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Paul Tobin draws comic to explain the limits of superhero comics

Since the publication of his superhero novel Prepare to Die, Paul Tobin’s been answering a lot of questions about whether he’s leaving comics. The short answer is “no,” but he goes into some detail in a comic strip he made. It’s cool not only because Tobin drew it himself, but because of the insight it gives to the difficulty of writing compelling superhero comics.



Love Paul Tobin.

I loved ‘Prepare to Die’, and I’d love a return to some of the comics we used to get, like entire issues of the Perez-era Teen Titans where they’d sit by the pool and interact with each other. That should be equally and utterly exciting to the followers of a book than any action sequence.

There’s a reason why that is so–our now-hyperconnected world has caused people to gradually become less and less patient with anything. And it’s a real shame. >:(

Missing some context here but “action” and “characterization” are not mutually exclusive. Action IS characterization.

To the commenters above: why would someone read a superhero comic where no superhero stuff happens in the issue? That’s like watching Law and Order and all the lawyers and detectives just sit around, between cases.

If you write a genre, you must perform within the genre and explore characterization and the human condition on those terms. Kind of ridiculous that people feel that writing fight comics is some sort of devil’s bargain.

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