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Reading the Internet so you don’t have to, Part 2

Robert Ball is living the dream: by day, a Roger Sterling-style big wig in the advertising world, chain-smoking Lucky Strikes and chugging whiskey, and spending his evenings as a freelance illustrator and aspiring comic book creator. A man of distinction, who puts the appropriate research into getting the Korina neck and headstock of a vintage Flying V just right.

Over at Wired’s Underwire blog, Grant Morrison reveals that he’s putting a lot more thought into Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens than anyone really expected.

I’ve only just realized that Steve Rude has a blog. Unforgivable, I know. His latest post is an art-rich step-by-step process breakdown on how he recently painted a recreation of the cover to the triple Eisner-winning Nexus: The Origin from 1991.

Joe Decie is a rising star of U.K. comics — I’d describe him as producing work reminiscent of the craft of Eddie Campbell but with something of the tone of James Kochalka’s domestic-set work. And his hand lettering is gorgeous. When not working on longer-form work, he regularly posts shorter strips to his website. Here’s the latest.



Matthew Halteman

July 19, 2012 at 11:21 am

The fact that Steve Rude actively sought out work from DC Comics and they not only did not stumble over themselves getting him work on whatever character interested him, but even directly rebuffed him, is all I need to know about modern DC Comics. Idiots.

Matthew Halteman elaborate on that if you would please.

Oh, this conversation/argument is always fun to read.

Lets hear it for comics artists who draw guitars with an ounce of verisimilitude. Its rare!

Personally, I’m surprised meek little Peter Parker is quite audacious enough to be a Flying V man. I would have expected something a little more safe and bland, like a Strat. WOLVERINE, on the other hand… that guy would refuse anything but Flying V’s and Explorers.

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