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SDCC ’12 | J. Michael Straczynski to relaunch ‘Joe’s Comics’ at Image Comics next spring


As a part of a “new media company” that will produce stories for movies, TV, digital series and more, J. Michael Straczynski will relaunch his “Joe’s Comics” imprint next spring at Image Comics.

As reported by Deadline, Straczynski will revive the imprint that Top Cow once published circa 2000-2004, which brought us Delicate Creatures, Midnight Nation and Rising Stars. The first four comics that will appear under the imprint include Falling Angel, Ten Grand, Guardians and Sidekick.

Joe’s Comics is one piece of Studio JMS, which has film and digital media projects in the works, including a film called The Flickering Light and a web series for MTV titled The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al. On the TV front, JMS has two projects in the works–Vlad Dracula for Starz and one called Epidemic.

“The center of the storm is what comes out of my keyboard,” he told Deadline. “It’s all about creating IP. For 20 years, I’ve had the remarkable good fortune to work successfully as a writer and producer in a wide variety of fields, from television to comics and movies. I’ve always dreamed of creating a mini-studio where I can put all of that work under one roof, telling stories that I want to tell and which can be spun up between various platforms: comics that can become TV shows, TV shows that can become movies, and movies that can become comics. With the tremendous recent success of films such as The Avengers, Thor and the Batman series of films, this feels like the best time to tackle that dream. Best of all, unlike many other start-up ventures, I’m not looking to get into these areas, I’m already working in them; now it’s just a matter of taking the next logical step: consolidation.”



Hey, Image already publishes a book called Sidekick!

Cool to hear, though. I really enjoyed Rising Stars back in the day, so it’ll be interesting to see what he’s come up with. I wish he wasn’t pushing the whole IP/”other media” aspect, though…it really comes off as if the comics themselves are an afterthought.

Surprised Image in its ascendancy would associate with such a reviled turd.

The question is: will he finish the comic series that he starts?

dave he is not reviled has strong following look at how well the superman graphic novel series is selling as for image that were his most popular work was published so why wouldn’t they work with him there is also the fact that image run differently then most comic companies out there those who do creator owned work take on a large burden of financing and advertising .

Midnight Nation was really a milestone comic for me, so this is great news. I haven’t been a fan of virtually all his marvel work (Spidey started really great and just fell apart) and his DC tenure was just silly. His creator owned stuff is more where its at for me.

Ha ha ha ha

“Reviled turd”? Nothing like interweb anonymity.
JMS wrote Midnite Nation. That’s reason enough for me to be interested in his 4 new comics.

Dave you seem like the type of Guy who probably thinks siege and all the other bendis crap make him a God but sorry this man is a legend. Midnight nation rising stars hell even spider man 500 long story short this Guy writes stories make you feel where as bendis and his goons make you sigh and wait for the next arc of there story being better and it never happens.

don’t even have to ask. Already know that Dave is one of those high-minded folks who jumped on the creator-owned high-horse bandwagon when Before Watchmen was announced.

Also, kind of funny that after all the raging Eric Stephenson did over JMS’ stance on Before Watchmen, and by extension creator rights, that he’d suddenly give the guy an imprint. lols


July 12, 2012 at 12:01 am

Midnight Nation was a great book, and I liked most of his Spider-Man work, and Rising Stars started off fantastic. But I don’t drink the kool aid of any creator, and this man is way to late for me to trust him with anything he does. If I hear good things about his book, and they collect it, I may check it out, and by that I mean read it in a bookstore before I put down hard earned money. Won’t knock that fact that when his stuff comes out, and when he finishes it, he does a great job.

On a personal note, it would be nice if he could do something to get Jeremiah season 2 on DVD.

‘cough’ Spider-man ‘cough’

@ paladin king
thats nothing compared to the rob liefeld vs image lawsuit and counter-lawsuit and he also now has an imprint again with image :)

in the mid-90’s

his recent work hasn’t been impressive(Superman, Wonderwoman & latter part of Thor) maybe I’lll check a issue. if it’s like his current stuff I’ll skip all of it

this sucks. At least he isn’t writing / ruining any preexisting image characters.

Straczynski has wrote cool things in the past. Silver Surfer: Requiem comes to mind.

Now I read this and I think it’s just a guy whose motivation is money and making stuff that’s profitable. He’s moving from being a guy who writes stories to a guy whose basically a CEO of his own company, and now people are shocked that he cares more about sales than his product?

If you don’t like his stuff, just go and make something better that actually makes sells because it’s really good rather than because it was made and geared towards being sold in the future. Oh wait…

Props to this guy for (finally) pretty much confessing to being a soulless hack.

What, he thinks he deserves a better deal than Jack Kirby got? Than Siegel and Shuster got?

Jeff Spaulding

July 12, 2012 at 9:44 am

He probably does think that, actually.

Anyway, I’m just glad to see a picture where he’s not wearing that stupid fedora and glaring at the camera like he’s a wannabe Bond villain or something.

“It’s all about creating IP.”

……….(‘(….´…´… ¯~/’..’)

Chris Jones is right.

“Creating IP” is what suits and middlemen and money grubbing non-creative worms do. JMS doesn’t support his fellow creators when they get exploited. In fact, he proudly helps the exploiters. Now he expects us fans to support him in his own creator owned endeavors? Man, what a sack of crap hypocrite this guy is. Screw other creators, but we should support his creations? Is that actually his stance? Is he really that big of a bastard?

I like stories to finish, so it’s nice to see that he’s not concentrating on anything I’m interested in.

Wouldnt say he’s a turd more of a scab ,as for soulless hack hes writes well sometimes when his own ego and penchant for terrible cheesy dialogue doesnt get in the way.but soulless?definitely. enjoy creative death joe

What a hypocrite!

And his runs on Wonder Woman, Superman and Spider-Man all sucked.

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