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Quote of the day | Atomic Robo isn’t sexist

… I think mistaking someone’s identity usually involves surprise on the part of at least one of the parties. To the second, I’d like to put forward the perhaps radical idea that an uncharted South Pacific island full of women AWOL from WW2 is actually unusual. We’ve seen Robo immediately doubt unusual things when he first encounters them for six volumes. His reaction here is no different, and it’s not out of proportion to other unusual events he’s come across.

Brian Clevinger, responding to accusations that Atomic Robo may be sexist in “The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific.”

I’ve read the issue and didn’t think Robo’s reaction to the all-female team of air pirates was unreasonable, but I’m hardly unbiased being a) a man and just privileged enough to not always notice that kind of thing, and b) enough a Robo fan to give him (and his creators) the benefit of the doubt. It’s worth pointing out though that Clevinger’s already gone on record as saying that he goes out of the way to make Atomic Robo as inclusive as possible, so maybe a little doubt-benefiting is in order?

If you’ve read the issue, what do you think?



ive read it and it isnt even close to sexist. he is repeatedly surprised because its a situation totally out of the ordinary (in a a few ways)

also everyone should be reading this comic! its so much fun!

Oh please… The story is set in the late 1940s. It would have been weird if Robo *hadn’t* mentioned the all-women team…

People who don’t read and enjoy Atomic Robo are Commies.

Smart Internet Man

July 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm

wow. context might help, maybe? this non-issue shouldn’t even warrant a post. BEST COMIC ON STANDS!

Taking into account A) the book’s long track record of strong female characters that do not adhere to the T&A stereotype (i.e Sparrow), and B) the setting, I am willing to give the creator’s a VERY large benefit of the doubt on their purported “sexist agenda”

No, Atomic robo is not anywhere near close to sexist.

Tracy Edmunds

July 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Remember that this story takes place in 1951. I assumed that Robo’s reaction would be common for anyone of that time period, male or female. He wasn’t saying that girls shouldn’t fly jetpacks, just that he was surprised that they did.

Also, his reaction is a necessary part of the story. Robo has to start off assuming that these butt-kicking, jetpack-flying, airship-building badasses are men in order to show why the She-Devils rejected society—because they were expected to return to traditionally “female” roles after the war.

I’m just tired of WW2 stories.

Luck for you, Mr. Pants, this story takes place 6 years after the end of WW2.

I’m confused. That robot wears clothes. Is it not a robot?

Its still a WW2 story because it deals with an aftereffect of WW2. They’re getting boring.


I recommend Robusters by Pat Mills from 2000AD to answer that question…with a song and dance!

I don’t read 2000AD.


I like how Mr. Pants already knows the story is boring because a character mentioned World War 2 on a page he hasn’t read yet. That’s way radical.

Ziggy: the robot wears clothes because everyone who wants to be taken seriously wears clothes.

Who takes robots seriously?


I think the REAL reason Robo wears clothes is so the ladies can undress him with their eyes, perfectly consistent with his sexist worldview ;)

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