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SDCC ’12 | Please, DC, can we get a Shanghai Catwoman comic?

In case we didn’t already miss DC Comics’ Elseworlds imprint enough, at Comic-Con International on Sunday Cartoon Network premiered a fantastic clip from DC Nation’s three-part short series “Batman of Shanghai,” featuring an anime-influenced Catwoman in 1930s China (there’s also a cameo by a floppy hat-wearing Bane). If DC Comics doesn’t do something with Shanghai Catwoman — I love that character design — well, they’re really missing the boat. Maybe they can relaunch the character’s solo title (again) in the next wave of the New 52.

Check a somewhat shaky, but surprisingly decent-quality, fan-captured video of the clip below.

(via Scene Asia)



Stitch Tuesday

July 16, 2012 at 7:10 am

Heck, why wait? Make it an Elseworlds title!

I wish the new 52 catwoman had her whip skills.

Something about this catwoman seems incompetent. You would think they would try to make her a credible villain or thief. It’s sad when marvel’s black cat seems to be a more competent catwoman who still maintains the sex appeal

Not really a premiere, as it already had aired during the DC Nation Saturday cartoon block, which every comic fan should be recording. The Green Lantern series is in reruns, but the DC “Superhero Shorts” they’re running between that and Young Justice are all-new, and most of them are great, at least my kids and I think so. Hope they eventually collect them all on DVD.

I would Watch/Read the crap out of this show/comic

That’s not Catwoman! Her costume isn’t unzipped so her boobs are hanging out in an extremely risque manner! (That was sarcasm, obviously.)

sandwich eater

July 18, 2012 at 7:47 am

That clip was awesome. I wish the new Batman cartoon was going to be in this style instead of the CG animation that we’re going to get.

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