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Robb Pratt amazes again with his homemade Superman cartoon

Last year Robb Pratt posted a stellar “Fleischer Brothers meets Mike Kunkel” Superman cartoon that he made in his spare time, featuring the Man of Steel, Lois Lane and a giant robot. Pratt is back with a new cartoon, this time pitting Superman against Bizarro in the aptly titled “Bizarro Classic.” Check it out below, and keep watching after the credits to see how he made the film (and how they did the voice for Bizarro … very cool).

(via Mark Waid)



Love traditional animation!

Great video! Nice job!

As beautiful as this video and traditional animation both are, it only makes me sorry that he’s not in charge of a full-length Superman series. This is exactly how the character should be done.

Absolutely brilliant, I love the stylistic art style and it’s really refreshing to see something different, that is so classically and professionally fantastic.

Warner Bros I’m begging you ……..HIRE THIS MAN!

If Warner won’t give him a full half-hour show, at least let him do some shorts for DC Nation. Too damn good to pass up.

More please!!! Beautiful animation! Warner Animation take note…

Nice job, Bizzaro is one of my favorite Superman villians, so this was cool to watch.

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