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Nearly three decades later, Swamp Thing original art is still missing

With Comic-Con International nearly upon us, Stephen Bissette posts a reminder that 27 years after they were stolen from the offices of DC Comics, pieces of original artwork from Saga of the Swamp Thing by he and John Totleben are still missing.

“This is stolen property,” he writes on his blog. “It is not legally for sale, nor legally the property of anyone else to trade, exhibit, or sell. Please contact me if you know anything about where it is or who has it. If you are knowingly selling, buying, or trading this original art, you are engaged in a criminal act involving stolen original art.”

The pieces include the original painting for the cover of Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 (above), the final page of that issue (below), and pinups by Totleben for issues 32 and 33.

“At this point, it would be the property of our children, some of whom are now adults,” Bissette continues. “They know. And we will be reminding the world of this regularly.”



I will be very curious to one day learn who took this? And who has currently has it?

Unfortunately, given how small the dedicated fan base is that reads comics news and would be informed of this, I doubt this will ever be solved. My guess would be that whoever stole it has long since sold it to someone who is not and may never be aware it is stolen property.

My guess is that the art will eventually turn up (the Internet makes the world a very small place; witness the Vancouver Riot photos). I just hope it happens in Steve’s lifetime.

Judging by the reaction to the “abused bus driver” story, if you want the Internet to get things done, you get 4Chan on the case.

How do they know this didn’t accidentally end up in the trash?

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