I’d like to see Cornell get a shot at actually writing Superman in stand-alone stories (as opposed to something like ‘Reign of the Doomsdays.’) Fialkov could be good, too, and he’s already said he’d love to write the character. Unfortunately, most of the ‘name’ writers I can think of who could potentially knock it out of the park (Waid, Millar, Hickman, maybe even Ellis) don’t currently (or won’t) work for DC.

And here I was just thinking DC had a decent stable of writers between Morrison, Johns, Lemire, Snyder, and Simone and they just needed to add to that enough to replace some of the…less impressive titles. Welp, that idea went out the window. If Johns suddenly announced he was leaving DC I think I’d quit comics for a few years.

^Azzarello, Fialkov, Williamson, Greg Hurwitz?, Palmiotti, Milligan and Cornell with LAYMAN – Matt Kindt’s Frankenstein is actually BETTER than Lemire’s, and if you don’t like Grant then you’ll hate China Mieville whose writing is dope- – I think Grant will always be around, he just loves these characters, DC and he’s so prolific – he is still very young and if you don’t get him you will soon enough.


October 15, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Good riddance. Grant is a hack. I never felt his stuff was worth the toilet paper I wipe with.

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