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Quote of the Day | ‘That’s not Sandman!’

"The Sandman" art by J.H. Williams III

“I’m imagining a hypercritical audience of roughly 50 million people going, ‘That’s not Sandman!’ But then I think, the great thing about Sandman was that from the moment I discovered the internet, and that people were talking about Sandman on the internet — which would have been, like, circa 1989, end of ’89 — what people were saying then never changed for the next seven years of comics. All they ever said was, ‘It’s not as good as it used to be.’ And the earlier stuff was always whatever somebody had picked up first and loved. And it carried on, with people talking about when Sandman was good, all the way up through 75.”

Neil Gaiman, discussing his expectations for the release of the newly announced prequel
to his celebrated Vertigo series The Sandman



Gaiman nails it. The essence of virtually every internet discussion of pop culture before or since.

Not that it’s restricted to the internet, by any means. Try reading some of Dave Marsh’s rhapsodic descriptions of the pop music of his youth.

And Saturday Night Live was always best about 15 years earlier than whatever point in time it currently is.

You want some entertaining reading then pick up old comics magazines and fanzines like Amazing Heroes or Comics Journal from the late 70’s, early 80’s, etc. You’ll find fanboy commentary on the industry hasn’t changed much.

Judging by what some people write, they appear to genuinely believe that Marvel hasn’t produced a single worthwhile title since Stan Lee stepped down as editor-in-chief :)

I got the first collection of Comic Interviews and people were talking about how the current (early 80s at the time) industry was dying from a lack of talent and fresh ideas and how comics were doomed.
It’s funny when I see the same conversation happening today.
Heck, T.S. Elliot thought the current output of literature during his time was awful. Even Socrates thought the younger generation of his time were rude and lazy good-for-nothings. Everything has been in constant decline since humans began to be introspective.

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