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SDCC ’12 | Oni announces Diesel Sweeties, Double Fine Action collections, new projects

"Buzz!" by Ananth Panagariya and Tessa Stone

Oni Press announced Friday at Comic-Con International that it will publish print collections of popular webcomics Diesel Sweeties and Double Fine Action Comics, and teased new online projects by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat, and Ananth Panagariya and Tessa Stone.

In April, Scott C’s long-running Double Fine Action Comics, which follows the adventures of the Two-Headed Baby, Knight and Muscleman, will receive a new edition of its scarce 2008 volume, followed by new-to-print volumes 2 and 3.  “I am getting super pumped about Oni Press, you guys,” Scott C. said in a statement. “I think Oni Press and the Double Fine Action Comics will make an incredibly powerful team worthy of any battle against anything.”

The publisher also will collect R. Stevens’ beloved Diesel Sweeties in a series of volumes based not on when they appeared during the comic’s 12-year run, but rather by subject matter and sensibilities. The first themed collection will debut next summer.

Promising more details in October at New York Comic-Con, Oni also teased A Boy & A Girl by Rich and Nourigat, and Buzz!, by Panagariya and Stone, upcoming comics that apparently will appear online before being released in print.

“None of these are webcomics – they’re just comics,” said George Rohac, Oni’s operations director. “This is an incredibly simple concept we’ve seen get ignored time and time again. Frequently comics that were online first have been relegated to imprints or treated as an outside entity. It is as though the fact that a physical tome did not exist first makes the comics being featured some sort of riddle of the Sphinx.”

"A Boy & A Girl," by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat

"Double Fine Action Comics," Vol. 1, by Scott C.

"Diesel Sweeties," by R. Stevens



This sounds great!
But I’ve to be honest here: … I’m so excited to have heard about Tessa again, I really can’t wait to see and read this new proyect, omg, I’m so glad for her!.

This project seems pretty cool. But to be honest, after seeing the track record of one particular artist, not sure if I’m get too attached to it /staying skeptical to avoid heartache.

Burn from Darien. Looks like someone’s rise to fame and cult following, only to abandon her fan base without a word on a whim, is following her. Love the art, hate the inconsistency.

Wow, both Joe and Darien are butts!

I think this project looks amazing and I hope all of the creators have an awesome time doing it. :)

Tessa Stone…meh :\ hope it’s good. Can’t say I’m too excited

I for one am just glad Tessa is not dead. XD
While I hope she comes back to Hanna, I really hope she has fun doing what she’s doing.

Ananth and Tessa working on the same project? Yee! I read “Johnny Wander” (Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota) as well as “Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name” (Tessa Stone), so I’ll be looking forward to seeing their work on “Buzz!” when it comes out! =)

considering how tessa just blows off her comics and does not even bother to update fans, meh, not interested. and before anyone tells me she does it for free, she had tons of worried fans thinking she was dead. would take 2 seconds to let them know she was at least ok.

Well, due to Tessa’s track record of creating amazing worlds and lovable characters, then abandoning the comic without a word or even paying out the rest of the books people have paid for, I can’t imagine letting myself get into another of her comics. It’s pretty much guaranteed heartache down the line.

Yeah, not going to read it. Tessa won my heart with HiNaBN then she just up and leaves it….three years on Valentines day 2013…thanks Tessa…thanks

Glad to see Tessa’s getting back into the public eye, I suppose.

To everyone bitching about Tessa, it was a problem with the company that had been turning HiNaBN into a comic. They were pretty much given the writes and Tessa was unable to finish it per their request. She wasn’t allowed to say anything about it due to the possible lawsuits–also, I would like to see all of you guys go out their and make a comic online for free and try to get it made into a comic–it’s a lot of work. Along with the work, it’s stressful. Calm down and give her a chance.

Wrong Asdis. There were no legal issues. Tessa simply got bored and dropped it.

And even if there were some magical legal problems, I don’t think they would have stopped her from leaving a note to her fans (who she has STILL not said anything to) to let them know that 1) she was okay and 2) something was preventing her from working on HINABN. Tessa was also not working for free; she was getting money from people buying the comics. Luckily the publishing company offered refunds for those people.

Due to her past history of developing these awesome characters and worlds and then discontinuing them for x amount of reasons, I will not be following this one.

All these comments hurt, Tessa had some legal issues regaring HINABN, and Im sure she wasnt allowed to speak to her fans… EVER AGAIN!

I doubt Tessa would simply get bored of HiNaBN. I mean, a lot of people LOVED it, I doubt she’d forget that. She mentioned stuff about it in one of her old journals:

Rita and other people alike… Sorry to burst your bubble… There is no law that states that you can’t use social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) in your own name. While she might have legal issues with HINABN she will never in a million years be restricted from posting on those in her own name. She might not be able to talk about that comic publicly, but she can post ANYTHING else she wants… Like ”I’m off for a break” is not a post that in any way can be affected by those legal issues…

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